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For many people, the evil eye may be just a superstition, however, it is a belief that is still deeply rooted in different places from different cultures, for which the use of amulets is used to find protection.

Origin and meaning of the Evil Eye.

The Evil eye, also known as a nazar, is a small glass bead, usually blue, shaped like a crushed drop of water and with concentric circles inside simulating the drawing of an eye.

Its origin comes from very ancient civilizations and its use extends throughout the world, although the tradition of this amulet goes back to the time of Ancient Egypt and Babylon.

Nowadays, it is common to see the use of this bead in Turkey and Greece as an element deeply rooted in the customs of their people.

Some claim that the origin of this talisman dates back to the Viking era. But to understand this belief it is necessary to know that after the superstition of the evil eye, it is considered that evil, envy and bad desires are transmitted through negative energies that penetrate the person through the eyes, since they are the part of the body with the greatest expression.

Keeping this in mind, some attribute the eye shape and blue color of the bead to the Vikings, giving the Evil eye meaning by creating the similarity with those blue-eyed Nordic warriors with their gaze flooded with anger, fury and evil.

Knowing this, we can understand that carrying this talisman in the sight of the Vikings could distract them, preventing them from transferring the evil that invaded them.

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What to do with a dilated Evil eye.

Nowadays its use has become widespread in different areas as a mere decorative element for jewelry, key chains, wallets, t-shirts… However, the use of this bead continues to have its protective nature for those who believe in it.

The evil eye can be transmitted from one person to another through words, physical contact and of course, looks. In reality, they don’t need to do anything special to give you the evil eye, since they are negative energies that the bearer transmits through envy, evil wishes towards another person. And sometimes, all of this is disguised as flattery.

Carrying the nazar with us will protect us from those bad vibrations by trapping them and preventing them from reaching us.

As for where the Turk’s eye is placed, there are discrepancies. In the past it was believed that it should be visible so that it would capture the attention of the bearer of the evil eye, pouring all of his negativity into the amulet. Nowadays it is thought that it is not necessary to have it in sight since its mystical power also captures the evil of the harmful person.

Nowadays it is common to see it hanging on the doors of houses to protect the home or even in cars to avoid undesirable events.

What does it mean that the evil eye dilates currently?

To understand the use of this object, we must therefore keep in mind that, despite being called the evil eye of good luck, the evil eye completely has the meaning of protection.

Currently, we can find different colors in evil eyes, attributing different qualities to them depending on the symbolism given to said color.

The blue dilated evil eye represents the truth, which is why it symbolizes the opposite of any hidden bad intentions in people, therefore directly offering protection.

The red nazar means strength, energy and passion. It symbolizes a person’s determination to achieve his goals.

The yellow dilated nazar represents vitality, which is why it is a symbol of good health.

The black dilated evil eye refers to will and inner strength, calling for calm, good judgment and serenity.

The green nazar symbolizes proper physical and emotional development.

The white evil eye means honesty and kindness, warding off all malicious feelings.

The dilated purple nazar is related to wisdom and a spiritual plane.

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Relationship between the evil eye and the hand of Fatima.

The meaning hand of Fatima and the evil eye are sometimes related.

Fatima’s hand in itself is an amulet that, with the palm facing down, calls for luck and love. On the other hand, being with the palm facing up indicates power, and strength and offers protection against the evil eye.

You should know that the transmission of the evil eye is understood as a struggle of energies in which the evil eye is energetically stronger than the victim. Knowing this, it is easier to understand the union between the hand of Fatima with the evil eye to achieve greater protective force. Hence the Fatima hand pendant with evil eye is one of the most requested amulets. 

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What does the red bracelet with a blue eye mean?

The red bracelet, also known as the seven-knot bracelet, is considered a good luck charm in itself, but in reality, it symbolizes an action guide to avoid attracting the negative energy of other people through our own. performance, so it is the representation of “give and take”, in which by adopting a good attitude based on positive thoughts, we will avoid attracting the negativity of other people.

The seven knots made in this bracelet each signify a spiritual dimension of the person to be cared for, making a complete call for protection.

Hence, the red seven-knot bracelet is often combined with the evil blue eye as a protective amulet.

And in the evil eye belief, negative energy is transmitted from a stronger person to a weaker person. So combining both amulets into one would increase the protection capacity and therefore the strength of its wearer.

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How to clean the evil eye.

Every mystical jewel needs special care. The evil eye, as a protective element, has the function of capturing negative energies directed at its wearer, so it is advisable to frequently discharge all those bad vibrations. To do this, it is only necessary to leave it under the influence of the light of the full moon, wrapped in a white cloth, preferably cotton.

The next morning, the evil eye can be used normally again.

It is important to have your amulet in perfect condition so that if it were to break it could not continue to be used. It must be kept in mind that once broken, the amulet is considered to have fulfilled its function and cannot collect any more negativity.

To prevent this negative energy from reaching other places, the evil eye must be buried where no one can find it and replaced with a new one. On the other hand, it is said that if the Turk’s eye were lost it is not a cause for concern, since it is believed that the talismans are those that search for their bearers and that if they “disappear” it is because they are not suitable for the needs of that person.

In any case, believers or not in the magical attributes of the evil eye, there is no doubt that this little gem has found a place in our jewelers for its beauty and uniqueness.

For many people, the evil eye may be just a superstition, however, it is a belief that is still deeply rooted in different places from different cultures, for which the use of amulets is used to find protection.

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