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The eyeliner is an important part of eye makeup to highlight it, far from overshadowing it or making it look sad.

Maybe you can love this topic of eyeliner when you have the practice to do it and you like how it looks on you, but when that doesn’t happen, perhaps the problem is that you don’t know the technique or the appropriate eyeliner that can best flatter the shape of your eyes. There are many girls who prefer to skip this very important point of makeup because they have neither the practice nor the technique. BIG MISTAKE!

But, before lining your eyeliner, have you looked at the shape of your eyes?

As I told you at the beginning, it is very important that the eyeliner highlights your look and you will achieve this if you make the most appropriate line for the shape of your eyes and get the most out of them.

Depending on their shape and size, the master touch of eyeliner can allow you to compensate for volumes and obtain a much more flattering finish to achieve more symmetry and harmony in your eyes.

With just a few small tips you can have the perfect makeup to enhance your eyes. Find out what is the most flattering way to apply eyeliner depending on the shape of your eye!

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Almond eyes

In this type of eyes, the tear duct and the external corner are at the same height. The imaginary line is straight and that shows perfect symmetry. You can pretty much outline it however you want!

If you have this type of eye you are very lucky. Just as an oval face shape is the most flattering, almond-shaped eyes are the most beautiful.

You can experiment with different styles, but if you want to play it safe, then start with a thinner line and thicken the line, from the inside out.

Slanted eyes

If you were to draw an imaginary line from one end to the other, you would notice that the tear duct is slightly below the outer corner.

Women with elongated eyes can achieve the visual effect that they are more rounded by lining the upper and lower eyelids and thickening the central section of each. This way we will be able to give more height to the eye in these points, favoring a more rounded appearance.

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Droopy eyes

Here the tear duct is below the outer corner.

The secret is to start the stroke from the highest point of the upper eyelid, which is generally in the center. Lift your gaze with a thick line from the middle to the corner of your eye. From there, go outwards and lift a little at the end that tends towards the diagonal that marks the end of the eyebrow, like a cat eye type.

You should avoid the corner having a curved shape to achieve a flattering finish. Always check the result of the eyeliner with your eyes open and correct it if necessary.

If it is an eyelid that has drooped over the years, it is best to avoid the corner of the eye and outline it completely, trying to blend the outer corner well. Afterwards, we can promote the visual lifting of the eyelid by applying the shadow diagonally towards the eyebrow.

Small eyes

To enlarge your eyes with eyeliner, you must apply white or nude pencil on the water line in order to give the sensation that the eyeball is wider. In addition, you have to outline between the lower eyelashes with a pencil (or shadow brush) and lightly mark the outer V of the eye.

If, on the other hand, you paint the water line with a dark pencil, you will be optically reducing the size of your eyes.

Bulging eyes

This type of eyes requires some practice with the eyeliner to achieve a flattering “design.” Try lining the entire eye with a thin line between the eyelashes and including the tear duct, the lower and upper water line (tighlining). Furthermore, to hide the volume of the eyelid, we recommend that you slightly smudge the eyeliner so that you create a decreasing gradient. In this way you will be able to give a more harmonious appearance to your look.

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Eyes together

People with sharp noses tend to have their eyes closer together. In these cases, makeup should help compensate for this lack of space. First, with the use of highlighter (or a light shadow) on the tear duct. Then, to achieve the optical effect of separating them with the eyeliner, frame your look with a line that is very soft on the tear duct, intensifying or thickening towards the outer corners. This simple effect will be more than enough to make your eyes look more separated.

Apply the same technique to the upper and lower eyelids. With this trick your eyes will look more separated.

Eyes apart

When applying the eyeliner to separate eyes, we must make a very intense liner on the tear duct and thickening and blurring the external V. Use this technique on the lower and upper eyelid.

Rounded eyes

Some women with round eyes seek to obtain an almond shape with their eyeliner. To do this, outline from a third of your eye outwards. It is best to mark the external V well, but never diagonally, but with a straight path, starting from the outer tear duct.

You can make it as thin or thick as you want. Finish your liner with a line on the lower lashes outward. Preferably, make the line as parallel as possible.

Asian eyes

In general, women with this beautiful type of eyes seek to extend their gaze. Regarding eyeliner, you should draw a thick line on your upper eyelid. On the lower one too!, but only from the middle of the eyelid outwards. This is the best eyeliner trick to intensify your look.

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Squinted eyes

Your best friend is mascara, so don’t be afraid to apply it liberally. When outlining, opt for a semi-thin line at the top of the eyelid that thickens towards the end and complement it with a good blended shadow. And regarding the lower eyelid, use a very thin line.

Now, get the most out of your eyes! With these simple tips that I shared with you, you will surely be able to achieve it according to your type of eyes, but before outlining them, make sure that you already know the type of eyes you have.

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