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Street style is a trend when it comes to fashion. It puts all the focus on the clothes we wear regularly every day, and is rooted in urban culture and the diversity of the people who live in the city.

Unlike fashion as we know it, this style is not defined by designers, but by the users themselves. Through the clothes they wear, people express themselves individually and show their own personality.

Street style began to gain fame in the 1950s on the streets of New York, at a time when youth culture was at its peak. It was then that young people began to dress differently than they did before, and clothing became a form of rebellion and expression towards a society with which they did not agree.

Since then, the style has evolved and spread throughout the world. Today, its many styles can be found in any city in the world, and are a source of inspiration for fashion designers and clothing brands.

Additionally, street style has had a significant impact on the fashion world in general. Designers and clothing brands are now paying more attention to street fashion to better understand current trends, and to provide inspiration for their collections.

This exchange of influences has also made users and designers collaborate more and better. Thus, many designers work with influencers and bloggers to create clothing collections that reflect the style and personality of the users.

Street style, on the other hand, also has an impact on the sustainable fashion industry. And second-hand and vintage clothing have been an integral part since its beginnings.

street style

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Street style in 2023

Still, in 2023, street style continues to be a very important trend that is very present in our society. Thus, young people continue to show their individuality through clothing, and urban style is a good way to do it.

Of course, in recent times it has evolved. With the arrival of social networks, street style has become more than just a way of dressing; It is a way to show the world what you are and what you like.

Influencers and bloggers use social networks to show their outfits, which has attracted more attention than ever to this style. Now, designers and brands look to streetwear for their creations.

Furthermore, street style has evolved towards sustainability and ethical fashion, as more and more young people are looking for brands and clothing that respect the environment and human rights. Urban fashion has also merged with other styles, such as vintage, grunge and punk, creating new trends that are very popular among young people.

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Urban style

We can say that urban style is a subtype of street style. This has become an elemental part of urban culture and has influenced fashion in general.

If the urban style is characterized by something, it is its comfort and functionality. The clothing is somewhat more casual and for daily use, with darker color palettes and predominance of black and gray colors.

The key elements of urban style are sneakers, wide-leg pants and leather jackets. Although what has really made this style most popular is hip hop and skateboarding, today it is used by young people all over the world.

Other accessories that you can also find in this style are caps, hats, sunglasses and backpacks. These elements are combined with loose garments and details such as patches, prints and embroidery. In addition, the use of materials such as denim, leather and cotton are frequent.

As for women’s fashion, urban style has adapted to current trends, including short skirts and dresses, as well as tight-fitting and sports clothing. Women have also adopted sports shoes as a fundamental part of this style.

street style

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Street outfits

Street outfits are an important part of street style. And these models are designed with a single objective in mind: to make them usable daily as they are very comfortable and informal.

Some items of clothing that can be included within this subgroup are, for example, t-shirts, jeans or sneakers . In addition, caps and sunglasses are also fundamental elements of these outfits. The most important thing of all is that they are comfortable and that they reflect your personality.

We have seen in recent years that these outfits have become very popular thanks to their appearance on social networks. In this sense, influencers and bloggers show them every day on Instagram, and this has caused their popularity to skyrocket.

There is something very positive about these street outfits, and that is that they are very “easy” to wear. They can be worn by anyone regardless of gender, age or style. It is, without a doubt, an inclusive fashion that celebrates individuality and also diversity

On the other hand, the combinations we are referring to in this article can be adapted to almost any occasion. If you use them, for example, with more formal accessories, they can also be worn for a more informal work meeting.

To conclude, we can say, broadly speaking, that street style is a fashion trend that has its roots in urban culture and the individual expression of each person. Although it was born some time ago, we see how it is still in fashion today thanks to the boost it has received on social networks from bloggers and influencers. 

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