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There is a stylistic trend that stands out for its timeless elegance: old money hairstyles. These classic and refined styles have captured the hearts of women of all ages, allowing them to look radiant and sophisticated on any occasion. Join us to discover the seven most popular options within this trend that has taken the fashion scene by storm.

High ponytail with braid

Starting with the high braided ponytail, this hairstyle combines the elegance of a perfectly polished ponytail with the bohemian touch of an artistic braid. It is an ideal option for those women looking for a look balanced between classic and modern.

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Half ponytail with a ribbon

Secondly, we found the half ponytail with ribbon. This hairstyle, inspired by vintage aesthetics, brings a romantic and feminine charm to any look. The ribbon, carefully selected to complement the outfit, adds a touch of sophistication and retro style.Old money hairstyles, the elegant trend. Photo: SPECIAL

Two half pigtails

If you are looking for a more playful option, the two half pigtails are perfect for you. This youthful and cheerful hairstyle is ideal for spring and summer, allowing you to show off straight hair or soft waves. It is an excellent choice for those who want a casual style but with a touch of elegance.

Loose hair and headband

For those women who prefer to wear their hair down, but without losing the sophisticated touch, the option of loose hair and elegant headband is the perfect choice. A carefully selected headband, in shades that complement your personal style, adds a touch of glamor and elevates any outfit to give it that old money touch.Old money hairstyles, the elegant trend.

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high ponytail

The classic high ponytail cannot be missing from this list of old money hairstyles. This timeless style is synonymous with elegance and suits any occasion, from a business meeting to a formal dinner. Ideal for showing off long, well-kept hair, the high ponytail is a safe and sophisticated option.

Low ponytail with hair divided in half

If you are looking for a more relaxed but equally refined hairstyle, the low ponytail with hair parted in the middle is the perfect choice. This dazzling and natural style, with wavy or straight hair, adapts to any occasion and highlights the beauty of your face in a subtle and elegant way.Old money hairstyles, the elegant trend.

High ponytail with long bangs

Last but not least, the high ponytail with long bangs in strands is a bold and modern option within old money hairstyles. Inspired by current trends and popularized by celebrities like Sofia Richie, this unique combination of classic and contemporary elements adds an air of sophistication and youth.

In short, old money hairstyles are a stylistic trend that has conquered the fashion world with its elegance and timeless charm. From the high ponytail with braid to the high ponytail with long tufted bangs, each option offers an opportunity to look radiant and sophisticated for any occasion. These hairstyles are in harmony with the old money aesthetic, transmitting an image of distinction and good taste.

Importantly, these styles have gained popularity in part thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, where influencers and fashion lovers have shared their own interpretations of old money hairstyles. The versatility of these options allows them to be adapted to different hair lengths, face types and personal styles, making them an ideal choice for women of all ages.Old money hairstyles, the elegant trend.

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Spring and summer are ideal times to show off these hairstyles, since their elegance and freshness fit perfectly with the season. In addition, long hair is an ally in the creation of these styles, since it provides greater versatility when experimenting with hairstyles and accessories.

To achieve these old-money hairstyles, you need to pay attention to details and use the right tools. Hair clips become great allies when it comes to creating a polished and tidy appearance. Likewise, styling products such as gels, sprays or oils can help keep your hair in place and give it a healthy, shiny look.

In short, old-money hairstyles are a trend that combines classic elegance with modern touches, adapting to different styles and ages. Whether opting for a high ponytail with a braid, a half ponytail with a ribbon, or any of the other options mentioned, these styles will allow you to stand out with a sophistication that never goes out of style. So dare to try them and discover how you can look radiant and distinguished on any occasion.

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