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If you are less than 1.60 m this is for you!

Many of us short women have had problems dressing appropriately for our height because we don’t know which clothes are appropriate and which add or take away height or volume. It’s terrible when you go to buy a garment that you love and it is too long or doesn’t fit you well.

That is why being short entails a series of challenges that you have to face every day and what we need is to devise certain visual strategies to be able to stylize our figure, creating an optical illusion with balance and harmony.

Remember that the most important thing of all is to feel good about yourself, no matter our height. How many celebrities are there who, despite measuring less than 1.60 m, use clothing and good style to gain a few extra centimeters and look spectacular. That’s why I tell you that short girls shouldn’t give up on fashion and dressing the way we like. Sometimes we can do it intuitively, and we select what seems to suit us best.

Adapting to the circumstances of your body is the main key when it comes to dressing well, say goodbye to complexes and take note of these five keys that will help you gain height with your looks.

If you are short, perhaps you can take advantage of these tricks that I propose in this blog post.

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Wear high heels

Many short people try to make up for their height with shoes that are too high, and that only accentuates their size. The ideal is to wear a medium-height heel (7 cm) that gives us natural elegance even when walking. Avoid those that are very tall as they will look bad and will disproportionate your body. They will be your best friends, so choose the most comfortable ones for you!

Low or flat shoes are comfortable and long boots above the knee are very cute, but they do not help you look thinner or taller, on the contrary they reduce your height, as do shoes that cut the length of the knee. leg like sandals with a strap or ankle bracelet. Chunky-heeled platform shoes and pointed-toe shoes elongate your legs, making you look slimmer and taller.

If you want to appear longer legs, forget about shoes of a different color than your leg. If it is winter and you are wearing black leggings or tights, the shoe should be black. If it is summer and your legs are exposed, the shoes should be the color of your leg. With this you will make the shoes look like an extension of your body and will make you look even taller and thinner.

Use only thin belts

The key when you are short is not to add accessories that overload your figure, such as a wide belt, which visually cuts your silhouette. Choose the thinnest belts you can find and this way you will define your waist without taking away centimeters.

Wear tight pants

They will accentuate your legs and create the illusion that they are longer. Preferably they are skinny and high-waisted. Leave aside capris and fisherman pants. If you want to go for hip-length pants, opt for a monochrome look.

If your pants drag, you put your attention there and it will give the impression that you are even shorter. The ideal is that they have the right size, so you will have to ask them to adjust the length or do it yourself at home.

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‘V’ or round neckline

“V” necklines will make your neck appear longer and your torso longer and will add a sexy touch. At the same time you will be able to look slimmer.

Shorts and miniskirts are basic

Both garments will lengthen your figure visually. If you choose very short shorts, make sure they are not tight, that would be too much. As for miniskirts, try to wear them a few centimeters above the knees, otherwise they will have no effect. Use them in an asymmetrical cut or a pencil cut.

Always wear pants, skirts, shorts at the waist, this will make your legs look longer, a smaller waist and more pronounced hips.

Use vertical stripes

It’s a simple matter of perspective, but it’s incredible the difference that vertical lines can make on your body. They will draw an ascending line that will stylize your figure like never before. This does not mean that horizontal stripes cannot be used, but only if they are finite or discrete.

Wear monochrome looks

To make yourself look taller, wearing unicolor or monochrome clothes above and below will lengthen your figure with the effect of a vertical appearance without cuts. Also wear dresses with tights that are the same color as the shoes, which will give the effect of verticality from the torso. to the feet. If you always choose neutral and dark colors you will look thinner and the trick will work even more. If you are going to mix, make sure they are similar tones.

Don’t wear big clothes

These clothes will make you look shorter and chubby. You will actually look taller if you wear clothes or outfits that fit your figure and are neither too tight nor too loose. Don’t wear big prints, they don’t suit you.

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The top inside (Always)

Whether you are wearing a blouse, a polo, etc. You should always put it inside what you are wearing underneath. If you don’t want to tuck it in completely, you can leave the side tips loose. Again, the idea is to appear longer legs by creating a higher waist cut.

Opt for hip-length coats; they will make you look taller because they add length to your upper body.

Use small and medium accessories

Avoid accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, bags or wallets and huge glasses, remember that less is more, stay true to the proportions of your silhouette and if you have a small body, opt for accessories according to your size.

Take care of the length of your hair and how you style it

This is in case of an important outing. A ponytail, high and loose bun, or whipping your hair a little at the back to create a seventies-type look will make you look a little taller and more stylized.

The hairstyle that best suits you is a high ponytail or a fun haircut, but it is not advisable to wear hair below the shoulders. If you can’t resist, the ideal thing is that it doesn’t have too much volume and is cut into a peak.

In summary, avoid the following at all costs:

  • maxi dresses
  • Long skirts
  • Over-the-knee boots
  • Oversized garments
  • Large accessories
  • Wide belts
  • Flat shoes

I think that all women with a short stature should know all this information to have a different appearance without losing their essence and style. Remember that the world of beauty will always have something so that you can show off a feminine, neat and well-groomed image, the important thing is to have it within reach and put it into practice according to what works best for us.

From this blog post To you, what did you like the most or do you think would work for you to look incredible? Don’t forget to leave us your comments.

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