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Dressing while pregnant has been associated with wearing huge, boring, neutral-colored, and unstyled clothes, but luckily this is no longer true. Maternity fashion has advanced in recent times and now it is possible to choose from a wide variety; in addition to being able to wear normal clothes with light and wide patterns that can be worn perfectly.

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So if you are pregnant, first of all, congratulations and enjoy this beautiful experience, also dressing in your own style; In addition to being able to continue wearing new trends , without forgetting comfort.

Today we are going to give you some important guidelines so that you can dress with style and personality even when you are pregnant.

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1. Check your wardrobe: the first thing you have to do before buying maternity clothes is to see the clothes you have; since some you can continue using it until your tummy allows it. Loose sweaters, long cardigans, loose dresses, elastic waist pants and skirts or overshirts.

2. The dress, star piece: one of the best pieces of clothing if you are pregnant is undoubtedly the dress; And wearing it provides many advantages; from comfort, since it is a piece that you can easily take off, it is also versatile, being able to create different styles with it just by adding certain accessories and it is a garment that you can continue using.

There are many suitable dresses; Among them, one of the most flattering is the dress with a belt tied above the belly; Flowing and long dresses, empire-line dresses and even fitted dresses that can be combined with an oversized garment such as a cardigan or trench coat are also ideal.

source: pinterest

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3. Maternity clothes only what is necessary: ​​another guideline would be that you invest the minimum in maternity clothes since they will have a very short life in your closet and you will also avoid unnecessary financial expense. So if you have to choose between maternity clothes, choose pants and jeans; since these are adapted and surely at least two pieces will be necessary for your wardrobe. You can also combine it with other oversized pieces that you have such as sweatshirts, loose sweaters or wide t-shirts.

4. Choose comfortable shoes: during this time, try to avoid shoes with heels for two reasons: your feet have to support more weight and they also tend to swell. Therefore, the best option is sneakers (there are currently many models and they are very stylish, in addition to being very comfortable) or choose comfortable and flat boots.

5. Seek to compensate for the figure: since your silhouette will be more voluminous, try to create a balance between the thinnest parts of the body with those that have more volume; To do this, use pieces that are not too wide, mix fitted pieces with oversized ones or avoid fabrics and finishes that add volume and rigidity to your figure.

6. Choose these garments: one of the bottom parts that never fails are leggings since they are comfortable and versatile and you can wear them with all types of upper garments such as a loose sweater or an oversized coat. A ribbed dress, a loose blouse, knit pants combined with a sweater and a trench coat are also ideal. A dungaree or cardigan with loose pants.

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