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Europe is the continent to be a model. Fashion, prestige and the best catwalks predominate. In this 21st century, the fashion industry has grown exponentially and with it, some stereotypes of models have also changed, as has their education. A clear example is the Madrid Model School with Fama Academy, which trains professional and comprehensive models. Many women no longer have to meet the same standards as before, as long as they continue to be aligned with elegance and exclusivity. Being a model is a real job, but not everyone manages to stand out. Do you want to be recognized in Europe? Continue reading with us.

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How can I learn to be a model?

The versatility of modeling is what makes it such a sought-after career in this decade. Belonging here is not just walking on a catwalk, it is transmitting emotions and feelings, and it means being able to show what people cannot see with the naked eye. Living in this world means that everyone can become whatever they want, even in the event hostess course in Madrid you learn to be a model, because Fama Academy understands that everything is integrated. 

Continuous training in modeling is essential and is much more complex than expected. There are modeling styles, according to the country, continent, clothing and context. Modeling for Victoria’s Secret is not the same as modeling for Gucci or Prada. Everything has its style, characteristics and the models that predominate in each of these brands, it is because they have understood what their essence is and know how to transmit it to their target audience.

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Among the most sought-after models in the world are Bella Hadid, her sister Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and, at the time, Naomi Campbell. All of them, are professionals in their respective areas. A very famous and also European model is Barbara Palvin. They stand out for their way of adapting, being versatile and integral, essential characteristics of anyone. Do you want to know in detail those tricks that will help you stand out from the rest? In addition to continuing to train, enroll in an academy and maintain constant practice, there are certain characteristics that you cannot leave aside, here we mention them:

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Characteristics of a good model in the whole world

There are predominant characteristics that you should have regardless of where you are in the world, among them are:

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  1. Charisma and personality: the ability to convey emotions through your face is everything. Anger, joy or sadness. Being introverted is not a good characteristic, quite the opposite, learning to be extroverted in front of the cameras, not being afraid to show yourself or being predominant. This allows the true personality to show.
  2. Take care of your health: Not only in terms of weight but also in general health. You have to take good care of your facial skin, stay in shape and also have healthy skin. Any aspect that may be wrong in terms of health can ultimately be reflected in the body. Therefore, a model must remain concerned about what she eats, what she rests and how she trains, everything is interdependent and therefore, if she lives off her body, she must take care of it very well.
  3. Understand how the industry moves: a model needs an academy that supports her in training, a manager and a portfolio that speaks for itself. It is not enough to go to a casting, she must understand how the industry moves and what each step she is taking means and why. In this way, they will not only see her as a model, but as a professional in her field.
  4. She has good time management: being able to maintain a wide variety of contracts and being available for different events makes her a versatile and diverse model. Able, not only to adapt, but to organize. Therefore, it is also necessary to show that she is good at planning her time and finances because it will be very reflected in the way she works with each person.
  5. It is in constant training: it is not only modeling, you can also learn about fashion, makeup and even languages. Modeling itself is a career, but the added value of knowledge it can add is very well perceived by many brands in the industry. 

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How to become a competitive model in Europe?

Although having a support team that encourages each model to work and position themselves, the final work is done by each of them. As mentioned previously in the characteristics, it must be recognized that Europe is a very competitive continent like the United States, in order to stand out as a model. There are the best fashion houses, which are willing to find the ideal image for their products and catalogs.

Given this, it is important to recognize that personality is everything, the security and confidence of a model in front of the cameras is what captivates viewers. Also, interacting with fashion houses and seeking to know everything about them can awaken an interest in them, to see a woman who wants to go beyond walking down the catwalk in her catalog. Now, in the 21st century, social networks are booming, the more followers you have, the more you can become a much more sought-after model than others. 


A clear example of this is the influencers, many of them were not models but they became models due to their great reach. What they model will be bought by many of their followers. Now the competition is not just in how you walk, but how the entire world perceives you.

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Being a model has never been easy, even though in past decades it has been considered an unprofessional career. Right now, almost all industries live through the work that models do and without a doubt, the world of fashion is one of the best paid. Do you want to become a professional model in Europe? We hope this article has helped you, leave your opinion in the comments.

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