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Although one of the strong makeup trends has been the nude or natural style where we have seen very basic colors such as light pink or beige, matte lipsticks or the “washed face” look, on the other hand, we have seen quite revolutionary trends such as the pronounced black eyeliner with controversial lines, and the latest trend has been glitter. Without a doubt, glitter is making a big splash in makeup, clothing and fashion.

​Glitter makeup has made a strong comeback after a few decades. We had almost always seen that glitter makeup was for plays, festivals or fantasy makeup, but currently, we see more and more influencers or celebrities who have opted to wear glitter makeup looks on their eyes, nails and even their lips. to different events day or night. Illuminators and bronzers with glitter in their tones, hair gel, subtly metallic or glitter eye shadows and with quite powerful colors or fluorine have predominated.

Although this glitter trend has become a must to achieve a different look, knowing how to use it requires a certain technique and knowing which product to use because sometimes it is a little difficult to work with. In this blog post, I will give you a series of steps to correctly apply those glitter shadows that you love so much to show off a perfect glitter look for your events.

Join the fashion and dare to shine!

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Where to apply Glitter?

On the eyelids and eyelash line (Eyeshadows and Eyeliners)

Eye shadows are one of the best ways to apply this element. There are some that already have diamond in their palette, so applying it does not involve any difficulty, it will be enough to get a good kit of brushes to cover the entire eye and achieve a blurred effect and not leave any residue. If you do not have this type of accessories, you can use cosmetic glitter.

In the world of glitter, there are no rules! Choose the ones that you like the most and that undoubtedly demonstrate your personality. You can choose between compact shadows or gel glitter shadows.

Loose glitter can be a little messier and messier than a sticky one. To make it not so loose, you can mix the powder glitter with some liquid lotion, which in addition to helping it adhere, will produce a more subdued shine appearance. If you want a more daring look, apply the lotion first and then the glitter on top of it.

Another way to apply glitter is on the lower lash line, with this you will achieve an even more subtle and delicate shine, you can use a lighter one.

If you prefer, you can also use glitter makeup on the upper lash line. It is the most festive and fun style, although you must choose between the lower and upper lines, otherwise, it will be very overloaded. For the top line, it is recommended to use a dark shade and apply it over your black eyeliner.

shiny lips

Lips are another favorite for these glosses. To achieve this effect, you need:

  • Liquid Lipgloss
  • Indelible matte lipstick
  • Pre makeup base
  • Brilliantine
  • Lip moisturizer

On the cheeks

Because a touch of glitter makeup on the upper part of the cheekbone can also be a great option.

In these cases it is important to first apply the makeup base and then a touch of gloss or Vaseline (with small touches) to facilitate the adhesion of the metallic pigment.

facial adornments

A big part of this whole glitter revolution is the composition of ornaments on the face either in some specific shape, or as a wash of colors. To achieve this it will be necessary to have a Pre-base as used for the lips. This will be what serves as glue to achieve the figures. It is best to apply it with your finger and outline the shape you want to achieve, so that, either with your finger or a brush, you can apply the desired amount of glitter makeup to your face. In this category, it will be completely necessary to apply a fixative so that the effect on the skin lasts.

Other apps

Both in eyebrows and in hair, diamond has become a trend in recent months. For hair, it is best to combine it with products such as styling cream, fixative gel or silica. For eyebrows, you can use the same Pre-base to ensure good durability and a natural finish.

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Steps to Apply Glitter

1. Apply a matte shadow

Applying primer may sound like an unnecessary step that you can skip when using your favorite shadows, but that’s not the case. It is essential that you never miss this step, because only then will you achieve a look that lasts longer and that any type of shadow has a crease-free, smoother application and a more intense color. If your wish is to use some with glitter, you will ensure that each of their shine is in its place.

After your eye primer, some tone related to the color of the glitter that you are going to use so that it complements the decoration, otherwise it would look incomplete and unaesthetic. For example, if the glitter is going to be a burgundy tone, apply a slightly darker burgundy eyeshadow.

2. Use a special primer for glitter

For the glitter makeup to adhere to the eyelid, it is necessary to first use a product with a creamy texture that facilitates its adhesion or a special glitter glue so that it sets well and does not fall off when applied. It is super important to do this step so that the glitter lasts all night.

Once you have applied the eyeshadow, you will have to use a special glitter primer in the area where you want to apply the glitter. Apply it with your fingers so that it penetrates the skin better and spread the product you choose throughout the area where the glitter will be placed. It is important to clearly delimit the areas, since once dry, it will remain until it is time to remove your makeup.

A fair measurement will be similar to the size of a hazelnut, this will be what is necessary for both eyelids.

3. Apply the glitter or glitter shadow on your eyelids

Both using a synthetic brush and your finger to use your glitter shadows are good ideas.

The ideal is to apply the glitter with a brush, to make the work easier. If you decide to use a synthetic brush, we give you a tip to spray some makeup fixative spray on it before applying the pigment. This way, your shadow will stay in place even longer and the glitter effect will be even more intense.

If it’s a creamy pigment, apply it with your fingers. Remember to tap the shadow and apply it carefully to your eyelids. Avoid saturating your finger with the pigment from the beginning to avoid crusts.

If you are a beginner, opt for the liquid glitter once it dries, it’s all set and it won’t spread everywhere.

Once the adhesive is on, the shiny material is gradually placed with your fingers. You can use several colors or just one.

Tip: If you really want to shine like a diamond, mix the glitter with oil or moisturizer.

The most recommended thing is that if you are going to integrate glitter into eye makeup, it is best to leave it for last.

Applying glitter requires some skill and, above all, patience, since it can stain our face if we do not do it carefully.

Therefore, to avoid dirtying your skin, it is advisable to put this trick into practice: apply a small dose of moisturizing cream on your cheeks and place a tissue under your eyes. Thus, any glitter that may fall will fall on the paper and not on the skin.

4. Apply intense black mascara

So that your eyes finish finishing off the look and you have an intense, deep, bright and very striking look, you just have to apply a good intense black mascara to open your gaze more and all the attention is placed on your eyes, you can Apply the layers of mask you want. Don’t forget to apply a couple of coats to your lower lashes!

5. If you don’t dare with your eyes, go for glitter on your lips

It can always be a good idea to add a touch of bling to your lips, but you should keep in mind that if you apply glitter to your eyes, whatever color it may be, the lips have to be painted in a discreet color such as pink or nude, to Don’t take center stage from your eyes and don’t look too overloaded.

The first step would be to properly hydrate your lips so that the entire process is equally effective. Once this is done, a matte lipstick base is applied, preferably indelible, which will ensure that the color remains. Then apply the liquid lipgloss, it has to be a thick layer which is the first glue. After this, the makeup primer will be the final adhesive for the glitter to stick. With these two elements, you can apply the glitter little by little so that it is well distributed. Finally, you can use a setting spray to increase its duration.

6. Complement your look with a glitter polish to complement your style

Painting your nails with a glitter polish in a tone that matches your outfit can be a great idea. First apply a base of a color that you like, and on top of it the glitter polish to give it a more personal and different touch. For example, the base of the nail in black and the glitter in gold or the base in white and the glitter in silver.

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How to remove them?

Completely removing glitter makeup is sometimes a complicated task. You may want to try washing your face with soap, micellar water, or using a makeup remover wipe to achieve this, but those are definitely not good ideas, otherwise you will end up with shine everywhere and you still won’t be able to remove it from your skin.

That is why the best way to remove them is with cream or oil-based products, moistening cotton pads and placing them for 10 seconds on the makeup area before sweeping and removing it. It will be necessary to remove all the material before going to rest to avoid damage. You must always remember to wash your face to maintain a healthy complexion.

Now that you know how and where you can apply glitter to shine like the star that you are, get to work and don’t forget to follow these recommendations to the letter to wear this new fashion that is here to stay with great glamor in your next events. parties and events at night. Avoid at all costs wearing them to your office or in a professional environment as it could give a bad look to your image.

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