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Recently, platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and Instagram have been filled with posts related to the Coquette styleThis has created confusion around what this trend really means and what its origin is.

Images of women wearing bows in their hair, pastel colors and pearl necklaces that enhance feminine aesthetics have been shared on social networks with the label coquette, but what is its meaning and where does it come from?

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What is the coquette style?

The term coquette comes from French and means coquette. In this context, it refers to a style that seeks to highlight femininity, elegance and details.

This style takes influences from different periods, from Victorian clothing to the fashion of the fifties and sixties, characterized by the predominance of pastel colors in garments such as tight blouses, skirts and sets.


The coquette style is a viral trend on social networks that combines the use of bows, pearls, bows and corsets, highlighting pastel colors and some dark tones.

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Influences of the Coquette style

Films like ‘Marie Antoinette’, ‘Virgin Suicides’ and Sofia Coppola ‘s ‘Priscilla’ capture the essence of the coquette aesthetic, highlighting the feminine, subtle and delicate. Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ movie also provides clothing, hairstyles and makeup in the coquette style.


In music, artists like Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey represent this trend. In literature, authors such as Jane Austen and Emily Bronte have experienced a resurgence thanks to their association with this style that addresses the trend that is more than just a way of dressing.

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