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A garment as basic as the skirt can be worn at any time of the year, even if you think that during the winter it is unthinkable to bring it. The key is to consider the fabric of the skirt and wear layers of clothing.

Skirts are a great way to wear a very feminine outfit, but wearing them during the cold winter months can make you think that you will feel very cold and not enjoy it to the fullest. Choosing the right skirt and complementary accessories will make you feel warm and fashionable at the same time.

So don’t think that with the arrival of winter it is time to say goodbye to your skirts. Still wait! Wearing a skirt in winter is possible without suffering the weather.

Street style has confirmed that you can wear a skirt in winter without dying of cold. As I said, the trick is to use warm materials such as wool, cotton, and sometimes combinations with polyester. Remember that having a sweater or coat that protects you from the weather and high boots as the perfect accessory can help you achieve beautiful winter outfits.

Today in this blog post I want to leave you some ideas on how to wear a long or short skirt so that you can look spectacular and give a break to your favorite jeans or pants. Look sexy and feminine this season!

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1. Combine your short skirt with tucked-in sweaters

Ideal to wear in winter, you will give it a chic touch if you tuck your sweater in a little, it will also help you show off your figure. Wear ankle boots or long boots, but if you are very cold you can wear stockings.

2. Skirt with long boots

This way you won’t die of cold and you can show off your long legs. It is a very sexy touch for your look.

If the outfit calls for a short skirt, long boots may be just what you need to stay warm. Try a pair of leather boots to up your trendy look. You can also try a pair of suede boots for a more delicate look.

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3. Skirt with long socks

If you want a more collegiate and casual touch, you can wear it with long socks and they will look just as sexy. It doesn’t matter if it’s mini, midi or maxi, all three will look perfect with socks and a coat to cover you from the wind.

4. Skirt with stockings

Tights are one of the season’s strongest trends, take them anywhere as an elegant touch under a cardigan, midi or maxi skirt.

Combining mini skirts with tights to cover your legs will keep you warm and fashionable, and will help you create an elegant look. Miniskirts in winter seem to defy common sense. As a result, wearing one will add an edgy touch to your style.

Tights or tights and socks add warmth and are most made of cotton, polyester blends, or spandex. Black, brown, and other muted neutral colors are safe choices for most skirts, but you can consider wearing a bolder color or pattern to give your outfit some vibrancy. Make sure they are of good quality

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5. Combine a leather jacket with your skirt

This way you will stay super warm in winter. Leather jackets are a perfect option for a less formal look.

6. Pleated midi skirt

Pleated midi skirts are super trendy. You can wear them with turtlenecks, wool fibers and a thick fabric; Mix your favorite chunky sweater with this type of skirt and your favorite ankle boots or boots will add that touch of distinctive style to your look and show it off at your holiday parties.

7. Tight midi skirts

You can wear tight midi skirts with tops, ankle boots, long boots, sweaters or coats. Any garment you combine them with will look amazing, and of course, much more elegant.

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8. Combine textures and prints

When adding a coat to your winter look, take advantage of your printed skirt and pair it with a sweater that has another fabric, texture or print.

9. Maxi Skirts

The long skirts that you thought you were only going to wear on the beach, you can also wear in winter. Winter is a good time to wear longer skirts. They provide more warmth than short skirts and are still fashionable. You can choose an ankle-length skirt.
So take those pleated and flowy maxi skirts out of your closet and combine them with warm clothes and high leather boots underneath to achieve the best outfit.

10. Combine your skirt with untucked sweaters

It doesn’t matter if your skirt is short, the long sweater can make only 4 fingers of your skirt visible and it will look amazing. This idea works perfectly if you don’t like to wear a tummy tuck because you feel like you have a belly or it’s just not your style. Just make sure that your skirt is fitted and preferably that the sweater is loose so you can accompany your outfit with long boots.

You can also wear them with a thick sweater that is not very long and you can tuck the front part of it and this will help mark your waist and not look wide. Preferably the skirt is tight.

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11. White in December

Yes, it is possible to wear your white skirts in December. Combine it with a white sweater or gray tones and you will love the result.

12. Skirt over pants

There is no better option to be comfortable and warm in winter than wearing pants under a skirt. Wearing denim will never be the best decision to cover you from the weather, so try combinations of wool and silk, wool and cotton, or even wool and polyester.

13. Skirt with ruffles or semicircular

If your skirt is ruffled or semicircular, the best way to wear it is with knee-high boots or stockings and ankle boots, the result is super feminine and flirty.

14. Sequin or printed skirt

If you have a printed or sequined skirt you can also pair it with a sweater and your outfit will look super casual and cool.

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15. Combine your skirt with a short sweater to style it

A short sweater will be your best option to style any high-waisted skirt.

Something you should also know…

  • Choose skirts made with warm fabric. Short skirts won’t keep you very warm. However, if you choose a fabric like wool, they will provide you with a little more warmth. Denim, suede, and velvet can also keep you warm. Afterwards, you will only need to combine them with warm clothes such as leggings and a sweater.
  • Choose a knee-length skirt if you want something flexible. A knee-length skirt offers some warmth. In addition, you can use it on a wide variety of occasions. You can make a knee-length skirt look professional, modern, or flirty, depending on what accessories you accessorize it with.
  • Wear a double skirt. This advice may sound a little strange. However, wearing layered skirts can provide you with extra warmth and look modern at the same time. For example, try a long, flowy skirt under a slightly shorter (and less flowy) skirt, and it will be like wearing a petticoat.
  • Wear booties. Ankle boots are an obvious choice for winter. They can be fun, modern and hot. Remember that when the weather is not so cold, ankle boots will look good with any skirt and will give a little extravagance to the outfit.
  • Wear a sweater on top. An elegant sweater can be the right piece to create an outfit, therefore, it is one of the items that you should not forget in almost any outfit you wear with a skirt. Plus, it has the added benefit of keeping you warm.
  • Don’t forget warm accessories. Add a stylish scarf to add warmth and a pop of color to the outfit. Also, don’t forget the gloves. A pair of stylish leather or suede gloves goes with most outfits. Add a knit hat on top and you have the recipe for keeping you warm in the winter in stylish style.

Girls, I hope these tips are very useful for wearing a skirt this season. So stop fighting the fact that it’s winter and choose the outfit that suits you best, especially if you plan to be away for a long period of time. Good luck with your outfits!

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