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A layered bob, this is, by far, the haircut for women that causes a sensation… Without a doubt, it is the one that is leading many to combine elegance with practicality and comfort. And it should always be that way in all aspects. The layered bob cut also has several possible variants depending on the characteristics of our hair. It can be done both straight and with wavy or curly hair, for example.

Why is this feminine hairstyle so popular and receives unanimous praise? Because it combines simplicity and style. A characteristic that differentiates the layered bob cut from others is its three-dimensionality, and it can also be styled regardless of how long our hair is.

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It’s been thirty years since we saw “prototypes” of the layered bob. It was the early nineties, when the fluffiness and voluminous hairstyles of the previous decade had given way to the more essential and simple lines and shapes of what was then the current moment.

This principle affected technology, fashion and even hairstyles. It can also be the right choice if you are looking for a more youthful look, so this hairstyle for women can work wonders at all ages. What distinguishes it are its different stretch marks, which give the hair in general a certain dynamism. And any occasion goes well with a style like this for our head. From a training session in the gym to a meeting in the office, to a gala evening.


One of the strong points of the layered bob cut is that it almost knows how to frame the face, to highlight the beauty that a face can give off. Something that doesn’t always happen with other hairstyles that can attract or fun attention from our face. On the other hand, the essentiality and simplicity of this cut will be ideal to enhance who we are, without excessive artificiality.

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However, we have the feeling that even the hair is especially cared for thanks to this cut’s ability to define it. For which it is an extremely nice look. And as we have already mentioned, the layered bob can also be longer than its standard cut, which is short.

We can take a look at the most popular hairstyles currently in vogue. They are affordable and adapted to all circumstances. And thinking about adopting a certain well-kept hairstyle also makes a difference when it comes to looking thinner. With specific hairstyles that manage to give this effect to the face in particular. It may be a good idea to ask our hairdresser for them to enhance our image even more.

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