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Having a date is always an important moment for us. How to dress for a date? That is the question that many teenagers, girls and even women continue to ask themselves when they have a first love date on their agenda, since it is not easy to know what clothing is most appropriate to meet a man on a date.

Regardless of whether you have more or less experience in the field of love and going on dates with that man, a date ( especially if it is your first date with that boy !) is a cause for joy and nerves. Learning to choose the right clothes in each situation is useful in order to reduce those butterflies in your stomach a little and go to the appointment more safely, so in this article we will give you some interesting advice and tips so that you know how to dress for a date. date and to be in the company of a man. These recommendations will help you discover the different ways to dress for a date, but remember that common sense should prevail over any of them. Never stop being yourself! With your common sense and the advice we give you, the success of your date and its man is assured.

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How to dress for a date of any kind

What do I wear

There are infinite types of dates, and today you can meet a boy or man to carry out all kinds of activities. Although it is important to know how to dress for a date of any style, first of all it is a good idea to be clear about some basic concepts about dating with men.

First of all, dressing for a romantic date implies a moment of happiness and positivity for both you and the boy, so on your date try to avoid colors that are too dull or neutral: dressing entirely in blacks, grays and whites should be reserved for very formal meetings. Generally, the color red is the big winner when dressing for a date of this type, since it is an intense color that will convey desire and passion to your partner. On the other hand, when going out in the company of a boy on a date, it is recommended to have some type of hair arrangement: it does not need to be anything excessively complex, but it should not look like you have styled your hair in the same way for a date. than to meet your friends or go out shopping. Be creative!

Finally, you should know that many girls like to dress with heels on these occasions, but… How to dress when it comes to footwear? It is not essential to wear heels and it will depend on your height, but if you are short it will help you look better and be closer to your boy’s face. Nowadays, you can also wear heels of different heights, and they sell some very low ones that will enhance your body without causing foot pain.

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Adapt to each type of appointment

Basic advice on how to dress for a romantic date can vary and expand depending on the type of date you are going on. The most complicated are, without a doubt, blind dates, since in them you are going to meet for the first time with someone you don’t know what they are like. On blind dates the best option is to dress according to the place where you have met: choose something informal and simple if you are going to the cinema (casual style), for example, and also pay attention to the chosen movie. If you have chosen to go to a youth movie theater, expect that the meeting will also have a more relaxed and youthful character.

happy date

Another type of complex dates are those that take place between teenagers, with an ex or with a friend. In all three cases, it is recommended not to be overdressed so as not to convey false expectations, especially if it is a friend who does not know you well or if you are interested in things remaining more or less stable with an ex. Most couples arise from a friend who ends up being your boyfriend, but this process requires time and talking things through well. If at the time of your first date, you still consider him a friend, dress naturally and follow the style in which he is used to seeing you.

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What do I wear if it’s summer?

Date on the beach

How to dress at one time or another of the year? Summer opens up many possibilities when it comes to dressing for a date. Your boy will love seeing you in a loose, light dress, or with a tight-fitting tank top and legging-style jeans, which are usually elastic and very comfortable. If I am chubby, and I have doubts about how to dress on these occasions, I will definitely opt for the loose option, since on a first date you should not worry about whether what you are wearing is tight or bothersome. What do I wear to go out, then? The most important thing to keep in mind if I am chubby is that this is not an impediment to dressing well and looking pretty.

How to dress if I’m cold? If you are cold and you are going to walk with the boy in an open space, such as a park or the beach, when you start planning how you are going to dress for the date, remember to include some type of thin jacket in your wardrobe to make sure you don’t get cold. In summer the temperature changes a lot depending on whether it is in the afternoon or at night, and, if we are cold, we will no longer be comfortable with the situation and sometimes we will even want to return home, so it is better to be proactive and not ruin the quote for this nonsense.

To tour the park in the afternoon, for example, you can add a modern fringed vest to your way of dressing; To spend the night on the beach, however, it is possible to dress in a cardigan that is soft to the touch and a little warmer.

What do I wear if it’s winter?

Winter is also an ideal time to go on a date with that guy. How do I dress to go out on a date during these months? At this time, it is a little more complicated for me to get dressed and decide what to wear, since the clothes in our closet are usually more limited, darker colors and, in some cases, more focused on sweatshirts and comfortable clothes than on clothing. dress clothes. However, we recommend that in winter you do not reject the possibility of going out on a date with a very pretty dress: get one made of thick or knitted fabric, an option that is very fashionable, and complement it with some good black or transparent tights.

Couple walking in winter

But remember the rule of how to dress to see your boyfriend when it comes to colors: avoid wearing muted or neutral tones in all cases where it is an informal date. Going to the movies in a beautiful long black dress may impress a man, but the boy is probably wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt and that makes you feel uncomfortable and out of place.

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How to put on makeup for a date with a guy

Now that we know a little more about how you should dress to go out on a date with a boy and conquer a man, we are going to give you some tips on how to put on your makeup. Along with the concern of how to dress to go out on a first date, there is the question of how to put on makeup. Makeup is something very personal that each girl or woman adapts to her own style and way of being, but above all this, you must take into account this premise, which will serve you both for a date with a boy and for your daily life.: less is more!

It is common to see how teenagers who go on a first love date or who meet a boy for the first time tend to put on too much makeup, with the false belief that this will make them look more adult or attractive in front of the boy. And the truth is that it is quite the opposite, men prefer that we appear to them naturally, so focus on giving some color to your eyes and cheeks. For an informal date at the cinema, it may be enough to mark the lower line of your eyes with a black pencil and apply a foundation to your face, which will unify the tone of your face and cover small imperfections and pimples, even the time the boy will hardly notice that you are wearing anything. For something more formal or for a night out with a man, it is great to add some shimmer powder to your cheeks, which will highlight them and make them more appealing to the boy’s eyes.

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