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Just as there are types of eyes, faces, lips, etc., there are also body types that with the appropriate clothing can be favored by hiding and/or highlighting certain curves or shapes.

Had you noticed that? In front of a full-length mirror, with leggings and a top, you can find out what type of body you have. Do this practice by taking the measurements of your back, waist and hips and then read about the body type you identified to know the clothes. that will make you look divine.

As with makeup products and accessories, not all types of clothing suit all of us, since for that we must consider several factors such as the volume of our hips, bust, the width of our back, etc. By knowing the characteristics of your body, you will be able to better choose the clothes that will help you get the most out of your body and for that I will give you some tips that will help you make good purchases.

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1. Triangle or pear body

The bottom is wider than the top. The hips are slightly wider than the shoulders and the waist is very well defined.

To balance this type of body we must focus attention on the upper part and highlight it to give the effect of broader shoulders and balance the figure.

How to dress a Triangle or pear body?

  • The pants that best suit this type of woman are straight or elephant-leg pants.
  • Skirts, on the other hand, should have volume and flare but tight at the hips.
  • Wear jackets that define the torso and blouses or t-shirts above the hip line and not on it.
  • With necklaces, scarves, light-colored scarves on top you will draw attention and downplay the volume of your hips.
  • Avoid chain belts, large prints, balloon dresses, and very short skirts and pants.
  • It wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear a push-up bra to add curves on top. Just make sure you’re wearing the right bra size!

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2. Oval or apple body

Women with an apple body shape accumulate weight in the middle part of the body. They usually have thin legs and arms, a poorly defined waist, as well as rounded hips and shoulders. They may have abundant busts.

The goal is to hide the abdomen that make it look round.

How to dress an Oval or apple body?

  • Clothing that is too tight should be avoided, as well as looser clothing. The fit must be exact.
  • The “V” neckline is essential to draw attention to the bust and neck, as are above-the-knee skirts and straight-leg pants.
  • Wear long sleeves to draw attention away from your shoulders and arms.
  • It works very well to wear clothes of the same color range or avoid great contrasts.
  • Wear dresses or skirts that have a length just above and below the knee.
  • The most recommended pants are those with straight legs.
  • The high-heeled shoe will be a great ally.

3. Rectangle body

Girls with this body type are characterized by having little chest and hips, and their body is relatively flat. The measurements of the upper part of the trunk and the lower part are very similar in size and with a poorly defined waist. They are usually thin and athletic.

The objective is to highlight the bust in the upper part with striking accessories and clothes that attract attention to give it volume, as well as create the illusion of curves.

How to dress a Rectangle body?

  • A-line skirts with volume at the bottom will give the impression of an hourglass silhouette.
  • Skinny pants are a good option. Short jackets with wide lapels.
  • The most appropriate thing will be to wear t-shirts or dresses with a V-neckline, the wrap dress can help create curves and define the waist as well as corsets.
  • Belts will be great allies because they will define the waist, therefore, all those clothes that are tight in this part will be perfect.
  • Avoid clothes with square collars, wide-leg pants, and knee-high boots with miniskirts.

4. Hourglass body

The hourglass is the silhouette considered “perfect.” They have shoulders and hips of the same proportion and a defined waist which creates a certain harmony.

With this type of figure, you can use almost all styles. What should not be missing is the use of thin or medium belts to stylize and further highlight the curves.

How to dress?
  • The best options are garments that accentuate the waist, as well as the “V” neckline, which tends to elongate the figure and is very flattering if you have a large bust. As for pants, the best option is those with a straight cut.
  • The best clothes will be tops, striking blouses, halter tops, low-cut blouses, fitted jackets or accessories such as scarves, short necklaces or belts below the waist.
  • Accessories will always be proportional to your height and size. Excessive size will ruin its effect.
  • Avoid wide vertical stripes at the waist as this can change the perception of your figure.
  • Avoid jackets with pleats because they make the silhouette square and disproportionate. Don’t wear loose clothing that hides your body.
  • If you don’t want to draw attention to your chest, avoid wearing necklaces and instead wear thick bracelets.

5. Inverted Triangle Body

Women with this body type usually have an athletic build. The inverted triangle is characterized by a wide back and less hip than shoulder. They are usually thin women with large breasts.

The goal is to highlight your hips and legs to draw attention away from how wide your back is.

How to dress?

  • Blouses with a “V” neckline are a good option, as are all those that do not highlight the shoulders.
  • Peplum skirts or overskirts are also a great option to balance the figure with the volume provided by their cut.
  • Skirts or pants with prints and light colors will add volume and proportion to your legs.
  • One trick is to use light colors at the bottom and leave dark colors for the top.
  • Long necklaces will give verticality to your body and, therefore, balance.
  • Hip belts also work very well, as do V-necks.
  • Bell-bottom pants are another of the garments that most favor these types of women.
  • Jackets should reach hip height and not waist height.

Now with these tips you know how to take advantage of your figure to look more attractive.

Additional Tips:

  • Get out of your comfort zone from time to time and dare to adopt some of these tips that I give you.
  • If you are a petite woman (short and thin) avoid wearing long coats and maxi dresses because they will only weigh you down. Choose cropped jackets, shorts and mini dresses to keep your petite frame in perfect proportion. By wearing a single color or vertical stripes, you will appear taller. Try wearing high heels too! That will lengthen your legs.
  • Regardless of your body type, making your legs look longer is usually flattering.
  • Choose colors and prints wisely. If you have any curves, creases, or bulges that you’d like to hide, cover them with solid, dark colors (black, navy, dark purple, etc.).
  • Use bright colors or prints on your strengths to draw attention away from problem spots!
  • It’s a good idea to wear dresses or blouses that fit around the waist and cross over the bust only if you have a large bust; Otherwise, they can make your bust look disproportionately small (if you have a pear figure) or make your chest and shoulders look flat and square (if you have a straight figure).
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