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Believe it or not, platinum or gray hair has become a fashionable look, who would have thought that today we would pay to have “false gray hair” in beauty salons. I know that until a few years ago they had been considered something that denoted a certain age, a sign of old age or neglect, but now there are styling techniques or techniques that give us a finish like that.

Gray hair is hard or rigid hair, that loses many properties, the main one being the loss of color, since it no longer produces melanin. It is a type of hair that loses porosity, making it more waterproof and therefore does not easily pick up dye.

Lately, I have met several women who have decided to stop dyeing their hair and showing off their gray hair and I see that they gain greater self-esteem and confidence in themselves, they feel like themselves and free from the slavery of dye.

If you have decided to go gray, congratulations! The truth is that they look spectacular if you have the correct basic care and if you highlight them with a modern style according to your personality.

Today I want you to know some tips so that you can leave the dyes alone and show off the natural style that your gray hair gives you in a modern and very cool way and not as an oversight.

Check out these ways to have beautiful gray hair!

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Moisturize your hair

It is advisable to constantly hydrate it so that it has softness, shine and is not so rigid, which is achieved with hydrating masks.

Once gray hair begins to appear in your hair or already has a lot of gray hair, it is time to hydrate it as much as possible! Just like if you have bleached it, it dries it immensely, so moisturizing it is essential.

If your gray hair is natural, it is recommended to start using moisturizing treatments or masks weekly, but if it is bleached it is suggested to do so with every wash, this will help keep your hair in good condition.

First you apply your shampoo, you put on your mask and leave it on for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes, and that’s it! “That helps gray hair be soft and shiny.”

Use protective oils in summer

The sun is a powerful aggressor of hair and being exposed to it for a long time in the hottest months of the year can alter the color. Therefore, it is best to use a protective oil for your hair and cover it with a scarf or hat.

Wash your hair at least every two days with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with antioxidants to protect it against UV rays and pollution.

Use perfect shampoo for gray hair

For gray hair, you should use 2 shampoos:

First of all, there are 2 types of shampoo, one that has to be volume or neutral, if it is natural gray hair, or a nourishing and moisturizing one if it is bleached hair.

And, secondly, a beautifying shampoo. A second dose is applied, this time violet or bluish in color, which are ideal for gray hair, and is left to act for a few minutes.

Shampoos that come in purple or bluish shades are ideal for gray hair. What they do is give the gray hair a more silvery tone, so that it looks prettier and brighter and doesn’t tend to turn yellow. In general, there are some gray hairs that already appear white, but there are others that appear yellowish. This type of shampoo helps to counteract those yellow tones and give a silver effect.” It is important that you do this if you have yellow-gray hair, as these are what give the effect that we do not want, that of making you look bigger, while the platinum gives an interesting look.

This shampoo is NOT for daily use, only use it two or three times a week, with your normal shampoo. If you use it daily, it can over-pigment the gray hair and the hair will be slightly purple or blue.

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Get a Modern Cut

To prevent your silver hair from making you look older, try giving yourself a different look that will help you rejuvenate! You can give a unique and dynamic touch to your hair with a layered cut and style it with products that hydrate it. Don’t forget to brush it carefully, because it is a more fragile type of hair, and pamper it from time to time with a special treatment to give it a healthier appearance.

With the cut, you will have the ends taken care of to prevent them from splitting and not giving a messy and careless appearance. It is important to visit the beauty salon every 6 or 8 weeks to readjust the look, since gray hair begins to become rebellious if it is not trimmed frequently.

Appropriate clothing and makeup

It’s not always about covering gray hair, but also about showing it off properly. To do this, you have to know how to combine the most appropriate clothing and makeup according to your hair color, aiming for tones such as black, white, gray tones, ruby, sapphire blue or purple. Avoid earth, beige or olive tones.

What did you think of these tips? Have you made the decision to show off your gray hair to the fullest or continue being a slave to the dye? Gray hair is definitely a part of women, sometimes from a young age, and they look divine when they are given the care and attention to make us stand out and make us look like more interesting women. Don’t be afraid to show off these natural attributes and dare to wear them with great confidence!

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