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To define what an image consultant is, we can say that it is the professional who is responsible for advising clients in order to improve their personal style and appearance. This includes clothing, hair, makeup, lifestyle, and attitude on a daily basis.

Image consultants are fashion experts who master the basic principles of psychology and communication. Which is very important to assist people in creating an image consistent with their personality and their personal and professional goals.

Nowadays, personal image has significant importance. The way we present ourselves to the world can influence our social interactions, determine our job opportunities and also influence self-esteem, which is why finding a job in this position is very easy. In this article, we are going to review in depth the work of an image consultant, what an image consultant is, what its functions are and what you should study to become a professional personal image consultant.

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What is an image consultant?

personal image consultant is a specialist in improving people’s personal appearance and lifestyle. Her primary goal is to work with individuals to help them project a more positive and authentic self. This includes aspects such as clothing choice, makeup, hairstyle, non-verbal communication, and social etiquette. 

Image consultants work to make their clients feel more confident and self-assured, which can have a significant impact on their personal and professional lives.

This professional is usually on the staff of public figures, artists and models, occupations in which physical appearance makes an important difference in job possibilities. 

What are your tasks and functions? 

The personal image consultant has several specific skills. Some of the functions of an image consultant are: 

Evaluation of the current image

Before starting image consulting, professionals in this field must understand their clients’ current image. This involves evaluating your dressing style, social behavior, body language, and self-care routine. To do this, they must dedicate time to get to know them and investigate their previous image situation.

Creating a custom image plan

Once they understand the client’s current situation, the personal image consultant must make a personalized, tailored plan. This plan should include specific recommendations on what to wear, how to style your hair, what makeup to apply, and how you can improve your nonverbal communication.

Shopping and wardrobe selection

Image consultants often accompany their clients to shop for their clothing items. Guidance is essential in this step, so that they can acquire the clothing and accessories that best suit their style and objectives. They can also provide advice on how to organize and maintain an effective wardrobe.

Makeup and hair advice

You must take care of your clients’ makeup and hairstyle. These aspects make a decisive difference in a person’s style. Image consultants offer expert guidance in this area, so their clients can learn makeup techniques and follow recommendations on cosmetic products and hairstyles.

Development of non-verbal communication skills

Non-verbal communication is a determining trait in personal appearance. For this reason, image consultants play an essential role so that their clients can improve their body language, gestures and tone of voice to communicate more effectively with others. 

Etiquette and social behavior

Another task of image consultants is aimed at improving social behavior, so that it is appropriate in different situations, such as social events or job interviews. For this reason, they train on etiquette rules for social events, and to be able to maintain an accurate presence on different occasions.

Reinforcement of self-esteem

An essential part of an image consultant’s job is helping their clients develop greater confidence and self-esteem. This is achieved by aligning the external image with the positive self-perception of each person. In this role, the image consultant takes on a role more similar to that of an emotional therapist, but it is very important so that their work has a positive effect on the client in a comprehensive way.

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What to study to be an image consultant?

If you are determined to become a personal image consultant, you must acquire the most complete and specialized training, to achieve it aiming for success. There is no single educational route to enter this profession, that is why we leave you the most suitable options:

Personal and corporate image advisor course

To begin your professional preparation and access employment opportunities, in a shorter period of time, you can take the personal and corporate image advisor course. You can view this course completely online, without time limits or prerequisites. It includes internships in companies in the sector, in which you will be able to consolidate knowledge and put into practice everything you have learned in the real field of the profession, starting a promising career. 

Higher Degree in Personal and Corporate Image Consulting 

The higher degree training cycle in Personal and Corporate Image Consulting is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become highly qualified professionals.

The Personal and Corporate Image Consulting FP focuses on two key aspects: personal image and corporate image. This means that graduates will be trained to advise both individuals and companies on issues related to their visual presence and communication.

This Higher Degree program lasts two years or 2,000 hours. It includes internships in companies and at least 11 learning modules, which will allow you to become an expert in styling consulting.  

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