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How many times have you found yourself needing to put together a cute and simple outfit and end up saying “I have nothing to wear”? We women definitely like to complicate our lives when it comes to putting together combinations with the clothes we have in our closet. Today I tell you: if you have a white shirt in your closet, make the most of it, you can’t imagine the number of options and facets it has.

Carolina Herrera said that this garment cannot be missing from a woman’s wardrobe because thanks to its versatility it has become a basic garment. It is a lie that white shirts are only for men, the problem is that many women do not know how to wear and show them off.

I believe that we all have a white shirt in our closet that we bought for an event but for some strange reason, we left it behind and never wear it because we think it is too formal and can only be worn with a skirt and/or dress pants. BIG MISTAKE! This is because we are not always clear about the different ways to wear this garment in order to achieve varied and cute looks. The key is in the details, such as wearing it with long necklaces, scarves, folded sleeves, etc. This way it can be a totally versatile garment, don’t be afraid to use it with new combinations!

An important tip is that when choosing the material of this garment you take into account your daily activities, so if you have frequent formal events, you should show off excellent quality textures, while if your activities tend to be relaxed and informal, you can choose for a cotton shirt with a patch pocket and some casual details that best suit the occasion.

If at this moment you have remembered that at the bottom of your closet you have your white shirt, it is very important that you check if it is the correct size for you. Look at the buttons, they must be complete, the same and remember that they must not be opened for any reason. Make sure it is not stained or worn and that it fits perfectly to your silhouette.

And since the white shirt seems like a fabulous garment to combine with whatever we want, I am sure that it can become your best ally to look perfect any day of the week.

Now I’m sharing some ideas that will inspire you!

The white shirt is definitely the perfect basic when it comes to achieving a formal look, for work or for a corporate event. You can combine it with a skirt or dress pants, a colored or printed scarf will go perfect with the type of shirt collar and will give an accent to your outfit, a nice necklace, a belt or a pair of black or beige stilettos. You will look impeccable in your office without leaving aside the classic, elegant style and freshness.

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Something that you should always keep in mind is that a long skirt will always be your best ally, as it will be the one that gives your white shirt the true touch of elegance.

A blazer will always be the ideal ally for a casual-formal look with your white shirt.

A less classic look when wearing your white shirt is to wear it with very striking elements in your outfit. How about your white shirt with a pencil skirt or brightly colored pants? Sophisticated prints and textures (such as leather or tweed), whether in the skirts and pants with which you combine your white shirt, will make your look unique.

Nothing better than a printed bottom to add color and stand out.

For something more casual, like an afternoon with your friends, having a coffee or even going shopping, the white shirt is also perfect to accompany you in those moments. You just have to combine it with classic jeans, a leather jacket and some animal print accessories, you will surely have a very chic and comfortable outfit. Don’t forget your sunglasses! You will have a classic and current look.

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Some animal print shoes will add a touch of elegance and class.

You can also add a little hem to your jeans.

Don’t leave your white shirt alone for the day! At night she is a perfect ally. If you don’t know what else to combine it with to achieve an informal look, how about with some black jeans, a bomber jacket and your white tennis shoes? With black boots, black leggings and a jean jacket?

The white shirt can accompany you both for cold days and for beach days with breeze and sea. It is enough to have some worn shorts, some flat sandals in a bright color to perfectly show off this classic. Remember to fold the sleeves and wear it in a less structured way inside the shorts.

Nothing more elegant and classic than wearing your shirt tucked in with wide-leg pants.

Don’t rule out the total white look.

Some trendy shoes will give you the finishing touch.

For summer you can accompany with loose clothing.

A colored sweater will always be a good complement.

You can complement with a colored cardigan to adapt the look to the weather.

How about a textured vest for the cold?

Or simply a knot in the white shirt that allows you to wear it in a different way than usual.

Color accessories are perfect for this type of garment.

For a more classic look you can pair your white shirt with black and camel.

Take the opportunity to show off your printed shoes with this type of garment!



If it is long sleeved, you don’t need to leave it that way; A shirt with the sleeves rolled up will always look better.

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One of the most important things about the garment, they have to be perfect and go in complete harmony with the shirt. Ideally, they should be almost imperceptible; Try not to use bright colors or ostentatious designs, simplicity will always be more elegant. Likewise, you can give it a different style, not everything has to be traditional.


If the occasion is special and formal, you can complement this basic with jewelry that makes it stand out, but if it is a casual event, it is not necessary to use accessories. In the end it is a matter of taste.


Of course, the most basic and important thing: iron it perfectly well. It is in very bad taste that you wear a wrinkled shirt. You must pay attention to the details and folds to do it correctly.

Now that you know these tips and the various ways to combine a white shirt, go and dust off yours and learn how to make beautiful combinations that will be perfect for this spring-summer season. And if you don’t have yours yet, choose it according to the style that characterizes you or with which you feel most comfortable., I’m sure you will find more beautiful designs that go perfectly with your figure.

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