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Believe it or not, wearing clothes with this type of “imperfections” such as ripped pants can also look great in a comfortable or less casual outfit. And as an example of this, you can see how several celebrities and many girls have adopted this trend of wearing ripped or ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans are a fashion that has continued over the last 2 decades thanks to the great versatility they give us to combine clothes. They go well with absolutely all footwear and being a very simple and comfortable garment makes it easy for us to experiment with different hairstyles and looks. In short, they are a garment that cannot be missing from your wardrobe! If you are not so risky, you can opt for light wear that is also trendy.

You can buy ripped pants already torn or you can do it yourself to follow this trend, but you must know how to combine this type of jeans well to look fresh and youthful.

If this trend catches your attention because you already have pants of this style, but you don’t know how to wear them without looking lazy or disheveled, today I want to share with you several ways to wear ripped pants in an elegant and chic way so as not to give the wrong impression.

Although it seems simple to adopt, using it is an art! Learn the ways to use them, and become a sensation!

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Wear them with a blazer

If you have a more classic style, you can use the infallible combination of a basic white t-shirt with a blazer. This garment is always synonymous with elegance, which is why it turns out to be the perfect accessory to make these cute pants look not so casual or less casual. Choose it in bright colors or edgy designs to add a fun touch to your look.

With mirror effect lenses

You can also incorporate this type of glasses into your outfits, you will realize the radical change it will make to your look, you will look very sophisticated. The brighter and more colorful, the better!

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Wear them with high heels

Whether we wear heels of whatever color they are, they will always be our best allies. They will help us achieve very feminine and super chic looks. This spring season, skip the neutral colors and try using them in bold and striking colors that match your personality so that your broken jenas look in a more fun way. They will make you look with a lot of attitude. For a less casual look, you can pair them with an elegant jacket and heels.

Wear them with flats or ballerina shoes, they can be good allies. Flat shoes will make you feel more comfortable.

With a white shirt

Sometimes, the simplest thing turns out to be the prettiest, and that’s what happens with white shirts, which are the minimalist element that works perfectly with ripped jeans. If you are more of a minimalist style, try to combine at most 3 colors.

By doing this, you will be able to highlight another part of your outfit so that it doesn’t look boring and simple. How about some cute ankle boots or a leather jacket? You will look spectacular!

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Use super feminine accessories

We would think that heels are the most feminine accessories, but there are other accessories that have now taken off and are not only used for formal events. These are the clutch bags. They are practical and very cute, they are the finishing touch to look like a fashionista in your jeans.

Use relaxed and youthful hairstyles

Speaking of hairstyles, look at the bun this girl applied to her look. Definitely, the hairstyle and the rest of the clothes she wears harmonize perfectly.

With lace stockings

If you are more daring and want to highlight your ripped jeans in a special way, you can put lace stockings under the ripped jeans. It gives a sexy look, without falling into the vulgar.

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Wear them with tennis

If you’re not so keen on the idea of ​​high heels or boots, try wearing sneakers. Many girls believe that sneakers will look bad, but this way you will be able to stay more comfortable during the day. You can also use colored sneakers to give more dynamism to your outfit.

Don’t forget that ripped jeans are a great opportunity to show off your tattoos on your legs; personality is an important factor in making your own style.

General Recommendations for using Ripped Jeans

Walking down the street with a good attitude with your ripped jeans will help you look more youthful and with a certain sexy spark. You know why? Because not everyone dares to use them, that’s why attitude is KEY!

Don’t even think about wearing ripped pants and an old t-shirt! You can wear your ripped pants with a casual t-shirt, but it is important that you pay attention to the accessories and accentuate your look with a contrasting bag and some cute shoes or sneakers.

Ripped pants can also help you create a smart casual look if you pair it with a silk or transparent blouse, a big purse, cute accessories, and high-heeled shoes.

The goal is that you always look feminine when wearing this type of clothing, so always dare to combine ripped pants with sophisticated clothing, sequins and lace and you will see how feminine you will look in a couple of minutes.

Avoid at all costs wearing your jeans too baggy if you have a lot of hips, as they could increase your volume and, above all, wear them without a cute garment or accessory that helps you look fantastic, otherwise, you will look like a girl who didn’t have time to get ready and see you bad

If you are not very daring and you still want to use your jeans for a casual occasion, gradually tear your pants without having to make a huge hole, which could later completely ruin your pants. You also don’t need to tear your pants too much.

I hope that with these ideas and recommendations for using your ripped pants you can look feminine and with a more fun and youthful touch.

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