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When using the term oversize, I am referring to loose clothing that makes us feel comfortable and not too tight due to the roominess they have. This does not mean that to follow this fashion we have to buy clothes one or two sizes larger so that they look oversized, of course, the cut and the piece will not fit the same, plus we would end up putting on a few extra kilos and years. Everything is millimetrically measured with patterns designed for that XL finish, for example, there are those with loose sleeves, dropped necks or those with a wide body. Extremes are never good and it is not about wearing huge sweaters and t-shirts every day.

The oversized style has come to stay on the shelves of clothing stores (and more so for the cold seasons), and it is not surprising, that who does not like spacious clothes to be comfortable and cozy as if you were at home without hurry? In addition, the correctly chosen oversized garment is not only comfortable, but also very stylish.

It is difficult to adapt to a new style and sometimes it is complex when the taste does not fit with the desired image and the outfits turn out to be ridiculous, as can be the case with oversized garments. Some, who follow fashion and trends, believe that it is the perfect style that suits their personality and style, something loose and fun or carefree without complications, but they end up exaggerating by wearing clothes that seem 10 sizes larger than they should be.

However, it is not gold everything shines. For some women, oversized clothing becomes a double-edged sword; it is very easy to wear it incorrectly and end up looking like a fashion victim. Many use it as a method to “hide” the extra pounds and combine it in a way that achieves the opposite effect. Playing with volumes in garments means knowing a series of tricks to make this trend flatter you.

This, of course, can generate insecurity and they abandon the style due to the mistakes made and start looking for another option, but it is not necessary, you just need some recommendations or tips on how to create outfits and not be overwhelmed by beginner mistakes.

If the trend of wearing oversized clothing has caught your attention or you are already wearing it and you haven’t gotten the look you wanted, then I have some tips for you to learn to wear it the right way and not die trying and look like a girl with an excellent taste and not like a giant caterpillar.

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Roll-up pants and jackets

Showing your wrists and ankles counteracts oversize and makes you look slimmer, which is why oversized clothes are best worn with sweaters, long-sleeved dresses, coats or shirts with sleeves rolled up on the arms. This also works with the bottom of the jeans, showing off your ankles and balancing the entire look. If you add heels to the bottoms, you get a 10 look! Try rolling up the bottom of your baggy jeans and adding shoes with several centimeters of heels. An extra tip? Choose an XS-size bag.

Do not combine oversized garments with each other

It is better not to take risks and not wear more than one oversized garment, in this case, also so as not to alter the proportions of your body and add kilos to your figure. Oversizing several areas in the same look harms the final result.

Wearing several oversized garments in the same look may not be very flattering, but there is a solution for this. Soften the volume of your clothes by wearing high-waisted pants or a skirt that highlights your waist. Don’t forget to tuck the upper garment inside the waist, it is the key for all of the above to work.

Show your skin

Wearing oversized clothes does not mean that you look like a bundle of fabrics and fabrics, as if your clothes had a life of their own. Simply showing a little skin on your arms, wrists or legs will give you a more natural look. From oversized sweaters rolled up at the elbows to midi skirts, these little tricks will make the difference in any oversized look.

Doing this will help you further stylize the beautiful curves of your body and they will not be lost among the abundance of fabric. For example: for girls with a body in the shape of an inverted triangle (wide shoulders, narrow hips), it is better to avoid the combination spacious top, narrow bottom. But the oversized bottom part will look great on you: wide pants, boyfriend jeans. Wear them with fitted tops.

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Use accessories to complement your outfits

Go for elegant and discreet accessories. Lean on accessories such as belts to keep your figure visible, and elegant and discreet accessories (especially when the color range moves in the scale of grays and earth tones). This practice is a staple of any fashionista manual!

It is better if you limit yourself to one bright accessory or decoration. To visually lengthen your silhouette and look slimmer, choose shoes with heels or thick soles. Also oversized clothes, even wide-leg pants and skirts, look great with pointed shoes. They are chic and will give you that key effect to stylize your body, which is sometimes lost in oversized looks. An old trick to lengthen the silhouette that never fails!

Masculinize yourself

Men’s suits have become the must-have of oversized fashion. They are an absolute trend, when the waist cut, the rise of the pants and the sleeves are where they need to be, but you have to know how to wear them and the XL effect will be perfect. If you opt for this style, wear clothes in neutral tones, without too many prints. Wear shoes in a light color like white or nude to create an elongating effect, especially if you are short.

With fitted clothes

A good idea to get into this trend is to choose a fairly loose jacket, sweater, jacket or shirt and combine them with other clothes that fit other parts of your body. It’s about always playing with proportions.

Or when wearing pants that are too wide, it is necessary that the top be a small blouse that can be accompanied by cardigans or thin and short coats. It creates visual balance and places all the weight on the lower part of the body.

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with a belt

If you get an XXL version of a blazer or an oversized sweater, mark the waist with a belt to visually slim the silhouette.

Create vertical lines

Another styling trick is to create vertical lines in outfits. How to get it? It’s easier than you think: simply wearing your jacket open.

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Some considerations

  • According to public opinion, they do not look good on overweight women, they make the girl look even more robust, so it is better for larger ladies to wear clothes in their size, no more and no less. You can play with accessories, for example, add a thick scarf to your look.
  • Neutral and pastel colors: all shades of white, black, gray, beige. You must be careful with intense colors because in the background of a striking oversized garment, all the other parts of your outfit can be lost as well as yourself. Remember that in this case, it is better to experiment with fabrics of different textures, not colors. Combine rough fabrics with soft ones, and fluffy fabrics with smooth ones. Try to avoid excessively bright and flashy details in oversized garments (too large pattern, large pockets, accessories). If you are short, avoid wearing too many clothes.
  • This trend requires leaving shame aside and having a good attitude. You don’t have to have a special size or body type to wear oversized clothes, it’s all in your head and the limits you set for yourself. It is a mistake to think that the tighter you are, the better. Attitude is what counts.

As you can see, much of what I have told you now about oversized garments has to do with maintaining proportion and contrast, mainly. Finding a balance point to look fabulous is not difficult if you take into account these tips and considerations that I have now shared with you. So if you are trying to wear clothes of this type, don’t lose sight of the fact that maybe the first time you won’t get the result you want, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up this style that is already a fashion classic, everything is in experimenting and finding a way to make everything fit. Ready to join this oversized wave?

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