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Everyone wants to be a photographer nowadays, but very few know what this concept really entails. Have you ever asked yourself, What is photography? Do you know what it means to be a real photographer? 

First, before immersing yourself in this wonderful world and being able to understand it better, it is important to be very clear about what photography is. That’s why let’s first review this concept. In order to start off on the right foot on this wonderful path of your training and thus be closer to being a photographer in all its splendor.

Now to better understand what photography is, let’s review the etymological definition of the word photography: 

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The term photography is derived from the words of Greek origin: phos (light) and grafis (writing). So we can deduce that photography from an etymological point of view refers to writing or drawing with light. 

Photography is the set of techniques that converge in the art of capturing images and moments. This science serves as a means of expression, communication and art.

These techniques can be used as a social document that helps us remember over time. However, photography is constantly evolving and continues to develop new artistic currents, which show us a new way of seeing the world.

It is a means of visual communication that always seeks to express and communicate messages and document moments.

“For me, photography is a spontaneous impulse, which comes from an eye that is always attentive to capture the precise moment and its eternity.”

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Photography today has gone from being a simple hobby to being an indispensable tool in many areas such as scientific, anthropological, artistic, and advertising, to name a few.

Thanks to great technological developments, photography is constantly changing. Offering new techniques and tools, adapting to current needs.

That is why currently being able to learn and do photography has become a little more complex. It is necessary to have basic and technical knowledge of the different controllable and non-controllable variables of photography.

In order to achieve images that impact and communicate in any branch in which you want to work. But don’t worry, don’t be discouraged, that’s what we’re here for!

Likewise, it is important to develop a spirit of creativity. And thus be able to make images that fulfill the purpose of expressing and communicating.

Were you one of those who believed that taking photos was just grabbing a camera and taking a photo of everything that moves? Ha! An innocent little dove.

Now that you know the true meaning of what photography is, I invite you to go and share your wisdom with the world and reflect on the type of photographer you want to become.

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