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Have you already run out of options in the middle of the heat? The times when March was freezing are long gone, now the real warmth is felt before spring arrives.

The heat is just being felt and will surely be stronger in the coming months. Therefore, to prevent sweat from the heat from giving you bad experiences or getting sunburned, today I want to propose a series of super cool outfits that will make you look incredible and very comfortable in the hot season to go to school, to the office or take an outing.

So the time has come to take out those light clothes that will allow you to feel fresh, protect yourself and enjoy the weather to the fullest.

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White Shirts with Long Sleeves

White cotton shirts can make you strong when heat and sweat threaten you, as they will help your skin breathe without the slightest complication. This type of texture will allow you to sweat less and without problems of generating a rash or feeling like you are burning when you go outside.

Light colors

The sun is the perfect excuse to go out of the colors you always use such as black, strong blue and gray. Garments in light colors and light fabrics will be your best companions. Light colors will reflect light instead of dark ones that absorb it, which is why you will feel relieved if you go out wearing light clothes instead of black.

Black is not prohibited in spring and summer. You just have to look for a thin fabric that allows you to stay free of heat.

Remember that this is the ideal season to wear multicolored clothing. Your outfit should scream joy everywhere. Orange will be a stellar color this season. Don’t hesitate to use it. Don’t forget to make combinations of pastel colors, mint, etc.

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All White

Now that the cold is gone, get rid of your black looks! Because you will get very hot with them. Replace them with totally white outfits to avoid sweating and remain perfect.

One of the colors that will combine with more than one color, without a doubt, is white, there is a reason why it is the most elegant basic of all. An entirely white outfit will be your best option when the heat doesn’t let you lead your office or school life like on other days. Although of course, you have to be very careful not to get it dirty.

For those occasions when you need formality, you can opt for a white suit that will give you a totally spring look.


Another look to wear when the weather is hot are dresses with elbow-length sleeves.

On the other hand, asymmetrical dresses are the perfect way to look elegant and feminine, while staying cool.

If you have your favorite summer maxidress stored very well, it is time to take it out. You can combine it with boots or tennis shoes, because they are still in season and will protect your feet from the cold.

To fit loose dresses, we recommend cinching them with a belt. This way your figure will be more marked.

A mini dress will be a good companion, preferably look for one in colorful tones so you can wear it with a wide variety of shoes.

You can also wear your dresses with a hat, to keep yourself safe from sun damage.

It is evident that flowers have a great place in the spring. In a dress they will give you a bohemian and relaxed look.

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A skirt made of light and fresh fabric with cute prints or a colorful one can go perfectly with a shirt, like white ones. You can wear it with your favorite heels, or with your favorite sneakers or boots. You dictate the rules, the most important thing is your comfort. So don’t hesitate to wear your skirts.

Skirts with ruffles give you a different design and make a simple blouse something spectacular.

The printed pencil skirt with squares or colorful lines will be your new favorite and you can combine it with shirts, tops and even fresh t-shirts.

If you are looking for an outfit for the office, you can opt for a long, flowy skirt.

Remember to choose your dresses or skirts from very fresh materials. Viscose skirts are a good option if cotton or linen are not available. Avoid using synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

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Jackets or cotton shirts

To prevent your arms from burning in the sun, jackets or shirts can be excellent options when you combine them with a t-shirt or crop top below and some denim shorts.


Warm kimonos don’t just look great at music festivals. They are quite useful when you want to avoid sweating in the high temperatures of spring and summer. The longer they are, the better, this way you will also protect your legs.

You can achieve a casual summer look with a tropical kimono. This will make a difference in your looks for the heat.

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If you are not a big fan of shorts, some super cool boho or palazzo pants are your salvation. You can also take the opportunity to show off your favorite capris. We love that they are so comfortable!

Spring is the perfect time to wear pants made of light fabrics.


Jumpers are perfect, since the heat won’t take its toll and you can move around without worrying too much. Their design depends on the season. Try one that is short, like shorts or a skirt. Also make sure that its color is black or white so that it can be used daily.

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Shorts are a key part of any spring or summer outfit. Denim shorts are perfect because they go with everything!

A white linen short will make you feel very fresh and not only that, but it makes your shorts look different and more chic. In addition, it combines with all types of colors, even with other white fabrics.

A short with an animal print (a print that is super fashionable) will go well with the boring classic white blouses of the heat. You will look very original, you will feel fresh and you will look fabulous.

bare shoulders

An off-shoulder top will make you look beautiful.

The strapless is one of the necklines that you should show off this spring-summer. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your shoulders or you can wear a light shawl over your shoulders and arms.

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Jeans are not left out! It’s time to take out those ripped jeans and wear them with your favorite heels or sneakers.

To get a casual look you don’t need much. Just your favorite jeans and a white t-shirt.

To stay fresh, it will be highly recommended to wear them in white.

You can also dust off your bodysuits and wear them with your favorite jeans.


If you want to cover your skin from the sun, without dying of heat, wear a light cardigan.


Sandals are basic footwear for the hot season. You can use it on the floor or with a platform.


Tights are not out of the question. You just have to choose ones with a fun print to accompany your skirts and dresses.

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Denim is one of those fabrics that you can always rely on for casual and fresh looks.

A denim jacket will be essential. It can help you cover up at night or complement your look.

What do you think of these outfits with clothes to prevent you from suffering on hot days? I imagine that you probably already have more than one garment in your closet, now you just need to spend some time experimenting and combining absolutely everything that you think will go well for the hot days that await us.

I think it doesn’t hurt to recommend that one of the things that will count the most to make a difference will be your accessories. Take out your sunglasses, cap or hat and add attitude to your style. And don’t forget that, even if it is spring, you are not safe from the rain. To be prepared, you’ll need a raincoat that goes with everything.

Now you are ready!

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