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The white color communicates freshness, hygiene and honesty. It is ideal to wear in a job interview, in a high-level meeting, speech, or to communicate power in very hot climates.

White clothing is simply a garment that will help us combine it with a wide variety of colors, because it is a neutral color, but in addition to that it also helps us to give light to our outfit, to feel fresh and impeccable.

I know that there must be some girls who are a little afraid of wearing this garment, especially on “certain days”, because it gets dirty very quickly, they feel uncomfortable, because it may make us notice more volume in our hips and / legs or they are simply not used to wearing a garment of this color that stands out so much and choose to wear the classic black pants or jeans.

But there are some others who, with the arrival of spring, surely dusted off their white pants that they had stored in their closet or surely made the decision to buy white pants to add to their seasonal outfits, but do you know how you can wear them with style? ?

If you are one of them and you like to constantly renew your style, today I want to talk to you about some super important rules or fashion tips that you should know before going out and showing off your white pants with your most fashionable looks.

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Check that the fabric is not transparent

Speaking of white pants or jeans, the fabric is everything. When you choose to buy white pants, make sure the fabric is a little thick, to prevent your underwear from becoming transparent. Don’t forget to try them on and check that you don’t notice what you don’t want and be more confident.

If you opt for pants made of fabric such as linen that is thin, try to ensure that it has a bottom, that is, that it comes double, so nothing will be seen and you can have several types of white pants.

Don’t buy white pants that are too tight.

The white color does not slim or conceal like black. On the contrary, the color white shows the curves as they are.

That is why white is an extremely noticeable color, which means that those that are too tight will highlight every part of your body, especially problem areas. Even if you have chosen a somewhat thick fabric, your underwear will still be transparent and that will make you not feel comfortable and safe. Choose the one that best fits your body and if necessary, take it to the tailor for repair.

Try to combine them with light-colored blouses or tops.

White pants make your legs look a little wider, and if you combine them with black tops or blouses, what you will be doing is making them look even bigger since your torso will look slimmer. Provide and balance by wearing light tones on top, you can wear completely white looks and if you have wide hips, wear light but slightly longer sweaters.

Choose the right shoes

It is not very common to combine them with black shoes since it is a garment that is used in the hot season. If it is a hot season, choose neutral or slightly lighter colors like nude or brown. The ideal footwear for this season are sandals or open shoes. If it’s fall or winter, opt for camel-colored ankle boots to keep a fresh look. If you want to wear black, opt for sandals.

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Don’t wash your white jeans too often

They can become damaged if you constantly put them in the washing machine and turn into pearl-colored pants. But, we must be aware that it is a color that gets dirty very easily and we will not be able to walk with pants of this color with stains. Better look for ways to wash your white pants without them changing their color and thus be able to have your pants impeccable.

Do not wear them with colorful underwear

NO! Never do it. When you choose to wear white pants, keep all colored panties or thongs away from you. Even if the fabric is very thick, it will be transparent from a distance. Choose to wear skin-colored and seamless underwear preferably.

If you are going to wear a thong, be careful that your buttocks or your thong do not show too much, which is why if you wear very tight pants it is very likely that your buttocks will be marked or your underwear will be visible. We believe that by wearing a thong we can walk freely without worrying about our underwear becoming too noticeable, so take great care of this point, as it can severely disfavor your body and your look.

Don’t wear white jeans to go out at night

Typically, more casual white clothing is worn more during the day, as is the case with white jeans. Wearing them during the day they don’t look good. If you want to wear this color at night, make sure it is in a nice dress or more polished pants.

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Be careful with the days of your period!

Anyone can have an “accident” during the days of your period, but it will be a little more bearable if it happens when you are wearing dark pants. That is why it is better to check your calendar before choosing to wear white pants and avoid wearing them.

But, if you still want to risk wearing this type of clothing during your period, try to wear some long clothing that covers your butt, such as: a long blouse or shirt or a long sweater.

Take into account the occasion you will use it

It is true that white clothes in this hot season are the most used, but it is better that you avoid them if you know that you are going somewhere or to some activity where they are going to get dirty easily and excessively. It’s not nice to have a dirty outfit! Surely in your closet there is more than one item of clothing that you can wear.

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Eliminate pockets

In some white pants the pockets end up being transparent and drawing too much attention. The best option is to remove them so that your pants are much more uniform.

What did you think of these tips? I hope that now that you know about these ideas to look fantastic with your white pants you can realize that it shouldn’t be so risky or difficult to wear this great garment that will give you a super elegant, fresh and feminine touch.

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