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Saying goodbye to the cold is probably a relief for many. Time does not wait and the season of wearing swimsuits, hours in the sun and the occasional margarita begins. Given the stylistic needs and the trips to come, we immerse ourselves in the swimwear universe to find those unique pieces that will make summer 2024 the best time of the year.

Shimmering fabrics, braided finishes and unmissable one-piece designs become this year’s fashion staples. We will move away for a moment from the boho dresses, the baggy jeans and the Bermuda shorts that have been enchanting street style, to learn about everything that will be in store in the universe of swimsuits, because beach aesthetics do matter, perhaps more than we imagine.

Wearing the correct suit allows us to feel more confident on vacation, when parading around the beach or the pool, because sometimes when we forget to choose the correct silhouette we tend to feel insecure and resort to sarongs or tunic dresses that hide our body. To avoid this, we decided to select those trendy suits, which will fit different bodies and occasions of use.

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What are the swimsuit trends for 2024?

  • Woven Bikinis
  • Waist swimsuits
  • One Piece Swimsuits
  • Triangle Bikinis

Woven Bikinis

Model wears a knitted bikini at Alberta Ferretti SpringSummer 2024
Model wears a knit swimsuit with pants at Conner Ives FallWinter 2024

Knitted swimsuits are notable pieces in the universe of trends, made with techniques such as crochet, they stand out among other designs, while combining artisanal magic and avant-garde. For 2024, Alberta Ferretti proposes a triangular last, ideal for those who hope to achieve the perfect tan and update their vacation style. On her side, Conner Ives exposes a garment that crosses the beach and street style. Waist swimsuits

Model wears a high-waisted swimsuit at Chanel Resort 2024
Model wears a high-waisted swimsuit in Antonio Marras SpringSummer 2024

Bikinis with 70s aesthetics are here to stay. We are talking about designs with high-waist tights, a shape that adapts and stylizes the silhouette, especially those with a rectangle since this cut creates a visual effect of elongated legs and an hourglass waist. Likewise, this high waist offers coverage in the lower abdomen, allowing greater security. This wave has been addressed by the most prominent luxury houses, such as Chanel, which insists on giving way to metallic finishes. For his part, Antonio Marras suggests draped finishes to compete with those basic ones. One Piece Swimsuits

Model wears a one-piece swimsuit at Chanel SpringSummer 2024
Model wears a swimsuit with a transparent dress at Egonlab SpringSummer 2024

Although in the 1940s the arrival of the bikini put one-piece swimsuits in question, they managed to overcome their moment of “crisis” and remain over the years. They reflect a clean, elegant aesthetic and at the same time become a modern and flattering alternative. Who hasn’t worn them outside the pool with jeans or a sarong skirt? We could assert that it is the swimwear garment with the most benefits in its favor.

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Among its characteristics is its cut, ideal for those looking for comfort, coverage and style. Another factor to take into consideration is that thanks to their last, they can be designed in high-quality fabrics that offer control to the silhouette. As for cuts, by 2024, creative directors suggest flat and classic finishes or playing with a cut out on the abdomen. Triangle bikini with mini panties

Model wears a bikini with loose pants at GCDS SpringSummer 2024
Model wears a striped bikini with high-heeled shoes at Moschino SpringSummer 2024

triangle bikini is a statement in the world of swimsuits. They are the number one choice when we think about vacation time, because from them we will get a great tan. They can be seen in various versions, with stone straps as expressed by GCDS or with decorative acrylic rings. It will also be interesting to explore traditional prints such as stripes, leopard and dots, a bit of what was seen at Moschino.

We could speculate about its validity, since it is a very normal trend for the warm season of the year, however, the differentiation comes with the panty. During this year the tiny silhouettes will be a must, apart from the play with the side straps will be essential, place them on the hips, almost touching the waist, you will have a striking visual result.

After knowing what is professed in terms of swimsuits, it is interesting to identify some of the swimwear brands that are already keeping pace with these sentences.

Sea Salt corset-style one-piece swimsuit
Baobab Cut Out Swimsuit with Shiny Fabric
Bikini blanco de Off White con panty mini
Bikini color verde de Osree
Traje de baño una sola pieza de Cala de la Cruz
Bikini con panty oversize de Fisico
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