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Fashion shows are an industry sensation. These are the space to show the creativity, beauty and trends of the moment, as well as the space where many models from around the world want to be. The best brands are the guests, the best models are the ones who have the privilege of wearing their clothes, but it is the most sophisticated and elegant people who come to see each one of them. Fashion is having class, glamor and good taste, which is why not just any fashion show becomes the best in the world. Do you want to know which are the most sought-after fashion shows in the world? Here we show them to you.

How do you determine which Fashion Shows are the best?

Just as the world has its capitals and countries where there is the best food, there are also places where the best fashion shows are found. Much of this is determined by where the best brands, photographers and designers are located. Among them are Paris or New York, two iconic fashion places and it is a secret to no one, the most important fashion shows take place there. Victoria’s Secret even has a whole building for themselves in New York, the city of dreams. 

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The events of each fashion show do not happen on a single day or once a year, the brands join forces to establish dates and schedules and everything is consistent because there are even models that are protagonists in more than one of them. The fashion shows, according to their prestige and participation of designers and brands, last about a week. For this reason, in no specific order, these are the 5 best fashion shows in the world:

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New York Fashion Week

We have mentioned it before, New York is considered by many to be one of the most iconic capital cities in fashion. This fashion week in New York was held for the first time in 1943, even the Second World War had not yet ended, but this is the reason why it was held here: because of the war the brands could not travel to Paris! 

Although there was not yet a fashion week in Paris, some brand shows were already being held. Even so, this caused the first fashion week in the world to be held in New York. An iconic moment that makes it a reference for fashion shows everywhere, since only the most relevant designers and the best models come there, due to its exclusivity. The most frequent designers every year are Carolina Herrera, Tomy Hilfiger and Oscar de la Renta; Likewise, well-known people from the music and film industries such as Zendaya or Miley Cyrus model. 


Milan Fashion Week

Italians have great taste and glamor when it comes to fashion. Haute couture has many Italian designers such as Versace, Gucci and Armani, sought-after brands worthy of admiration. Not only can you find their great designs here, but these are the type of brands that generate new trends every season and every year. It’s like a domino effect, whatever the Italian brands say will be used, it will be, from colors, models, styles and shapes. 


Milan is one of the most important fashion shows in the world because they are the ones who create new concepts and are the most innovative. The great houses from all countries compete to be alongside the great designers, as it is a unique parade that has great relevance. Many of the designs featured here are worn by artists and celebrities at award shows, charity events, and even exclusive and expensive parties. One of the models that has stood out the most on these fashion shows was Naomi Campbell, who in 1991 left a dream fashion show and is a reference in the world of fashion. 

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Paris Fashion Week

It is no secret that Paris, the city of love, is also the city of good food and good taste in fashion. This is a truly iconic event, since since 1973 it has been held at the Palace of Versailles, which has great meaning in French history. Through the Fashion Week held in these spaces, a high amount of fundraising was achieved that allowed its restoration. 


This week, there are also very big European brands, such as God, Givenchy and Saint Laurent. These are brands that really dominate the European world, hand in hand with Italian designers. Some others are usually known as Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton. 

Madrid Fashion Week

Although it does not have the same relevance as other brands in the world, Spain has gained great relevance in recent decades in the world of fashion, reaching the point of building one of the most important fashion shows of the moment. Their international prestige has attracted great designers and models, such as Prada, Hannibal Laguna and Juanjo Oliva. It is a space where, although the most exclusive brands in the world are not competing, brands that deserve their prestige and recognition do compete.

It takes place in both Madrid and Barcelona and has managed to position itself among the best. Perhaps in a few years it will see the best designers and without a doubt, it will become a fashion reference that will last for a long time to come. 


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London Fashion Week

England can never be left out when it comes to fashion. It has been operating for more than 60 years and is an iconic space. It is one of the most important fashion shows and that leads it to hold two fashion shows per year, one in February and another in September, setting trends in Europe and America, creating concepts and renewing the image of many designers. Big brands such as Burberry, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford participate here, and on the new fashion shows, new brands are welcomed that have the potential to become industry players. 

Many emerging brands tend to be the ones who can set the most trends, they have gained great relevance, power and reference. It takes place in a historic building in London, called “Someret House”. Without a doubt, it is a way to show their strength in the fashion industry but not let their own national history die.

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