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The bohemian style never goes out of style. Because? Because it speaks, more than about aesthetics, about personality, about dreams, about a way of life… But we shouldn’t get too serious either; In fact, what characterizes hippie fashion is joy. Do you want to know how to exploit trends to achieve a hippie look? Here I give you some basic tips so you know how to dress as a hippie, what clothes you should wear and what accessories you need.

Modern hippie casual girl on the grass

And there are many variants within the same style: one can dress as a modern hippie, with winter clothes, summer clothes, party clothes, for carnival, with home clothes, for a flower power party, with normal clothes, according to the instructions. boho chic… Every occasion requires different outfits. What do I wear in each one? How to dress like a hippie? That’s the doubt.

In the first part of the article, we will give tips for dressing hippie chic, boho chic, modern hippie, etc…. that is, to dress in fashion and live a normal life (whether at parties or on a daily basis), and in the second part we will focus on instructions on how to dress up for a hippie party or one from the 60s and 70s.

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How to dress hippie chic

The hippie style considered the most elegant is hippie chic, in which you can combine quality, more sober garments with typical flea market items or with vintage accessories to give that boho touch that defines the style.

chic girl with guitar

How can I achieve a hippie look for everyday or the office? Palazzo pants are the key garment, because they are elegant but, due to their fluid cut, match the seventies aesthetic. If it is printed, although it is optional, it will give it an even more bohemian touch.

Hippie palazzo pants

Take away the drama with tight t-shirts and large jewelry, although without overloading the style: if you opt for a maxi necklace, let it be just one, and don’t burden yourself with bracelets and rings. The key is to focus your attention on just one point.

We can also try to get closer to a more Apache or Indian look:

Famous boho chic

As for the masculine look, it is best to opt for a single hippie garment or you will look like you are dressed up. How about a psychedelic print shirt with straight-suit pants? Attitude is defined by the details.

Psychedelic men's t-shirt

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Modern hippie dressing

Within hippie chic we can include the modern hippie: a casual outfit that does not go too far back to times gone by. How to achieve this effect? Wear jeans, preferably slightly flared and low-waisted. If you add platform sandals or boots with thick heels, any other garment you wear will complement the look perfectly.

Hippie flared jeans

An example of how to dress hippie chic in its most modern aspect? Dark blue flared jeans, a crochet top and platform sandals, all adorned with sober silver jewelry. For its winter version, add a three-quarter-length fur coat.

Crochet hippie white top

In the case of boys, worn jeans, a more formal but casual shirt (with stripes, for example) and a suede vest with fringes, only for the most daring.

Fringe can also look great on girls combined with high boots.

Fringed jacket, jeans and high boots

Casual looks

On the other side of hippie chic are the more informal and youthful looks, suitable for a multitude of occasions: walks in the countryside, picnics with friends, short getaways, a weekend at home… (The truth is that, in this type of style, the line between “informal” and “formal” is very fine, and it is all very subjective, so really don’t get too obsessed with such labeling and classist concepts.)

Modern hippie girl in denim shorts and boots

In these cases, your main ally will be boots (those Nancy Sinatra boots made for walking) and jeans, short for the feminine look and long for the masculine.

Casual-casual hippie man

With the usual and normal clothes that you have at home you can also achieve a bohemian style, and in a simpler way, thus achieving the looks you want quickly, easily and cheaply.

Above all, you should opt for comfortable and breathable clothing: cotton pants (or even a skirt with an elastic waist) and a wool maxi sweater make for a bohemian and comfortable style. Here, the key item is the sweater: a loose, thick-knit, light-colored one would be perfect.

Light maxi sweater with fringed boots

If you are a man, you will also wonder how you can dress at home to achieve this look we are talking about. My advice is to wear old jeans, torn from wear and tear, and a basic t-shirt. It is a comfortable and versatile style that you will love.

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How to dress or disguise yourself for a hippie party

jimi hendrix hippie with guitar

Hendrix does not lose the feeling or become wax | Image: Andreal90

The hippie style can be perfect for special occasions such as theme parties or events where you have to dress up, as it is very easy to achieve the look without having to go to specialized stores, also using quite a few things from home.

How to dress like a hippie for a party

At any self-respecting party, the star item is the dress. In this case, opt for a long one, made of chiffon and with a flower print; Makeup in bright tones and loose hair will put the finishing touch.

For men, an iridescent suit with a peaked collar shirt is always a good option.

How to dress up for a hippie party from the 60s or 70s

Short hippie dress and headband

That, in a modern way. But if what you want to know is how to dress for a 60s or 70s party (Flower Power parties), the bet is somewhat different: choose a short dress, the longer the better, and with a geometric print. The final touch? Very high boots or leather clogs.

Short skirt with geometric motifs

At a party of this type (hippie, 60s, 70s…), the restrictions are few. Whether you are a man, woman or child, any excess is welcome: so, despite my previous personal advice, you should know that long clothes are also plentiful: flared suede pants for men, long colorful skirts for womenpendants with the symbol of peace for everyone and accessories, many accessories. If you also finish the look with round-frame sunglasses and colored lenses, no one will beat you in the costume.

Ideas to keep in mind to dress up as a hippie:

– Loose and long hair (or with braids.

Ribbon with flowers and braids

– Ribbons in the hair (maybe with flowers)

– T-shirts or shirts dyed in colors, or with psychedelic prints. You can achieve this by tying knots in a t-shirt and putting it in dye. In the following video they explain how to do it in detail:

– Makeup: Don’t forget to outline your eyes well enough.

– Wide or bell-bottomed pants.

– Flared sleeves, especially in women’s clothing.

– Leather vests with fringes and boots with fringes.

– Clothing with well-defined geometric designs: large squares or circles, etc…

– Print, paste on cardboard and cut out colorful psychedelic hippie flowers like the following, to put them wherever you like: on clothes, in hair, on a guitar, on a hat… (click/press to enlarge the image and be able to print it)

– Round sunglasses, John Lennon style.

Hippie glasses

– Messy and carefree image, but recharged: Pendants and bracelets, the more striking the better.

– You can also hang a guitar on your back.

As you can see, it is very easy to answer the question about what to wear to achieve a hippie outfit. You just have to combine some clothes and exude imagination and joy, because boho chic and all its variants are characterized, above all, by the desire to live and a positive attitude.

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