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A formal lunch, a picnic lunch, a work or Christmas lunch… The answer to the question “How do I dress for lunch?” depends on multiple variables. In any case, when deciding how to dress for a lunch you must be clear about an important but obvious detail: the event will be held at noon, so it is a good idea to banish long dresses, sequins and daring miniskirts.

From there, to be right when choosing how to dress, you have to take into account whether the meal will be outdoors or indoors, for example, but especially if we are talking about a formal lunch, a lunch with my boyfriend. and my friends, a gala lunch or a birthday celebration.

So, how to dress in each of these cases? Here are some simple guidelines.

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How do I dress for a fancy lunch?

The good thing about etiquette is that it matters little whether the event in question is held in summer or winter except for small details such as the fabric of the male suit or the length of the sleeves of the female model. And, if the lunch is held indoors, whether in a restaurant, a farm or a hotel, the best looks for the guests are based on light or medium-grade models, dressed if necessary with a coat. cloth for the journey (always straight and buttoned, formal in appearance).

Two-piece set

Any specific suggestions on what to wear or how to dress in this case? If you are a woman, opt for a two-piece set that includes some fantasy or cheerful details. It is best to choose classic lines, even vaporous, and play with color: grass green and violet, for example, are tones that can be very elegant and never boring, perfect for attending a graduation as a guest. If you are a man, the suit jacket is essential. How about a monochromatic model enhanced with a printed tie that stands out?

A perfect idea if you go as a couple is to coordinate the models, something in very good taste if you are invited to a wedding or a First Communion, or even if you celebrate your anniversary; For example, if she is wearing a black dress (yes, it goes for everything) and he is wearing an impeccable pearl gray suit, how about red for the woman’s shoes and the man’s tie (plain and of good quality)? You will be the perfect marriage!

What to wear to a working lunch

A fancy lunch or meal is not always a festive event. So what to wear? If it is a work date or a company celebration, the answer to “how to dress well” involves giving extra sobriety to the chosen look. For them, simple makeup in neutral tones is essential as a complement to an executive style made up of basic garments, such as a pencil skirt or straight black pants with a drape. They must forget any point of extravagance: if the look is monochrome (like the one proposed above), the tie can contrast in color, but it must be plain. And how to dress should never overshadow the content of a work talk: let them focus on your ideas, not on your flashy clothes.

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What to wear to a casual lunch

At a family lunch or with work friends, practically everything is allowed, from the most versatile jeans and casual dresses to clean-line suits. It all depends on your tastes and personality, although it is always advisable to follow a few small guidelines, if not of protocol, then of style. So what do I wear?

The first thing you have to do is banish any clothing or accessory that is too formal. So, out with formal dresses, men’s blazers and suits. If you are a woman, go big on one piece of clothing: palazzo pants in a bold color will be perfect for a New Year’s Eve lunch with friends, while a knee-length printed dress will cause a sensation at a birthday meal. This last garment is also very appropriate for celebrations on the beach, where lengths are also allowed in the form of dresses and airy skirts, always in white or aquatic tones.

Palazzo pants for lunch

And keep an important detail in mind: if it is an informal lunch or camaraderie on a farm or a picnic, take risks with your footwear. What do you think of some espadrilles for the summer and some shearling boots for the winter? Although they are accessories that you would never wear for a serious business meeting or a Christmas celebration, they provide a happy touch that is perfect for events where camaraderie reigns.

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How to dress: men

What do I wear if I am a man and I am invited to lunch at a farm, in the countryside or at a club? First of all, away from the ties and, of course, the bow ties: striped shirts, polos or discreet t-shirts with good pants are a good option for informal lunches or even for a semi-formal date in which personal issues will not be discussed. labor.

Likewise, discreet sneakers are allowed at a casual meal, especially if it is a picnic one.

Sneakers with jacket

There are those who would banish sneakers as part of the clothing to go to a Christmas lunch. However, we disagree: the Christmas look (and all of them, really) can fit perfectly with well-matched sneakers.

As you see, not everything is black or white, there are many answers to the question of how I should dress for lunch, be it a casual or elegant meal. Use these simple tips and combine them with your own style. You will be sure to get it right!

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