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Maintaining radiant and healthy hair requires a lot of care and giving up beauty practices that many women resist because they cannot find a way to make their hair look beautiful and the world is closed to them.

We know that wavy or curly hair is one of the most striking to have when it is straight, and even more so in summer, which is why many women have to go to some procedures where the high temperature can damage the hair, causing a dry appearance. and brittle.

Lately, infinite types of hairstyles have been seen to make our hair look spectacular, some very easy and stylish with which girls tie their hair up, but we have also been able to learn the tricks that some girls have been able to share to curl their hair without Use neither iron nor curling iron, tools that damage our hair in the long term. Great!

Now I will give you some ideas without having to use an iron or curling iron and put your styling skills to the test. The plus? You won’t mistreat your hair! Did you know..? According to a study done by Sally Beauty, 80% of women cannot live without their dryer/iron/curling iron.

Perfect waves and curls, yes! Burnt and damaged hair, no!

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With ponytails

Create waves with your hair in just five minutes. First, detangle your hair to apply a little styling cream or mousse to mark the waves. Then, gather your hair in one or more pigtails, rolling strand by strand and securing them with a hair clip.

All your hair should be wrapped around the ponytail. For this technique to work, you must leave it like this for a couple of hours or overnight, to get better waves. You can shape the curls with your hands to create a more natural effect and you just have to spray a little hairspray on the result.

Wear a headband

To get perfect waves with this trick you need a thick headband or band and some barrettes or hairpins. Add a little styling cream for curls or waves and dry brush your hair.

Place your headband in a bohemian or hippie style. Next, wrap a lock of your hair around the band until all the ends are inside the elastic. Secure the ends with the pins.

You can keep the hairstyle for around 3 hours or even go to sleep to have more tousled and wavy hair. Release your hair and style as usual. The results will surprise you. You can set your waves with a little spray or silk to seal the ends.

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With clips or pins

Hair pins or barrettes are not only used to hide strands and hair when you despair of them falling on your face. Using them will help you get incredible water waves.

First, separate your hair into sections. For each strand, apply a little mousse or gel starting 2.5 centimeters below the roots and pull towards the ends, to further define the waves.

Use a comb to distribute the product well and roll with your fingers from the base of the hair to the ends. Take sections of hair and wrap them around your index finger. Since you have everything in a roll, secure it with a pin. Add a little spray to prevent unruly or frizzy hair from appearing.

You must do the procedure with all your hair. It may take a little time, but the result will be worth it.

Once your hair is dry, when removing, remove the pins and wrap a strand of hair around two fingers to create the initial curl and with the help of your fingers loosen and shape each curler.

With pieces of cloth

This is one of our grandmothers’ tricks that allowed them to show off beautiful curls without having to use any heat tools. In addition to being great, it will not damage your hair.

All you have to do is cut strips of thin fabric, for example from a cotton t-shirt that you no longer need, and wrap strands of hair around them. You take a strand and position it in the middle of the strip, then you begin to roll upwards and when you reach the scalp, you join the ends of the strip with a bun. You leave it overnight and to remove them, do so carefully and brush with your hands as usual, so that your hair takes on a wavy effect, without having to go through a heat procedure.

This remedy is great, as the fabric absorbs moisture from the hair and gives it a defined shape.

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Two-strand braids that wave all your hair

Divide your hair into two sections and braid each of them with a two-strand root braid instead of three. Secure each strand with a rubber band. When you finish, make a kind of updo and secure them to your head with bobby pins. The next day, untangle the curls with the help of your fingers or a brush because the shape is more beautiful. This way you will get a hairstyle with extra volume and without damage to your hair. Spray hairspray so that the look remains intact for a long time.

Braids throughout the hair

Whatever your hair, if you want more defined waves, you can achieve it by applying the traditional braid trick. Weave all your hair into braids and go to sleep, in the morning just undo the braids and comb to give more volume as desired. The number of braids and the size will depend on the shape you want to give your hair. You can apply some fixative or product to make them last longer.


Tubes come in many sizes, shapes, and materials, from plastic to foam. The width of the tube will determine how defined or relaxed your waves will look. Before winding your hair in sections into the tubes, apply a little mousse, gel, volumizing spray or styling cream to your hair to ensure a longer-lasting hold.

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They are flexible foam tubes of different thicknesses, with a wire in the middle to give greater flexibility. They can be used to create everything from tight curls to loose waves, depending on the flexirod size you choose.

They are especially good for those of us whose waves and curls last five minutes using other methods.

Before winding your hair in sections on the curlers, apply a little mousse, gel, volumizing spray or styling cream to your hair to ensure a longer-lasting hold. The more moisture the hair has, the easier it is to perform this trick, and the more nerve and durability the curl will have.

The key is to roll the curlers all the way to the roots for tight curls or just roll the hair around vertically to create corkscrew waves.

This technique and the previous one is perhaps one of the most popular and common tricks to achieve impact waves.

High bun

With a hair donut, wrap your hair like when you make a bun. She reinforces it with a few snaps and lets it sit overnight or a couple of hours. Remove the donut and arrange the waves as you see fit. Don’t forget to apply a little fixative. What should not be missing in a bohemian look

What did you think of these techniques? Now you are ready to show off your hair full of waves and at the same time you will take care of its health and shine. Let’s do it!

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