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In short, accessories can greatly enhance our clothes, our faces, our hair, and our entire image. Sometimes we miss them when choosing our outfit of the day, but you should never do that again. Everything is important! Talking about necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

To look pretty, we have to keep in mind that everything is a set, that is why having the right hairstyle or haircut will be a very important factor in showing off a pair of long earrings because it is what frames our face and the earrings. They draw attention to our faces.

We are in the season in which maxi accessories have become popular, the point is to know how to adapt this fashion to our style and our image. Speaking of long or large earrings, not many women dare to wear them, but if you want to know how to achieve it, read this post carefully and try these hairstyles that I propose so that you can do them yourself and look spectacular wearing the hairstyle that best harmonizes and highlights your favorite earrings.

Just as you should be careful when selecting earrings according to your face type, you should also do the same with your hairstyle; or vice versa. You shouldn’t, for example, wear small, round earrings if your face is round; Nor wear straight and long earrings if your face is also long. Something similar happens with hairstyles.

Taking this into consideration, I leave you the best combinations of hairstyles and earrings so that you know how to choose which one best suits you and avoid a mistake in your outfit.

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Loose hair

No hair on the face

Wearing long earrings means looking impeccable all over your face. Therefore, many women apply the wet hair effect. No matter what season we are in, it always looks perfect. The color of the earrings will depend a little more on the rest of the outfit so that your look is completely harmonious.

with fringe

The simplest and most natural of all! You can wear your hair naturally, straight or wavy, it doesn’t matter. With this type of hairstyle you can wear a somewhat conservative look, with small earrings, and those who prefer to wear a slightly more liberal and daring outfit, with long, striking earrings.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that your hair should be tucked behind your ear so that your long earrings don’t get lost.

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Half ponytail

Many girls do not like to keep all their hair tied up for a long time, which is why this look is a favorite and perfect for more casual looks. It doesn’t take much effort to do the hairstyle.

Medium hair is the ideal hairstyle length to show off discreetly or large and striking earrings. The selection for this type of hairstyle will depend more on the look that is being worn as a whole, that is; from footwear to the rest of the accessories.

With a side part

This cut only shows one of the earrings, and the hair is divided in such a way that it shows one side of the face while hiding the other. Medium-sized earrings look great with this style.

Hair tied

Medium or low ponytail

Today is to forget about hairspray and get hairstyles that are a little more uncontrolled. Fashion experts swear that long earrings look best when you opt for a medium or low ponytail because they allow you to show off oversized earrings. No matter how tall your ponytail is, some big, flashy earrings will look great and won’t go unnoticed by anything in the world.

Depending on the length of the ponytail, medium or long earrings will go great with it. In this case, it is advisable to avoid small or very discreet earrings because they detract from the attractiveness of the face.

High, medium or low bun hairstyle

This type of hairstyle is very versatile, you can wear it on the top or bottom of your head, and most importantly, it reveals your entire face, allowing you to clearly see the earring you are wearing no matter what its size. In this case, if you are wearing a bun, you can show off an earring that matches the rest of your look.

High bun

The high bun is one of my favorites. I love them because they are perfect for any occasion; Your outfits do not lose style if you opt for this hairstyle. Wear your hair with a high bun without fear and show off your long earrings incredibly.

medium bun

The most common! They love it because it lends itself to looking a little more tousled and you don’t need as much technique to do it. Remember that the more uncontrolled your look, the more natural it will look. Emphasize your accessories by putting up your hair.

Low bun

This is more used at night and gala events. It is ideal for girls who have short hair. You can choose to leave some strands loose so that they have a precise combination with your long earrings.

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If you are not a big fan of buns, you can opt for the braided headband. Due to their sophisticated air, discreet and small earrings combine perfectly with this look. You can use it for casual or formal events. You will look fabulous!

It is more interesting if you can make the earrings have a color similar to the tone of your hair.

Braid and buns

To not look so simple with a bun, you can opt for the idea of

braid it from the back. In addition, this hairstyle lends itself to wearing more extravagant and casual long earrings, almost without so many diamonds.

Low and/or side braid

It’s very easy to do. A perfect hairstyle for when you have a date with your boyfriend, your friends and even, if you want, to go to the office. Don’t think about it so much. If you love the idea, use more accessories like headbands or glitter bands.

full braid

At least once in our lives, we have combed our hair with one. They are pretty, simple and easy to make. So if you have no idea how to wear your long earrings and you are in a hurry, this braid may be your best option.

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Hair Length

Long and parted in the middle

Due to the characteristics of this style, it would not be advisable to wear long earrings because they would tend to get tangled with the hair. Therefore, preferably, you should opt for medium-sized ones and keep your hair behind your ear.

Short hair

The short length of the hair will always be favored with some medium or small earrings that accompany it, because in this way the harmony of the face will be maintained.

Now you have many options to avoid thinking twice about whether or not you will wear those cute earrings that you saw that you are still afraid to wear. Remember that they are the perfect accessory to look fantastic and not go unnoticed and what’s better than wearing them with a nice hairstyle on your hair.

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