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Shoes are a complement to our outfit that many women (myself included) are dying to buy when we see a pair that we love. In a special way, high-heeled shoes have become a woman’s best allies, helping her look taller, slimmer and more confident. We must recognize that walking with them is not an easy task, as sometimes it can be complicated and dangerous, especially when we are not used to walking with them, since it is not enough to just put them on because you have to show off the heels and your figure.

Remember that practice and perseverance make perfect and walking in high heels with confidence and elegance is no exception.

Do you have an event nearby and you will undoubtedly choose to wear high-heeled shoes? Very good! Before you choose to use these accessories again, which will undoubtedly stylize your figure much more and make you look very sensual, I would like you to read the tips that I will give you in this blog post before you end up sitting in the middle of the event because you can’t stand them anymore or putting on “more comfortable” spare ones, looking totally different than at the beginning.

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Below I share some simple tips that you can carry out after reading this blog post and achieve effective results.

  1. Use quality shoes. Good, quality footwear that doesn’t hurt your foot when you walk will help you walk with great comfort. Before buying high-heeled shoes you should make sure that the heel is strong, that you have good support, that the material is comfortable and that they are not loose so that there is no type of fiction that could cause injuries. The model that most flatters and lengthens the leg is the one with the entire instep exposed. It is also the most uncomfortable because you have to use a little force with your foot to hold the shoe. Other alternatives are those that attach to the ankle with a bracelet or with a T-neckline. Wedges or platforms are another good option if you can’t stand high heels.
  2. Do not support the tip of the shoe and the heel at the same time. You have to put the heel of your shoe on first and then the toe, otherwise you will give a bad impression when walking.
  3. Buy a shoe that fits you. If a shoe destroys your foot when you try it on, don’t buy it.
  4. Be careful where you walk. Try not to do it on loose ground, grass, areas with grates or vents in the ground as the heel could sink or get stuck and cause an accident.
  5. Use them according to your pace of life. If you are going to walk a long distance or are in a hurry, forget your heels.
  6. Practice at home before using them. Use them a week before the event at home so that your foot gets used to the new way of walking and you don’t get blisters. This will not only allow you to get used to them, but it will also slightly wear down the sole so that they don’t slip as much and will take away the rigidity they have. Be sure to practice the most common movements, such as: walking, stopping, turning and turning.
  7. If you are standing without moving, try to sit down when you can or take a few steps to rest your feet.
  8. Use pads. They are created to relieve the pressure of the entire body’s weight on the feet. Always carry them in your bag and use them when you start to notice pain.
  9. Take small steps when walking. Walking with small, delicate steps and bending your knees a little will make your walk seem more natural and help you feel more comfortable. It is not necessary to go too slow, but enough so that you feel that the steps are natural and that your balance remains in perfect condition.
  10. Improve your posture. It is important to maintain good posture to walk with style and without causing damage when wearing heels. You should make sure to walk with your body straight, back straight, looking straight ahead, no jumping when you walk and your feet facing forward. If you slouch or shuffle while walking you won’t look comfortable or confident. If you can walk in a straight line or looking forward, you will realize that the steps will be much easier to take.
  11. Start with a low heel and work with it. If you are not used to wearing heels, it is not a good idea to choose a pair of shoes with a very high heel. Choose to wear more comfortable heels and increase the height as you get used to them.
  12. Choose the type of shoes that best suit you. Not all women look good in the same shoes, therefore, it is important that you choose the ones that are best for you and in which you feel most comfortable when walking in heels. Only then, you will end up without blisters and without carrying your spare shoes.

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Additional Tips

  • Always make sure you are confident when wearing heels. If you are not sure, you will tend to stumble and fall. What matters most when you walk in heels is that you have confidence in yourself and show how beautiful you are with and without heels. Remember that the most beautiful woman is the one who trusts the most in herself.
  • Boots with heels may be easier to start with, as they support your ankles.
  • Focus on one step at a time.
  • If you have open-toed shoes, try putting padding around the area where your toes end and your feet begin. This will prevent you from slipping and your foot coming out of the opening. It helps if you have small or thin feet/toes.
  • The larger your feet, the larger the heel you can comfortably wear. Don’t assume you need to wear the same heels as the models, many of them have big feet to go with their height!

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  • Walk carefully. Even if you think you have mastered any type of surface you walk on, be sure to exercise caution. Watch your steps and don’t think about walking quickly or running in high heels.
  • It is usually not a good idea to drive with high heels, instead wear flat driving shoes.
  • No matter how nice your high heels are, don’t wear them all the time. Wearing heels too often can cause chronic foot and back pain.

I hope that after having read all the tips that I shared with you today in this blog post you can achieve a new style and way of walking with high heels like a professional model. Don’t forget to enjoy your high-heeled shoes projecting all the confidence that will make you look incredibly Divine.

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