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One of the trends that are going strong this 2023 is precisely curly or wavy hair because they provide a lot of volume to the hair and a natural, fresh and very sexy image, so it is time to make peace if at some point you find yourself It has made life impossible because if it is not the humidity that ruins your hairstyle, it is the dryness that produces roughness and breakage.

Well, they say that the world is upside down and ironically, straight girls make curls and curly girls straighten their hair, are you one of them?

If you are a girl with curly hair, I know that the fact that your hair is unruly, fluffy or complicated to comb, is something exasperating that makes you lose patience with it.

Curly hair tends to be unruly, fluffy and difficult to comb; However, there are treatments that will help you master it and show off defined, shiny and soft hair. Remember that curly hair, unlike straight hair, is more difficult to care for, since Chinese hair tends to dry and fluff. This is because it takes more time for the oils from the scalp to move down and properly hydrate the entire hair fiber.

The key to taking care of your curly hair is to treat your hair with the utmost respect to achieve defined, cared for and hydrated curls, forgetting about all those products and routines that damage it. Its main enemies are straighteners and curling irons, as well as chemicals found in most of the products we usually use. Curly hair has a different constitution than straight hair and tends to be drier than straight hair, and therefore requires other care. The usual thing is that we wash our hair with products “for curly hair”, but if we read the labels carefully we will realize that they contain substances that end up damaging it.

Today I want to share with you all the secrets to taking care of curly hair, washing it, moisturizing it and style the curls. The slavery of using irons every day or resorting to straightening treatments is over!

Don’t forget that healthy-looking hair, defined curls and volume control are the three elements that well-groomed Chinese hair must have. Claim your hair and don’t forget that more than defining your style, it defines your personality.

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1. Buy the right products

To show off incredible curls, it is important to use the right products for daily washing and care. It is key that you choose special shampoos, conditioners and masks for Chinese hair that do not have silicones, alcohol or sulfates since these will help you combat frizz, give definition to the curls and hydrate the hair since it usually present dehydration and porosity.

The ends of curly hair tend to dry quickly. It doesn’t matter if you wash your hair once or several times a week, choose a shampoo that doesn’t cause even more dryness.

Shampoos and conditioners that contain natural lipids such as shea butter, jojoba or macadamia oil are recommended, since with them a thin film will take care of your hair while preserving its shape.

Conditioner is considered a basic product to have perfect curls; In addition to the styling cream—if your hair is very fine, use mousse—as it helps define the chins.

2. Treat your hair gently

Treat curly hair gently when washing, drying and styling.

To wash it, it is essential to massage the scalp for about five minutes gently and without rubbing hard, which would increase frizz. Use cold water to rinse, as it helps prevent frizz and adds shine. Using conditioner or mask after washing is essential to hydrate curls. We advise you to alternate them and apply a mask for curly hair at least once a week.

Drying your hair vigorously with a towel can cause frizz to your curls as well as making your hair brittle. To dry it, drain the excess water and press it little by little with the towel. Do not rub it as friction can result in brittle hair.

To avoid mistreating it in the future, get used to combing and brushing wet hair gently since when it gets wet it is when it is at its weakest state. It is advisable to comb and brush as little as possible. An excess can damage the curl and even open it and cause it to lose all its strength and elasticity. If possible, comb it with your own hands, moving your fingers between the curls or with combs with thick, spaced teeth, since these do not break the natural structure of the curl. After using your comb, apply your styling cream and then detangle your hair with your fingers. Later you will take a curl and gently stretch it from the root to the tip.

To make it easier to untangle those stubborn tangles, start by brushing from the ends up in small sections. You can also use the curl-by-curl technique, in which you will separate your hair into small sections.

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3. Drying

This step is very important in your curl routine since if you rub and dry vigorously with a towel, it can cause frizz or your hair to become brittle. For this, dryers with a diffuser are the best friend of curly hair.

Before using the diffuser, take the curls to the top of your head and keep them there for a while using a cotton t-shirt and then to achieve much more defined curls you can use a hair dryer with a diffuser. Use the diffuser with a very low temperature or with cold air and do not touch the hair too much while it dries in this way you avoid the frizz that can be generated, as well as giving a little volume to the hair. Styling foams and creams will help you keep your curls defined.

Use a serum to protect it before using any heat appliance. Get ready to show off beautiful curls full of volume and vitality!

4. Use hair gel

To show off your curly hair with soft, well-defined curls without feeling stiff or sticky, you can use a light styling gel that helps you create soft, well-defined curls without leaving harsh residue or drying effects.

5. Additional care for dyed curls

Dyes on curly hair look fabulous, but they definitely require a little more care. If your color-treated curls feel particularly dry, give them a dose of TLC with a deep conditioning mask once a week, as well as an oil treatment for your hair, applying it from length to ends for intensive nourishment. Your curls will be hydrated, healthy and manageable!

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6. Gently treat dry curls

Your natural curls are beautiful but fragile. Elastic hair bands can pull and stretch your hair (not to mention the tangles and breakage they cause), so try to avoid making them too tight. On the other hand, it’s much better to gently press and define dry curls using your fingers and a little styling product. This helps not only reduce damage but also control frizz caused by the brush.

Now you know that your curly hair requires a lot of attention, care and pampering. That is why it is so important that you have the right treatment so that your hair is perfectly cared for, free of frizz and with well-defined curls.

If you ever feel lost and don’t know how to keep your curls fabulous and frizz-free, follow these tips to take care of your curly hair and forget about the rest.

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