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Meaning of the tree of life

The tree of life is a symbol that emerged thousands of years ago, being present in different cultures, but giving each of them a different nuance or meaning.

In the Christian religion, it was related to the beginning of the human being due to its appearance in the Bible, in the book of Genesis, as a connection between the earthly world and the sacred. Similarly, in the Jewish religion, a close connection was established between the spiritual and the earthly plane, bringing them closer through the tree, since the roots would remain in contact with the earth and the tree would ascend with its branches to heaven.

In other mystical cultures such as the Celtic, they empowered the meaning of the Tree of life with the magical character it could possess. Which is understandable given the importance they gave it. And it must be taken into account that the Celtic tree of life, its mystical meaning, also had a very special value among them. Well, under its branches they obtained protection and shelter from the rain and the sun; It was a source of heat and life thanks to its firewood and under its gaze, they met to seal all kinds of pacts and perform ceremonies such as weddings, oaths or magical rituals directed by their druids. Turning these large trees into reliable witnesses of the acts of man.

This is the reason why the meaning of the Tree of Life symbol is related to the wisdom, integrity and honor of people along with protection and security.

Meaning of the tree of life in a jewel

Meaning of giving the tree of life

Nowadays, different cultures have spread throughout the world, giving us their beliefs and traditions, which means that the Tree of Life amulet has a different meaning depending on the point of view of each person and the symbolism that we want to give it.

As a gift of the most frequent meaning tree of life amulet, we can highlight the positivity it represents thanks to the link established by the tree with the personal line of growth, based on the rooted strength that always grows upward. An aspect linked to bravery and courage, which is born inside people like the wise woman that runs through the tree and with the wisdom that the years give with each learning of life itself, to be able to overcome any obstacle.

Another of the main reasons to give this symbol is because of the direct relationship that exists between the meaning of the tree of life and the family. Since the family, like the tree, is established in roots that give rise to a trunk, forming a home from which strong branches grow. And from this in turn, different branches all belong to the same tree.

So it will be a perfect gift for all mothers who have just become grandmothers because you will be giving the Tree of Life pendant the meaning of unity, strength, support, love… In short, you are giving it the meaning of family that will grow from generation to generation. in generation.

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What meaning does the tree of life have in a jewel?

How to personalize the Tree of Life jewel?

We already know the most common reasons why the Tree of Life jewel is usually given as a gift, however, we cannot forget that things can have a different meaning depending on who you give it to or who the gift comes from.

In the case of personalizing the tree of life, you can engrave your name next to that of your partner as a symbol of the seed that you will grow together when you form a family. Or you can write positive aspects of that person you love and admire so much around the tree, recording personality traits as if they were branches of the tree that make up a whole.

Tree of life personalized with name

Another highly requested option is to record the coordinates of a special place under the tree, so that the simple act of looking at the tree of life can transport you to that moment lived between the two of you.

In any case, when you decide to give the tree of life, transmit with that jewel all the feelings evoked in it. Make it meaningful to fill it with life through your emotions.

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