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Are you a fan of having impeccable nails? Well-groomed nails are a symbol of beauty and femininity for women. But sometimes, whether due to time, money or any other reason, there will be times when you cannot go to the nail salon where they always leave your nails perfect and whose polish can last for days and your nails look intact.

Do you know how to make your manicure at home look intact for days and not suffer because you know that in a few hours the polish can disappear little by little?

It is clear that no matter how hard we try and follow the required steps carefully, we may not be able to achieve the same results at home as when we go to a professional. However, I think it doesn’t hurt to know some little tricks so that our Polish lasts impeccably for much longer and makes our manicure look more professional.

A very important TIP to take care of your favorite nail polishes is to store them in a cool place (believe it or not, the refrigerator is the best place to do it), this prevents them from drying inside the bottle and the polish lasts longer.

Now, discover that the secret is not only in the way we apply the paint, but also in the care we give it. Take note!

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1. Clean and moisturize nails well

It is important that before thinking about painting your nails, they are perfectly clean. Make sure to remove any remaining polish with a cotton ball moistened with a little acetone. Even if you don’t have them painted, it is important that you follow this step as it will help you remove dust and grease from the surface.

Then wash your hands with soap and rinse them. We recommend you exfoliate with a natural or commercially available product.

Next is hydration. Carefully give yourself a small massage on each finger, especially in the nail area, with olive, almond, avocado, grape or jojoba oil for a few minutes before proceeding with the manicure.

You can also use a moisturizing cream, preferably for nails and cuticles. You can repeat this step frequently during the week. Using vitamin E will also help keep your cuticles hydrated and prevent your enamel from cracking.

2. Two days of rest

If you want your manicure to last longer, spend at least two days without any color on your nails. Being in the air, the nail becomes more porous, and that makes the polish you apply next grip much more than if you remove one color to put another.

3. Adhesive tape

This is a step that not everyone knows how to do correctly. The filing The nail is filed starting with the free edge and then the sides. It is important that the filing is done only in one direction and after filing, we polish the nail to close the pore that has been opened with the file, in this way we will avoid breaking the nail or chipping the polish.

Filing the edges will not leave any flakes that could make the polish come off more easily and cause your nail to break.

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4. Remove impurities from the nail before polishing it

Impurities and product remains, such as moisturizing creams or oils, cause the polish to not adhere well to the nail, so if before painting them you wipe them with a cotton ball with alcohol, they will be perfectly prepared to apply the color.

5. Apple cider vinegar

​It is a great alternative if you don’t have alcohol or disinfectant at home. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, wipe it over your nails and wait for it to dry on its own. You will have removed the impurities and left the nail ready to polish it.

This will cause the polish you apply later to adhere to your nails and not to the natural oils on their surface. Another trick before applying the polish is to wet your hands in warm soapy water and rub your nails with a cloth.

6. Strengthening foundation

After having cleaned and hydrated your nails, it is important that you apply the base before your favorite nail polish, especially in the case of soft nails it is important to give them extra hardness so that the nail does not bend and the polish does not chip off.

Choose one that is strengthening, with vitamins and transparent. This product protects the nails and promotes their growth, which also prolongs the life of the polish, as it allows it to adhere better. Matte foundations, which have a slightly rougher texture, also improve adhesion.

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7. No expired nail polish

Like everything in this life, there is a validity for nail polishes. Expired or very old polishes lose properties, and their formula becomes much denser and thicker, also reducing the duration of the nail polish. Discard products in poor condition and use only nail polishes in good condition.

8. Apply thin layers of nail polish

Something important that you MUST do before applying the polishes, rub the nail polish bottle before applying it, to warm it with your palms and make it apply easier. NEVER shake it! Since by doing so, air bubbles are generated in the paint and the application on your nails is complicated.

When the time comes to apply the color, it is always necessary to apply more than one layer so that it has the necessary intensity. However, these layers must be thin so that they adhere better to the nail and not very thick, because the more we apply the polish, the faster it ends up coming off, the longer it will take to dry and we will undoubtedly ruin our polish when sleeping or doing anything. activity, even if several hours have passed since we applied it.

To apply it correctly we must start near the root, from the center of the nail to the tip and then the sides, avoiding going over the same area several times. Better to apply a thin layer and then repeat the process, when the first layer is dry. The enamel will remain more flexible. With the last layer, it is advisable to also pass the brush along the edges of the nails because they are the first to be removed, to seal them and at the same time create perfect coverage. You can use long-lasting nail polishes to make the result even longer lasting.

It is important that between coats you let it dry COMPLETELY for at least ten minutes and apply a second coat. If the layers are thick, bubbles will probably appear and the paint will take longer to dry.

Additional tip: To make your polish last longer, apply a SUPER thin layer every day, this way you will keep them fixed for longer.

9. Quick-drying top coat

One of the phases where there is the greatest risk of ruining your manicure is during the drying process. When we think they are already dry, oh no! Damaged nails. After painting your nails, next apply a generous coat of quick-drying top coat. It is important to then apply this sealing gloss that will prolong your manicure and will precisely help prevent us from ruining our manicure after a few minutes due to not having enough patience to resume our normal activity.

Then when it has dried, also immerse your hands in cold water for a few minutes. Also apply moisturizer to your hands, including your nails, every day.

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10. Apply Top coat after two days

Maintenance is essential. You should take care of your nails not only after the manicure but all the time. Two days after painting your nails, apply a new layer of a transparent top coat to revive the color intensity and improve its durability.

11. Use gloves to clean

No matter how much you resist having to wash clothes or clean the house, sooner or later you will have to do it, and to do so, it is best to use gloves to protect your hands and nails from cleaning products if you want your polish to last much longer.

By following these basic tricks you will see how your nails will be groomed for longer when you can’t go to the nail salon or when money is the problem. I think these tricks to make the polish last longer are very simple and do not cost anything to do them every time you do a manicure and paint your nails. So if you are missing any of the products I mentioned to clean, moisturize and/or paint your nails, get them as soon as possible so you can enjoy the result of having more beautiful nails for longer. What tricks do you use to make your manicure last longer?

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