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Talking about makeup can sometimes be fascinating, but after seeing the cost of some of the products to obtain a professional and long-lasting finish, everything falls apart and we decline the pleasure of purchasing them and end up not wearing makeup as we would like.

This often happens because to recreate a makeup look that we see on Instagram or YouTube, beauty influencers use high-end brands, therefore, they are expensive.

However, there are the famous ‘dupes’, a word in English given to the economical version of a product.

The truth is that looking pretty at all times results in an addiction to makeup and even though it is expensive, we end up buying that makeup base or lipstick, sacrificing our finances. That is why, in this post I want to talk to you about the best low-cost makeup brands whose quality makes them worth buying so that you are not left out of the game. You won’t have to spend as much to get the makeup look you love!

With this content I hope that the art of doing makeup is not a torment, on the contrary, it is a practice that you enjoy to see how good you look and how good you feel and best of all without sacrificing your pocket so much. Meet your new favorite makeup brand!

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The ELF brand does not exactly stand out for having a wide variety of colors in terms of palettes, but its prices are much cheaper than the vast majority of makeup products.

It handles the most used ranges of colors, being very common colors among those that we want to put on makeup, but not look like we are wearing makeup.

In this sense, it stands out above all in the wide variety of lipsticks, eyeliners, powder palettes, foundations and mascara to which the makeup pre-base products must be added. All of them at more than economical prices if we compare it with the quality they have.

If you are one of the girls who loves to shop online, we recommend buying ELF products, these cosmetics will be very useful to you, they are super affordable, since when you order more than 20 products the prices drop even more than the unit price. The page also gives you discounts and vouchers, depending on your level of consumption.


For decades, Astor has been a leader in the cosmetics market, and has the great advantage that, despite its demand, it has excellent prices without neglecting its quality.

The Astor brand is well known in the world of cosmetics whose cheap products focus on nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeliners, makeup bases and mascaras.


For your skin care and your base makeup, we recommend that you try the Hean brand; It has an incredible oil-free and odorless pre-base, which will make your skin super nice and soft; It also has a prolonged effect throughout your day.

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In terms of eye shadow and facial bases, the Kiko Milano brand is one of the brands that usually has the best offers and although they are not the cheapest cosmetics, their price is affordable. Furthermore, the quality of all of them is amazing both in terms of results and duration. We recommend you buy Kiko Milano online. It has incredible products like compact powders with a matte finish and incredible lipsticks.

Possibly the highlight of this brand, along with the aforementioned and that stands out from the rest, is the price of the liquid lipsticks and compact powders. Especially in the Unlimited series, which can compete with top-quality products, but at a reduced price.

A drawback is the lack of variety in colors since the number is much smaller than in the case of other brands. However, it is another of the brands from which we can take the best and discard what does not interest us.


Essence is the brand or one of the cheapest brands currently available and the one with the largest repertoire of makeup. You could easily find it in any supermarket or pharmacy. If the price surprises you, there are more products they have for that price.

Find eye pencil, eyebrow mascara, compact powders, mascara, lipsticks, concealers, foundations, shadow palettes, etc. It is very common in this brand at very affordable prices. Their products are high quality, have bold colors, and are super cute. You’re going to love it!

Something that the brand has is that it comes in various formats such as spray, liquid, gel, etc. which is something very important. The price to pay for enjoying these prices is what causes their stock to run out very quickly and we are left without purchasing the product in question.

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Lola Makeup is a European makeup brand famous around the world for its beautiful range of eyeshadows, which are much more recommended than foundations.


Almay has been on the market for years, and is specifically dedicated to taking care of your skin with high standards in quality control and also at low prices. It specializes in hypoallergenic products designed with formulas according to your skin type so that it does not suffer or suffer negative effects.

The problem is that finding offers is somewhat complicated since they are almost always out of stock.


The good quality of the NYC brand is surprising because of its low cost and because you can find it in pharmacies. When it comes to eyebrow, eyelash, lip and nail makeup, the NYC brand is one of the most notable not only for offering high-quality products at low cost but also for having a wide variety of them. In addition, it has a lot of lines (series). A highly recommended product is the NYC eyebrow kit; It contains eyebrow powder, a setting wax and miniature tweezers with a small applicator brush; and even a super practical plastic lining.

It should be noted that not all of its cosmetics are cheap since it is a brand with high-end makeup. For this reason, it is important to know that the cheap series are NYC Quattro, Show Time, City Proof, Get it all or Big Blod.


It is an American brand, and is considered one of the most innovative brands on the market, with magnificent quality and affordable prices. Its line of highly pigmented superstay lipsticks stands out mainly with a duration that exceeds 16 hours, but it also does not leave behind its mascaras or high coverage bases. In addition to dark circle concealers, powder, eye pencil, eye shadow palette, etc.

The BB cream from this brand is an incredible product that serves as an anti-blemish balm. This product is literally a wonder, as it regenerates the skin and is used for acne scars and blemishes; It also includes sun protection.

The good thing about this brand is that it is continually creating and putting new cosmetic products on sale, so we will always find what we want at a more than reasonable price.

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LA Girl is one of the brands whose quantity and variety of cosmetics abound on the market. This brand stands out, especially for offering an unusual amount of lipsticks in both colors and different formats.

Their The Nudist line is one of my family’s favorite options when it comes to eyeshadow since it has a 9-color palette for a very good price. Another recommended product from the LA Girl brand is the Matte flat pigment gloss, a fabulous pigmentation lipstick that lasts on your lips for up to 7 hours, and also has a wide range of colors.


It is a Peruvian brand, distributed by magazines through consultancies in various Latin American countries. It is specially designed for a younger audience; Its line of lipsticks with incredible pigmentation and long duration stands out mainly. Like their new line of skin-first facial cleansers, with quality quite in line with their prices. Cyzone is one of the cutest and most accessible cosmetic brands you can find.


The NIX brand is one of the best that we can choose to adapt makeup to our skin type. Among its repertoire of products you can find everything: eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, brushes, blushes, eyeliner, mascara, makeup bases, concealer, illuminating and moisturizing cream, etc.

Each cosmetic you choose to buy can be purchased specifically for your skin. This makes it one of the most valued options currently by the majority of women who have tried these products.

In some Sephora stores we can find them and their products are not very expensive and are of very high quality, they specialize in matte lipsticks.

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It is a brand of Mexican origin, of good quality with affordable prices, palettes with good pigmentation, pretty packaging to look at and most importantly cruelty-free. Its pigmentation and shadow colors are very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes but at a lower price.


It is an American brand, which has recently become known internationally for its high quality and affordable prices. All their products are hypoallergenic and cruelty free. It stands out for its line of long-lasting lipsticks and good pigmentation, as well as for its long-lasting nail polishes. It is a brand that contains everything suitable to take care of your skin.


It is a brand of American origin, founded only in 2014 but achieving great fame in a short time. Its packaging with beautiful designs and great appeal stands out mainly. It has beautiful metallic lipsticks that are totally on trend.


It is a Californian brand, with approximately 40 years of experience, since its origins it has been a cruelty-free brand; With a good quality-price ratio, it has become one of the most famous low-cost brands on the international market, it has a wide catalog of colors, shadows with enviable quality, and lipsticks with an incredible but hydrating finish at the same time.


It is a brand of American origin, derived from the Sally Beauty brand that has many years of experience in beauty products; Therefore, it is a brand with great quality and really low prices that will surprise you.


It is a Chilean brand distributed by fashion stations to different countries, and has become quite well known lately for being a certified brand, but with very low prices; Like the previous one, it is not tested on animals, something very important for many. It contains a complete makeup line, mainly highlighting its highlighters with an excellent unicorn-style glow.


This popular brand has expensive but amazing quality products that are not suitable for all budgets. However, since they know that they are high, they have a wide range of cosmetics at very affordable prices, yes, in small quantities.

The makeup bases from the Miracle Touch series, Creme Puff (compact powder, Pan Stick or Lasting Performance are possibly their cheapest products. It is true that there are cheaper ones from other brands, but the result of these is much greater and they are usually used to all skin types.

It should be noted that the 2000 Calorie Dramatic series mascaras, the Radiant Lift corrective makeup or the various lipsticks and makeup brushes are other of their cosmetics that are worth buying.


This brand is a good option for shadows, which are one of the things we spend the most on since they regularly sell them in complete palettes and sometimes you may only end up using one or two. The incredible thing about Coastal Scents is that you build your palette, with the pots you want of the colors you like the most. It is convenient for you if you use your entire color palette, without having to buy more and waste.


It is a Mexican beauty brand that has a wide range of high-quality cosmetics at very affordable prices. Their eyeliner and lip pencils, blushes, and shadows stand out.


It is a brand that has become one of the favorites of beauty influencers and its Meet Matt(e) Nude and Meet Matt(e) Trimony shadow palettes have shades almost the same as Tarte’s. All this for a lower price and you can enjoy a similar result.

What did you think of this content? As you will see, there is a wide variety of brands that, although you have seen or heard about them, now know can help you look beautiful with how economical and accessible they are for our pockets and you will see that you do not need thousands of pesos to achieve it. With these cosmetics, you can save a lot of money and create spectacular makeup looks. Do you want to try?

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