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When the cold season arrives, there is a lot of talk about Vitamin C to strengthen our immune system, but something you should know is that it not only nourishes your body, vitamin C is also used for skin care.

If you thought that vitamin C was only used to increase your defense levels in your body, today I want to tell you that in addition to that it is a powerful ally to reduce those fine lines, and visible signs of skin aging and show off brighter skin.

In addition to finding it in some fruits or vegetables, today you can find it in pill form or in serums enriched with this vitamin to provide the skin with its benefits. Food supplements containing vitamin C do not have the same effect on the face as applying it directly to the skin.

Vitamin C is a nutrient found in different foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and acts as an antioxidant in the body, that is, it fights free radicals. In addition, the body needs this vitamin to produce collagen, which is the protein responsible for the healing, elasticity and strength of the skin.

With the benefits that I am going to tell you about below, I hope you can turn this product into your new lifestyle because it will help you completely change the texture of your skin if you use it correctly every day. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, healing and antioxidant properties will leave your face extremely bright and spot-free regardless of your skin type. It is even perfect for sensitive skin because it minimizes irritation and makes the absorption of moisturizing creams more effective.

Below, I share with you a list of the benefits that will make you consume vitamin C every day.

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It is a powerful antioxidant

Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant action for skin care. Helps cells neutralize or block the action of free radicals that damage them, such as pollution (protects against ozone, mainly in highly polluted cities) and solar rays that accelerate premature aging of the skin caused by oxidation and damage to the skin caused by the sun.

Vitamin C helps rebuild skin tissues from deep down in addition to eliminating or preventing annoying expression lines and other age marks. With its antioxidant powers, it will repair and regenerate cells, making the skin look healthy and young.

Reduces inflammation

To relieve irritation and calm redness, vitamin C can improve skin condition by inhibiting the inflammatory response. People with acne and rosacea, in particular, can reduce these signs of inflammation, redness, and swelling.

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Natural sunscreen

Vitamin C limits the skin’s reaction to UV rays that can accelerate aging and cause wrinkles. Also, thanks to the exfoliating and anti-inflammatory actions it has, it works to fade sun spots and sun damage thanks to the fact that it has a high depigmenting power and reduces the amount of melanin produced in the skin and thus corrects dark spots. existing for a more even skin tone.

Skin barrier

By increasing the production of ceramides and other lipids in the body, vitamin C improves the skin’s barrier function and helps maintain high moisture levels, for smoother, more supple skin that can better withstand the aging process. .

Improves skin luminosity

It has an exfoliating action, removing dead skin cells that can create a dull complexion, to produce brighter and more even skin. And it’s especially helpful if you have dry skin. It helps products to be absorbed better while maintaining correct hydration. Thus, the dermis generates a shine and radiance characteristic of healthy skin.

Increases collagen production

Collagen is essential for keeping skin supple, especially as we age. Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen production in the body, so skin remains firmer, softer and smoother, improving the appearance of fine lines.

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Prevents Acne

Vitamin C helps balance sebum levels in the skin, in addition to having an antibacterial action that helps improve blemishes when applied to the face in specific points to directly attack acne bacteria. It acts as a natural healing agent on the spots left by those pimple outbreaks, producing elastin and replacing damaged tissue, reducing redness, reducing inflammation and cleansing the complexion. In addition, due to its exfoliating and moisturizing properties, it cleans pores and prevents blackheads.

Cosmetics with vitamin C, for example, serums, are suitable for all skin types, from dry, oily or combination. It is advisable to apply them after the toner to enhance its benefits, followed by the moisturizing cream and always remember to use sunscreen after use.

Other benefits of Vitamin C

Long and silky hair

Vitamin C stimulates the hair follicle to promote hair growth and prevent dryness and split ends, thanks to the fact that the body better absorbs iron when consuming it.

Healthy and strong nails

Daily consumption of this vitamin helps strengthen nails from the inside out, promoting their growth and hardness to keep them healthy.

More energy

By helping to absorb iron better, vitamin C provides energy to the body and makes the skin look more awake, colorful and energized.

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Dandruff treatment

Dandruff blocks the hair root which can cause hair not to grow or fall out easily. Vitamin C is responsible for fighting this bacteria and preventing it from returning, thanks to its antiviral properties.

Weight reducer

Vitamin C is part of the carnitine production process. Carnitine is a molecule famous for transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria where they are transformed into energy, achieving greater fat burning.

If you did not know all the benefits that Vitamin C can give you when used constantly, it is time to take advantage of them to take care of your health and the beauty of your body. It is most recommended that you consume it in fruits and vegetables, as well as use it in serums or products that contain it to have better results.

Don’t forget that to have a healthy body it is very important to have healthy habits and be consistent in carrying them out.

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