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Until today, I have not met a woman who wants to look ugly and ridiculous with the makeup, hairstyle and clothes she wears, but on the contrary, many of them invest in expensive facial products and cosmetics, shoes, clothes, etc. to look spectacular on the occasion you need it. In addition to all this, a good attitude and a big smile don’t hurt!

You should know that one of the determining factors of our image, such as the way we dress, has the power to make a woman project different styles according to the clothes and accessories she is wearing, but the main thing we are looking for is to look good. A modern and current style that makes you look younger.

Always keep in mind what Carolina Herrera said: “There is nothing that ages a woman more than dressing young.”

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If what you want is to look younger, dare to make changes to your usual style and models, and to do so, you must update your wardrobe. This does not mean that you are going to throw away or donate all your clothes, but rather discard those clothes that do not flatter you, in terms of model and color.

A good idea to look modern is to find out what the latest trends are. To do this, be sure to review current clothing catalogs on the internet or magazines so that you can take the ideas that you like the most and that match your body and skin color. You can opt for youth clothing, but in your size or in a larger version or for people your age.

Choosing the key garments according to your personality, lifestyle and age will make you look as young as you want!

There are garments that stylize the figure and make a woman look younger, here you can discover some of the most common:

  • The jeans. Jeans cannot be missing from your wardrobe if you want to have a young and fresh look, choose a model that stylizes your legs and suits your figure. It is also a garment that offers a multitude of possibilities within a more informal look or a more serious one. Choose those that fit the shape of your body, neither too big nor too small, because if they are too big they will visually add volume making you look older and if they are very small, they will highlight everything that you want to hide, thus achieving the opposite effect. , dark colors will be your best allies, forget about those pants that do not contribute anything to your figure and avoid those pants that have too many excess details.
  • Skinny pants are the latest fashion, they are available in all colors and even black ones are ideal for a more elegant and sophisticated look. They are another type of pants that rejuvenate and adapt well to all figures. If you have problems wearing it, opt for a slimming garment.
  • Skirts just above the knee will make you look younger, but never mini, since this cut is for very young girls. Discard the three-quarter length models that reach the calf as they will make you look older. Avoid at all costs fabrics that are too tight and stretchy. Don’t forget, the skirt must fit just right.
  • Just like skirts, dresses should be worn just above the knee. Dresses will always be an infallible piece, not only will they help us hide our “problem areas” but they will also highlight that part of our body that we like the most. So remember, no matter what your body morphology is, there is always one for each of us. Avoid dresses with too much fabric.
  • T-shirts printed with logos, messages or bright colors are perfect to combine with plain skirts or pants and add a more modern touch to your everyday style and when you don’t have important commitments. Nowadays there are many styles, colors and shapes. Accompanied by leggings or simple jeans, your bust will draw attention.
  • You can choose blouses or tops in intense or bright colors without going into excess, but make sure that the tops are fitted and tailored. It’s just a matter of choosing the ones that suit your personality.
  • Blazers or jackets should fit your figure perfectly. It is vitally important that the shoulder seams of your blazer should be exactly where your arms begin. As for the length of the sleeves, it should reach your wrists. This key piece can be a good ally to make you look younger visually, choose them simple and without as many details as the shoulder pads, these should not be too long, the ideal would be for them to reach the part of your hips or on the contrary at the height of your waist. Ideally, it would have seams or darts in the back area to give your waist a stylized shape.
  • Complete your look with trendy youth accessories. Replace your classic bag with a more modern one in a trendy color. Also discard traditional gold or silver jewelry sets for pieces of jewelry that match your wardrobe. Accessories such as belts are the most versatile to be fashionable, they help us achieve an instant change in our outfits whether they are shirts, blouses, dresses, jeans, etc. It helps us subtly define our silhouette.

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  • Say no to designs and colors of clothing that do not flatter you even if they are fashionable. Ideally, you should wear clothes that help you look your best, that feel good and that enhance your silhouette.
  • Get your personal style, one that is unrelated to trends.
  • Accessories and other complements are excellent allies to make you look younger, and they are also a key point to complement any wardrobe you are wearing. For example: a nice necklace or a scarf or pahmina.
  • Taking the risk of wearing clothes that are totally different from what you normally wear will give a youthful touch to your style. Try vibrant colors, silks, fur, animal print, etc.,
  • Look for your ideal size, otherwise, you will add years. Ideally, the clothes you wear define your silhouette and highlight it.
  • To look younger, it is best to choose discreet and very feminine prints. If you like maxi-prints, find balance with the rest of your look.
  • The importance of posture is vital. Stand up straight and walk with a firm step and you will see how the difference will be noticeable. to enhance your features.
  • When it comes to makeup, don’t forget that less is more and learn to enhance the facial features that are most flattering. Get a manicure, because well-groomed hands always look younger than ungroomed ones.
  • Regarding hair, generally cuts above the shoulder, even the garçon style, take away years. Long hair, on the other hand, adds them.
  • Take care of the combinations in your clothes. In most cases, the problem is not so much in the clothes themselves, but in the way of combining and complementing them, so do not hesitate to ask advice from someone close to you and let yourself be advised by professionals when you go to buy clothes.
  • Regardless of what type of clothing can help you take years off your shoulders, you must keep in mind that it is essential that you choose the clothes you choose and feel comfortable in them.
  • Always choosing between the best combinations, we will discard very shiny, heavy, ornate jewelry or excessively large pearls.

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If you really have the goal of making a change in your look to look younger, bring out your most daring side and dare to try new fabrics, colored clothing, accessories and, above all, stay up to date with new trends while respecting always your lifestyle, personality and age. The last one is very important to obtain a successful look that makes you look Divine Forever.

Remember that looking younger is a task that requires a certain skill, or a little experience, because just as we can look younger with the right look, if we select the wrong items of clothing, not only will we not be able to take years off, but we will It is very likely that we will end up looking older than we really are.

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