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Does eco-friendly sound familiar to you? You’ve probably heard it mentioned in multiple media outlets, even from famous influencers. Lately, ecological and sustainable things have become fashionable. However, you have to be careful because like all fashions, after the trend, it may not be taken very seriously.

However, being eco-friendly does not mean being cooler, it is a committed and respectful way of acting. In this article we tell you everything about being ecofriendly.

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What does it mean to be eco friendly?

It means acting responsibly with our environment and promoting a healthier lifestyle for all people. These aspects are closely related, because having good health also depends on the environment in which we live, such as air quality, clean water and the reduction of polluting chemicals.

Respecting the environment is an idea that includes taking care of biodiversity , reducing waste, reducing emissions, as well as promoting environmental cleanliness. On the other hand, when we talk about healthy living, it is about taking care of well-being and health, seeking to live in environments that are healthy, in which the air you breathe is of quality, the water is purified and the food is healthy.

Currently, thousands of people in highly developed cities promote environmental protection, thanks to the initiative they have had. However, getting individuals to take respect seriously is difficult, but it is true that as the years go by, people will modify their negative habits and look for more sustainable options.

What does it take to be eco friendly?

Being eco friendly means having to change habits that are not respectful of the environment , for habits that demonstrate your effort and respect. Furthermore, it not only requires more sustainable actions, but also important reflection because starting this type of life also requires reusing things instead of replacing them. That is, trying to give things a second life.

The change in mentality allows you to do things beyond just recycling without it costing you so much to do it. It is important that you recognize that true eco-friendly action is not only about taking care of the environment, the impact is in being aware of what should or should not be thrown away.

So that you can begin this change, it is important that you keep the following in mind:

  • You should not use containers that you only use once.
  • Use biodegradable products.
  • Recycle emotionally.
  • Try to generate little waste when reusing, repairing and reducing.
  • Consume services and products with a certificate that proves that they are truly ecological.
  • Consider renewable energy.
  • Reduces the use of electricity and water.
  • Use a responsible means of transportation.

Once you apply these habits in your life, the transition will be much easier, little by little you will get used to it and you will no longer have to think so much about how to do it, but your actions will be automatic.

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Eco Friendly products for your daily life

Eco friendly products are made with materials that respect the environment, this being very important for people who want to protect our planet and choose a much more sustainable life. We propose the following:

Handmade soaps and shampoos

Generally, the natural glycerin it contains, this type of product made with natural materials, helps improve the hydration of your skin. In addition to being beneficial for the environment since it does not have a plastic container.

wash bag

With this bag you will be able to catch synthetic fibers that your clothes release when washing them. This is the best option to prevent the fiber from going to the sea and contributing to pollution.

100% organic cotton socks

They are more ecological and sustainable , in addition to being ideal because they do not cause skin irritation, since there are no synthetic chemicals in their production. Very soft, respectful of your skin and the planet.

Recycled flip flops

One of the best alternatives are sustainable flip flops, produced from recycled materials. One of the best options to start an eco-friendly life.

Handmade sunglasses

Accessories made from natural materials also stand out in sustainable fashion. In addition to using recycled flip flops, you can use handmade glasses made with recycled materials.

Vegan and ecological sneakers

Currently there are various models of vegan sneakers, which in addition to not contributing to pollution, are the best alternative to care for the environment.

Now that you know what type of environmentally friendly products, it is important that you consider that your lifestyle should focus on acquiring increasingly ecological habits and products, being  aware of how important it is to take care of our environment. But don’t get overwhelmed, step by step. It is better to have a few habits constantly in your day and go little by little than not all at once and nothing the next month.

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What eco friendly products can I choose?

Using sustainable and ecological products offers you great benefits. So we provide you with a list of essential products that are within your reach.

  • Reusable bottles that are made of materials such as stainless steel, glass or polypropylene.
  • Wax paper is the substitute for aluminum foil. Use this best option to wrap your food.
  • Wooden toothbrush.
  • Soaps, deodorant and shampoo.
  • Glass jars and tupperware, instead of using plastic ones

5 Actions to be more eco-friendly in your daily life

Small habits that we recommend to start now could not be missing. Do you want to be eco friendly and don’t know how to start? Below, we tell you what aspects of your life you can change to get off to a good start throughout your journey.
Reduce the purchase of plastics: replace plastic bags with organic cotton bags and buy your food in bulk and not packaged.
Buy local products: not only will the amount of polluting emissions be lower, but you will also support the farmers in your area.
Think twice if you need a product before buying it: consuming exactly what you need is one of the main goals of this lifestyle. If you want to buy a product, you can wait a few days and continue thinking if you really need it. If you change your mind in a few days it was likely that you didn’t need it.
Try to generate the least amount of waste possible : Spaniards cause around 442 kilos of waste per year, according to EAE Business School. A fairly high number, so it is time for you to be aware of the pollution you produce.
Use cleaning products without toxic chemicals: try to use products that have lemon, baking soda and vinegar, this mixture is just as effective and does not generate pollution.

What are the benefits of being eco friendly?

Opening yourself to the possibility of applying this lifestyle not only has multiple benefits for you, but also for the environment. Next, we mention what the benefits are:

  • You will have a healthier lifestyle free of chemicals that can harm your health. In addition, thanks to the physical activity you will have when traveling by bicycle, your energy during the day will be much higher.
  • Most people tend to think that sustainable and respectful products are more expensive. But they are made with higher quality materials and that is why they have more durability. It is important to see it as an investment, since they will last longer. We recommend that you look at the ingredients or materials and avoid companies that carry out greenwashing.
  • The fact that you are contributing to the care of the planet and its conservation, you will be the inspiration of many of your friends and family, so you will feel very good about yourself by having this initiative,
  • Thanks to your initiative, many people will also join this lifestyle, even companies will also recognize the importance of conserving the planet and the impact that manufacturing products that are not respectful has generated.

Now, now that you know some of the benefits that having an eco-friendly life offers you. It is important to highlight that you need to implement habits that do not harm your environment, in addition to considering all the products you consume in your daily life from the moment you wake up and seeing how you can choose a better alternative.

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Eco friendly, in addition to being a movement that respects the environment, is about raising awareness and guaranteeing a better quality of life, promoting what is sustainable, ecological and biodegradable. You will even feel much more fulfilled by feeling that you contribute significantly to the planet.

It is time to raise awareness that products made from petroleum contaminate the land and sea, leaving thousands of waste annually, in addition to toxic chemicals that are not produced with organic materials.

Being eco friendly offers you many benefits that you should use to your advantage, taking into account that the main objective is to contribute to the care and protection of your environment.

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