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We share with you different inspirational outfits featuring tracksuit garments. Discover them!


Contemporary fashion has broken down barriers, challenging established norms and redefining what it means to dress with style and comfort. A trend that has gained ground is the incorporation of tracksuit clothing in elegant looks and today we want to share with you 10 looks that are a clear example of how to do it to succeed.

How to dress elegantly with tracksuits

Remember that the key is balance. It’s not about taking away the sporty essence of the tracksuit, but rather finding creative ways to fuse it with more elegant elements to achieve a balanced and sophisticated look. 

  1. Choose a quality tracksuit. Look for tracksuit sets with good cuts and quality fabrics that look sophisticated. Monochromatic outfits tend to work best for a more elegant look.
  2. Add layers. Incorporate top pieces that complement the tracksuit, such as a leather jacket or blazer. This instantly elevates the set. 
  3. Play with accessories. The right accessories can completely elevate a look. Opt for more elegant pieces such as minimalist jewelry, a pretty bag or quality shoes.
  4. Experiment with footwear. Sneakers are a comfortable option, but you can always swap them for more formal shoes, such as loafers, ankle boots, or heels, to give your tracksuit a sophisticated touch.
  5. Mix textures. Pair your tracksuit with clothes of different textures, such as a silk shirt underneath or a cardigan on top, to create an interesting contrast.

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Here we present 10 surprising and easy-to-initimed looks to dress elegantly using tracksuit clothing.



How to dress elegantly with tracksuit clothes: with a fur coat

Opt for an oversized tracksuit and add a long wool coat. Pair it with sneakers for a casual touch.



How to dress elegantly with tracksuits: with sequins

Add a sequin jacket to a basic tracksuit to instantly transform it into a perfect evening look. Or vice versa: combine a sequin skirt with a tracksuit sweatshirt. 



How to dress elegant with tracksuit clothes: neutral tones

Combine a tracksuit in neutral tones with a long coat in the same color range. Add statement accessories for a touch of sophistication.



How to dress elegantly with tracksuit clothes: with a leather jacket

Combine a tracksuit with a leather jacket and a voluminous scarf. This mix of textures adds visual interest to the look.



How to dress elegantly with tracksuits:

Mix a tracksuit with a knit sweater and a pearl necklace for an interesting contrast between sporty and sophisticated.



How to dress elegantly with tracksuit clothes: with high heels

She is wearing a tracksuit with a white shirt, high heels and a long coat. 



How to dress elegantly with tracksuits: monochromatic

Choose a tracksuit in a specific shade and pair it with clothes of the same color for a modern and sophisticated monochrome look.



How to dress elegantly with tracksuits: minimalist

Opt for a tracksuit in neutral colors and combine it with a classic coat. 



How to dress elegantly with tracksuit clothes: with UGG boots

If you don’t want to wear sneakers, go for UGG boots for an equally comfortable look. 



How to dress elegantly with tracksuit clothes: jewel shoes

Without a doubt, the combination of sweatpants with jeweled shoes is the most daring. And we love it!

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