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After having thought about it a lot now, if you have decided to change the color of your hair, a change is always good for anyone, but do you already know what color to dye it to highlight the color of your skin? Facing this question worries you about knowing if the tone you have chosen is correct and, even more so, obtaining the desired result.

Hair color defines us, gives us personality and frames our face. Choosing it incorrectly will harden our features, add years or give the sensation of having a dull and lifeless skin tone. That is why letting ourselves be carried away by fashion will not be a good idea when choosing our new hair color. Remember that we are all different.

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The objective of correctly choosing a new hair color is to highlight the color of your eyes, your skin, soften your features and even instantly rejuvenate yourself.

The color of our skin is a determining aspect, not only to combine the tones and achieve a good contrast, but also to obtain the results that we have desired for this new look, therefore, it is important that before choosing the dye color for your hair know what your skin tone is: cold or warm.

To find out, start by cleaning your face of any type of makeup to have a better decision and stand in front of a mirror that is illuminated by natural light, neither yellow nor white, and follow any of these 3 ways:

  1. Place different colored sheets separately next to your face. Red and yellow will look best with warm skin tones, while cool skin tones look best next to colors like blue, white and green.
  2. Check the color of your wrist veins in sunlight. If they look greenish, then your tone is warm and if they have a bluish color, then your tone is cool.​
  3. Put a fabric or accessory in silver and another in gold. Stand in front of the mirror and bring both together to see which one gives you more light. If silver looks better on you, your skin is cold, if gold looks better on you, your skin is warm.

If your skin has a cold tone it is because it has pink or bluish undertones and they have light and pale skin that has a harder time tanning in the sun. So do not hesitate to opt for gold, light blonde, chestnut, platinum blonde, bluish black, chocolate and reddish mahogany. Although reddish ones suit you, you should avoid those that are close to orange as it will make you look too pale.

The highlights that work best on this type of skin are those with a blonde base with platinum highlights and those with a dark brown base with chocolate highlights.

If your skin is warm, they are usually golden, with a yellow undertone, and they are skin that tans easily in summer, so you should choose dark brown tones, or brown with reddish, cinnamon or copper reflections (but never apply these colors alone). You can also opt for black, golden blonde or caramel blonde. Be careful with ash blondes, because they will dull the luminosity of your skin.

The colors that work best are those that tend towards red and orange, such as redheads and coppers. However, you can not only opt for the red option, but if you choose a caramel blonde, a golden, a mahogany or a chestnut from any range, they will also work very well.

As for highlights, it is best to opt for a chestnut base with mahogany or cinnamon highlights, or a blonde base with caramel-colored highlights.

Did you know all this to choose the ideal tone for your hair? As you will see, this is the most common mistake that people make when they decide to use hair dyes; they do not know how to combine the different colors on the palette and the tone of their skin, forming inharmonious or unbalanced mixtures. So that you do not have problems again. To choose to renew your look and give your skin an incredible look, I want to give you a quick guide that will help you identify the best color depending on your skin tone.

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White skin

If your skin is light to the point of even reflecting some green or bluish tones, those dyes that give it warmth will be your best allies, they will give brightness to your face and a contrast that will make you stand out.


Colors that give you warmth but create contrast will be the ones for you. If it’s about going brown, opt for one with chocolate touches as it gives a lot of warmth and gives a lot of light to the skin. In blonde dyes you will get the most advantage with a champagne one, while if it is red hair dyes, venture for a dark, almost coppery red. Stay away from the blue-black color as it will make your features too strong.


You can go from opaque to shiny. Honey browns look amazing on her, with golden and platinum highlights as they contrast with the warm color of the skin. Colors between blonde and reddish will make the skin look with a unique glow. Go for light brown or with small flashes of gold (especially if you have dark eyes, as it will give them light), blonde in its platinum form and strawberry blonde to turn you into a redhead. Avoid dyes such as blue, gray and ash blonde as they will make you look older.

Crushed Skin

In the case of people who have a sun-kissed skin tone, it is important to use a tone that highlights the tan, taking care not to show your reddish or ashy face.


Blue and white are the colors that best suit you when you dress, so your skin tone goes ideal with those hair tones that soften your features and give you a more tanned look. Light or ash brown looks excellent in this shade as they are tones that will give warmth to the skin and make it look more tanned. Caramel brown is a very sweet look and reddish or mahogany are a good option for this skin tone, burgundy gives an intense and daring look.

Jessica Alba’s caramel brown, as well as the ash blonde gradient will look perfect on you. For redheads, follow in Demi Lovato’s footsteps with a mahogany. Avoid platinum blonde and blue-black. They will make you look pale!


Dark brown or intense black stands out a lot, as it shows a stronger and more interesting personality. Among blondes, golden blonde gives a lot of light and counteracts how dull this skin type sometimes looks. In the case of reddish colors, golden reddish colors are recommended since they also give a lot of light and make the skin look healthy.

The Kardashians have gone through any of the three shades, so use them as your inspiration to find your dye, since both Kim and Khloé are warm undertones. Like dark brown, you can wear blue-black. If it is about blondes, honey blonde is for you, while in reddish ones, you can go for one with a light base. Remember that the greater the contrast between your hair and your skin, the more your features will be noticeable.

Brown Skin

When we are looking for a new color for our hair, the important thing is contrast. For women who enjoy having a dark skin tone, the ideal would be to lean towards slightly cooler tones.


This type of skin is perfect for bluish black, an interesting and mysterious combination, or dark brown, which looks more natural. If you opt for a reddish color, it is favorable to wear copper tones and they give a lot of warmth to the skin. Rihanna’s yellowish-tinged skin has made her perfect for trying different hair colors. The ones she has mastered the best are dark brown, ombré with a reddish blonde and copper. Follow in her footsteps!

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For this skin tone, a slightly more intense blue-black tone is also recommended, or medium brown with some caramel or golden highlights, they give a lot of light to the face and revive the tone. Reddish browns that are somewhat chocolate are recommended for this type of skin. In reddish ones you could wear a burgundy, the skin looks very beautiful and brighter.

Girls with this skin tone will benefit from cool-based tones, although they can also opt for bright ones. In the case of Halle Berry, dark brown outlines her features better, and Beyoncé’s platinum blonde softens them. Do you want to be a redhead? Play it safe with a reddish brown or light golden brown. You can’t go wrong!

If you are still enthusiastic about changing your hair color, you should first do an analysis on your skin type and what your skin color is to find those dyes that will best suit your skin color and you can wear it safely and You can feel more comfortable, despite what trends or fashion dictate at that moment, the important thing is that with the tone you choose to wear you highlight your personality and it is in line with you, your personality and your skin tone.

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