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Many times we have heard it said that it is very flattering to have a closet with several neutral-colored clothes since this means that most of the clothes you have combine with each other and with other bright colors and therefore the clothes are versatile and profitable. It is not like this?

And in reality it is interesting to have a wardrobe with these characteristics, but when it comes down to it, perhaps for fear of making a mistake, for lack of time or simply for comfort, many women do not leave the “comfort zone” with respect to color. and they practically always use the colors that go well no matter how you combine them and those are the neutral colors.

However, dressing only in neutral colors gives you an unpersonalized, sober, serious, boring appearance and even makes you look older. But without a doubt, neutral colors are what we recommend for the professional image because of the seriousness they give.

That is why in this post I want to teach you how to combine other colors (red, pink, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange…) without fear that you can wear in your daily style and dare to use them and mix them together with neutral colors , which will make you make a difference and will make you gain style, joviality, elegance and personality.

So be sure to take note and use neutral colors in your clothes so that with that basis you can learn to combine colors to update and personalize your image.

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What are Neutral Colors?

Neutral colors are those that combine with each other and with all other colors. That’s why they are basic or wildcard colors that we all use a lot.

Buying basic pieces in neutral tones is a success because they do not go out of style and will never be left over in the closet. For example, an extra-long beige cashmere coat is a safe investment that will pay off over the years.

1. The black

It is true that black gives us a glamorous, chic and elegant look. In addition, it helps refine our silhouette, because black is slimming. But, you should not abuse black, even if it is one of your favorites because it will make you look dull. Remember to favor quality for your black basics! Because if you use low quality black pieces, it can age very poorly and tarnish.

Good black pieces to have:

a jean,

a dress,

a fluid blouse,

a pair of ankle boots or heels,

a tight t-shirt.

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What color communicates:

Black is a color that provides distinction and elegance. But be careful, black, due to its impenetrable and mysterious appearance, will tend to hide you and put a certain distance between you and others.

2. Beige

Beige or cream color is very flattering for all skin tones. Pink tones are best for brunettes, while redheads and blondes will have to go with sandier tones. Beige, unlike white, is easy to wear and is easy to combine with other colors.

Good beige pieces to have:

a cashmere sweater,

a flowy blouse or shirt,

a raincoat

What this color communicates:

Beige represents sweetness and makes you natural and subtle.

3. The gray

Gray is also a neutral or basic color that comes in various shades, from dark gray to heather gray. It is easy to mix with its different shades or with other colors, such as bright colors. Gray will also bring more light to your black suits.

Good gray pieces to have:

a cardigan,

a simple V-neck or round neck t-shirt, made of cotton.

What is communicated with color:

Gray is neutral chic and sophisticated. It represents calm and relieves.

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4. Navy blue

Navy blue is also one of the basic colors that replaces black in a very elegant way. You can combine it with bright colors like red or camel, pastel colors and all dark tones.

Good pieces to have in navy blue:

some dark jeans,

a jacket or a blazer,

a knitted sweater.

5. Light or camel coffee

It is a good idea to choose shades like camel instead of dark brown. Camel is easier to combine. It is very difficult to wear dark brown with black. Camel is lighter than brown and can be easily mixed with all the basic colors we saw.

Good camel pieces to have:

some leather or suede accessories such as shoes, bags and belts,

some fluid tops.

What is communicated is the color:

The cafe is warm and welcoming. Promotes communication with others.

Rules for Combining Neutral Colors with other colors

If you still don’t dare to use colors very much and you don’t feel very confident about them, here are 5 rules to add color to your outfits in a very easy and simple way.

Combine 1 neutral color or 2

We can wear a single neutral color, or two, this is usually the most common. But in both cases they are serious or boring or not very personal combinations. Dressing all in black, or gray and white, is not a bad combination, but it can be unoriginal.

Combining them together will help you achieve an impeccable total look. If you dare, you can play with several more neutral colors and include them in shoes and accessories.

Combine 1 neutral color + 1 striking color

Go for a color, such as orange, blue or red, and associate it with a neutral tone. Beige is a great shade to pair with a bright color. It may be interesting to continue in the same range of colors as your accessories, but not the same tone. For example, if you use a light blue piece, mix it with a navy blue piece.

Combine 1 neutral color + 2 striking colors

This rule allows us to create a modern, elegant style with a pleasant visual effect. Start with a neutral tone and add touches of color.

Combine 2 neutral colors + 1 striking color

This is the perfect formula to start introducing color into your looks and achieve balance. A few small touches with other colors can liven up the look without losing the main harmony.

As you see in the image below, choosing two neutral colors (black and white) and adding a color (mustard yellow) makes the result full of personality, giving you a more current and cheerful image.

Combine 3 neutral colors + 2 bright colors

It’s not about suddenly having a lot of colors. It is as bad to have few colors in your closet as it is to have endless ones.

A good measure to start is to have the closet with 5 colors. 3 of them neutral colors that make you look best and 2 bright colors that you like the most and make you feel the best. Try to match the 5 colors with each other. This is the key to making your wardrobe versatile and profitable and, above all, being able to dress in a thousand ways.

To choose those striking colors, image consultants and personal shoppers can guide you by performing a color analysis to find out the color harmonies that best suit you.

If you are going to start introducing a new color to your wardrobe that you liked, you can start using it in an accessory where you feel most comfortable (shoes, bags, necklaces, scarves). It is a very good idea to start getting familiar with the color and you will see how you end up finally introducing a garment.

Here I leave you several proposals for palettes of 5 colors that all combine with each other, both two by two and three by three and that are always in fashion.

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Combination of dark colors at the bottom and brighter colors at the top

This rule allows you to lengthen the silhouette and provide all the benefits of color where you need it, that is, on the face! A red t-shirt or blouse with dark jeans always works. On the contrary, as an example, if you wear a navy blue blouse and red jeans, you lose the elongated effect, and you don’t enjoy the shine that the color brings to your face!

Layering color combinations

Start from a lighter base to finish in a darker layer. In this way, the suit is harmonized and creates a visual balance. You can wear, for example, a white shirt with a red blazer to finish with a beige trench coat.

Complement your outfits with Neutral Colors with a red accessory

If you like red and don’t know how to use it, go for an accessory in this tone. This color is very versatile, it combines with almost everything. A beautiful pair of red shoes will go perfectly with your black dress or jeans. In the same way, a red bracelet or a red bag goes well with any color. You can add a touch of red lipstick to harmonize everything.

I hope that with these combinations that I have shared with you, you can be inspired when it comes to going to your closet and looking at the predominant colors that you have, both in neutrals and in striking colors that are present in 5 garments and accessories to see the result. Remember that it is very important to take into account what you have, your tastes and your creativity to achieve fabulous and super original combinations.

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