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Hair is a fundamental part of our personality and image, so looking after it can help us feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. But, so that reflecting our young spirit does not depend exclusively on the clothes we wear or makeup, it is necessary to have another ally: our haircut. Hair can be used as one of our best allies to subtract years from our age. Do you want to know how to achieve it?

With the passage of time, age advances and although it is sometimes difficult to accept it, it is impossible to stay young forever and what we often look for is a change that makes us look younger, renewed and confident. Did you know that a haircut can help you achieve it when you look in the mirror?

No one knows the power of a haircut until they go to the beauty salon and come out completely renewed.

Today I want to talk to you about haircut styles that will instantly take years off your hair and that will make you feel happier and more confident with your appearance, without being as expensive as anti-aging treatments. It’s time to express that woman with a modern spirit who wants to look great!

Even if you are currently happy with the haircut you have, it is always good to think about changing your style, because this way our image is renewed.

If your goal is to look younger, then you should opt for fresh and daring looks that will surely give you a youthful and modern look that tends to favor us all. Choose one of the short haircuts to look younger that I mention below.

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Midi Hair Cut

At the height of the clavicle, with soft waves and pointed ends, this is the midi cut that takes off years effortlessly. If you want a style that you can wear down, but can be pulled up from time to time, an asymmetrical midi is what you need. They look good on diamond and heart faces, in addition to stylizing the neck and being very versatile, because, if you wear it straight, you will look very elegant; On the other hand, if you add small waves, you will look casual and relaxed. Gives an anti-aging effect . Try it and see!

Layered Hair Cut

Layers are always our allies when it comes to giving a fresh look to our image, since they give movement, volume and texture to our hair.

The corpulent, subtle and gradient layers, that is, you cannot see where each one begins or ends, are the option to rejuvenate in seconds. Voluminous hair is synonymous with youth and layers achieve this effect.

Its casual air gives us a youthful appearance that we can enhance even more if we opt for adding curtain bangs to the haircut. This haircut is very comfortable for everyday use, since it does not require you to comb it in a very detailed way.

TIP: Avoid very marked layers, as they result in one of the haircuts that age you the most. This type of cut suits square and angular faces.

We know that short hair is the most rejuvenating, but if you don’t want to give up your long hair and look young, you can add layers to frame your face. Wear them a little wavy, as they look much better and more delicate; Completely straight hair hardens the features. Go for sweeping bangs to give it a more sophisticated look.

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Bob Carré Haircut

This haircut combines the length of the jaw-length bob with the casual, French finish and obligatory bob bangs. It is extremely flattering for round or oval faces, and looks even better with a golden highlight effect in the hair. If you want to style your hair straight, make sure your hair retains its natural texture and volume.

Haircut with Fringe

Whether curtain, side or with a lot of volume, bangs are your best accessory to look younger, in addition to makeup. Thanks to the bangs, it is possible to hide some imperfections and stylize the eye area a little. This cut looks great in a hairstyle for long hair.

Ideally, it should be below the eyebrows, be outlined and with movement.

They add a feminine, romantic and innocent touch to your personality. The bangs that you should avoid to avoid adding years to your age are straight bangs and baby bangs.

A blunt fringe looks super cute and makes you look bigger eyes and a slightly rounder face; So, it is ideal to look much younger. Give it texture with styling cream, without touching the bangs!

Garçon Haircut

Over the years, many celebrities have taken the risk of the pixie cut (a very short cut) and one of the most compelling reasons is that it is an anti-aging haircut, because it instantly rejuvenates and sharpens the face. Now its most modern version, which is the garçon, where the sides are shorter and the upper section is abundant. It looks great on round faces, but can also be adapted to other shapes with different types of bangs.

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Bob Haircut

It is a completely timeless haircut that always succeeds. Shorter in the nape of the neck and long at chin level, this haircut works very well when it comes to creating a sensation of lengthening the face, as it guides the gaze towards the chin, which is why it favors round faces. Elegant, sophisticated and with a Parisian touch, the bob is an ideal haircut to look younger, since the shorter we wear our hair, the more years we will be subtracting.

This style has the advantage of being very easy to maintain since it can be given different styles without the need for excessive use of tongs or irons.

Shoulder Straight Haircut

We have already said that short hair takes away years. If you don’t dare with layers, go for a straight cut at shoulder height, your appearance will surely be renewed and you will look younger. The length should not go beyond the shoulders, since what we want to achieve with this haircut is to frame the face. On this occasion, we can also opt for bangs at the height of the eyebrows. To achieve the rejuvenating effect, we recommend that you opt for very natural surf waves. You will be giving movement to an excessively symmetrical haircut and the effect will be youthful and casual.

The Clavicut Hair Cut

It is called that because it ends at the clavicle. It is the perfect haircut that works wonders for transitioning from short hair to long hair. This haircut is perfect for looking younger because its fresh and natural style that falls on the shoulders with great movement tends to emphasize the lines of the shoulders, neck and collarbones.

It doesn’t matter if you have a long or round face, the effect will always be to take off a few years.

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Long and wavy haircut

If you don’t want to give up your long hair, don’t do it, but you have to reinvent it. If you have straight hair, add soft waves that will make you look romantic and you can look a few years younger. The waves will make you stand out! They are capable of softening facial features and projecting a youthful effect. It generally goes up to shoulder height.

Avoid bangs and a very formal hairstyle, because the charm of this proposal lies in making it look relaxed, soft and natural.

Concave Haircut

Yes, that cute cut goes longer in the front than the back. A style like this not only makes you look modern but its originality and freshness will make you look younger.

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Pixie Haircut

If you are one of those who have long hair and are not afraid of changes to look younger, then the pixie cut is for you. It is a practical and relaxed style that will allow you to highlight your features in a youthful way. A super modern and fresh cut, you don’t need much to keep it combed and it gives that feeling of carefree, if you are daring go for this option!

Without having to go to surgery, a haircut can help you eliminate some years and make you look younger, although remember that your attitude is the most important thing and that age is just a number. Don’t wait any longer, and change your look today. Choose the style that you like the most, and express the youth you feel with a haircut that makes you feel comfortable and that is always trendy so that you do not go unnoticed.

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