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There are so many styles of dress that it won’t be difficult for you to find the one that best suits your needs and, above all, your personality. Today we want to tell you the keys to each style and all the inspiration you need to show them off like those who know the most about fashion.

  1. Classic style. White shirts, suits, basic blazers and court shoes. Quality garments that combine well with everything. If you want to go for this style of dress, look at the men’s wardrobe because you will find a lot of inspiration there. Here we can include the ‘cayetana’ style and the Old Money style, aesthetics that are sweeping social networks. 
  2. Boho style. If you like Sara Carbonero’s style, her relaxed looks and printed dresses… It’s for you! Flowing garments such as shirts, skirts and dresses with vibrant colors and ethnic prints are essential. It is ideal for women who are not afraid to take risks by combining different prints and accessories. A vest and cowboy boots are a wardrobe staple for this style. 
  3. Minimalist style. “Simplicity is the key to true elegance,” said Coco Chanel. If you agree with this phrase, take note of the minimalist style and choose basic clothes in neutral colors. The Scandinavian style, also called ‘scandi style’, is the greatest exponent of minimalist aesthetics: tailored garments, neutral tones and oversized pieces
  4. Sporty style. The sporty-chic style is the most comfortable of all. Suitable not only for sports lovers. Sounds good? Then get some trendy sneakers and combine them with sportswear. The tracksuit has never been as fashionable as it is now. Athleisure trend, that is, combining sports with everyday wear
  5. Vintage-retro style. It is the style of second-hand clothing lovers. Beyond trends, they look for pieces that are authentic vintage treasures with which to give a unique touch to their looks. No matter the type of garment, the priority is to give a second life to pieces that were made years ago. 
  6. Preppy style. If you are a big fan of the school style, get a few preppy clothes to join this trend: pleated skirts, blazers, headbands, moccasins… These are all those clothes that are reminiscent of the school uniform but with a more daring touch and adapting them day to day. 
  7. Casual style. A safe bet if you like comfortable, current and free fashion, that adapts to your style and not the other way around. Here comes the style called “model off duty”, with Bella Hadid and Elsa Hosk as references: basic white t-shirts in cropped version, tracksuits, UGG or sports boots, oversized garments … Basics that are used at any time and with the ones that make you feel safe when you don’t know what to wear. 
  8. Aesthetic style. If there is a trending style, it is known as ‘aesthetic’. It is one of the most searched terms on Pinterest and TikTok. Fans of this style are characterized by wearing wide, sporty clothes, perfectly coordinated and combined. It may seem like you haven’t thought much about your look, but it’s quite the opposite. 
  9. Romantic style.  Very feminine and with a certain retro air. Ruffles, midi skirts, chiffon blouses and soft colors and decorations such as bows, rhinestones, embroidery… The key to this style is in the details
  10. Grunge style. Do you usually go for a rebellious, comfortable and casual look? So you’re a grunge girl. An informal style that is automatically related to oversized checked shirts, ripped pants, sleeveless t-shirts and platform sneakers or boots. 

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And the most important! Remember that you don’t have to stick to just one style, but you can wear the one that most identifies you (and with which you feel most comfortable) depending on the moment.



Classic style NEVER goes out of style. It is made up of a few masculine-inspired pieces in neutral tones and simple lines. Likewise, your ideal wardrobe is full of timeless clothes of good quality and, if possible, from prestigious brands. If you want to go for the classic style, go for blazers, jeans, white shirts, straight pants and accessories with a designer touch. Try to invest in quality over quantity.

  • We can define the style of ‘las cayetanas’  as simple, elegant and composed of basics: vests, signature bags (without logo), Converse, Veja or Golden Goose sneakers, natural makeup, gold or beaded jewelry… 
  • The term Old Money  “refers to rich people whose families have been rich for a long time,” according to the University of Cambridge. It is associated with the aesthetics of rich American families of the late 80s and early 90s. A clear example of this style is the Ralph Lauren campaigns of that time.
Dress styles: boho


Would you like to fill your closet with boho clothes? Then opt for long, printed dresses or skirts, clothing with fringes, cowboy-style boots, hats… Sara Carbonero is the first representative of the boho style that comes to mind.

Minimalist style

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The minimalist style has once again taken over our closets and we couldn’t be happier. Because, sometimes, less is more. Men’s coats, basic garments and neutral colors. Getting a minimalist outfit has never been so easy. 



Do you like to be comfortable? Then let your dressing style adapt to your way of life and opt for the sporty chic style. Yes, many sports clothes look (even) better when you don’t do sports in them. Sneakers, trendy sweatshirts, T-shirts, sweatpants, but also miniskirts and jeans combined with sportswear. 



If you like to give a retro touch to your look and love vintage clothing, this is your style. Second-hand signature bags, original and unique accessories, special garments and most importantly: lose your fear of mixing prints and fabrics.  


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The preppy style is inspired by the looks of elite North American students. Checkered skirts, straight-cut blazers, white shirts, polos, V-neck sweaters, headbands… Take risks with combinations that may seem impossible at first glance.?



Do you like comfortable, current and free fashion, that adapts to your style and not the other way around? Always look for a modernized version of basics to give them that chic touch that will add style to your looks. It is a functional and practical style. Don’t give up trends, but don’t give up comfort either, and opt for that classic touch of timeless garments.


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It seems that you have dressed without thinking too much about what to wear, but the truth is that the look has been thought out in detail. As with the hairstyle: casual updos with clips, scrunchies… 



Here we also highlight the ‘coquette’ aesthetic, a new aspect of the romantic style that is characterized by lingerie designs, corsets, lace garments, pearl necklaces… 



Do you prefer to go for a rebellious, comfortable and casual outfit? Then take note of the grunge style. Checkered shirts, ripped jeans, t-shirts from your favorite groups and military boots with maxi platforms or sneakers from brands like Vans are essential to add to the grunge style.

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