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  • If you plan to develop as a professional in the world of cinema, you must know how to become one, what to do and where to find work. 
  • Learn tricks to enter the world of acting. 
  • How to become a film director?

Guide to being an actor or actress

If you are one of those who not only likes to see actors and actresses on television or in the movies but are seriously considering practicing the profession, it is interesting that you know the functions, the requirements and how to find employment as an actor or actress.

What do I need to be an actor?

To become an actor or actress you do not require specific training as to become a doctor or teacher. But a basic culturetraining in the sector and language knowledge will be characteristics that will make us stand out and facilitate our dream of becoming an actor.

  • Lose shame

As an actor or actress you will have to work with many different people and professionals. Therefore, not being ashamed is a necessary requirement to be able to speak and communicate with other professionals without problems and know how to create bonds with others. Therefore, having people skills will be something that will make it easier for you to develop contacts and make your work easier during the exercise of your profession.

Before finding your job, it is interesting that you perform in front of friends or family to hear criticism and learn from your mistakes or advice. These practices will help you trust yourself, overcome your shyness (if you have it) and stage fright, as well as use your voice to convey different emotions.

  • Constantly learn

Classes and good training are a good starting point to learn the basics, as well as going to see movies and theater to see other professionals in action. You will learn how to get started in this world and some tricks and tips that will help you, as well as teachers with professional experience and well-known people in the area. Practicing the skills of professional actors will help you avoid stage fright or immobility in front of the camera so that you will act more naturally and comfortably.

It is interesting that despite your training you surround yourself with people who can give you new knowledge and you renew yourself by learning about new things in the sector. It is also recommended that you read aloud, especially theater books.

  • Trust yourself

Trusting your potential is basic. If you don’t trust your abilities, who will? In this way you will transmit security and confidence that will make your performance and your profile more attractive.

Where to find work as an actor?

At first it is important to keep in mind that reaching your ideal job is a matter of perseverance and work. Therefore, starting a job or internship in the industry, even if it is in a position other than an actor, is a good way to learn how the sector works and start building your network of contacts. In most cases, you will have to start from the bottom as supporting or supporting actors.

On the other hand, it is interesting to take into account the variety of formats that are offered today to get started and to work. It’s not just the big screen, you can work on series, theater, shorts, advertisements or productions like those on Netflix.

  • Create a good network of contacts

Make friends in the business and create industry connections. Sometimes those connections can be key to finding a job. The more people you know, the better for your future and for finding employment as an actor.

You will be able to meet professionals through work relationships, at parties or social events that are related to the business (such as awards or festivals), at auditions and through social networks.

  • Constantly look for opportunities

Look for opportunities near you and apply to as many auditions as you can, especially early on, to increase your chance of being chosen. Even as an extra, they are not usually fundamental roles and many times they do not intervene, but it is a reflection of your interest in finding a role, it gives you exposure and also allows you to come into contact with professionals in the sector.  

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