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It’s official now! Your friend (cousin, sister or neighbor…) is getting married and you want to give her a bachelorette party worthy of what she deserves. It is normal that at first what you have in mind are doubts, because it is a very special moment and it will become an unforgettable memory from before the wedding, so you have to organize it very well! Although it is true that there are brides who want to organize their bachelorette party themselves, this is not usual, since it is usually their closest friends or family members who do it. So before we get into this task, we have to remember that all this information is intended exclusively for friends. Because you have just received the news that your best friend is getting married and, of course, the bachelorette party must fall on you and the rest of your friends. It’s your responsibility! 

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1. How to organize the bachelorette party

Organizing a farewell party is not a stupid thing and, luckily, we have left behind the stereotypes when it comes to choosing the plan and today there is a great variety. But before thinking about this, it is important to take into account some aspects that will help you make the organization a success.

  • Appoint an organizer

It is normal that at first, all the friends want to take charge of the farewell, but little by little they will become volunteers when they see how important this task is. In the end, the closest friends remain, those who trust the bride the most and those who know her best and will be able to discard options and choose others based on the personality of the protagonist. 

The person in charge will have to keep an eye on the place (or places) of the farewell celebration and have a list of all the contacts involved in the plan. From the couple (surely they are the ones in charge of secretly preparing your travel bag) to the suppliers involved; from the wedding planners in case you have decided to count on their help (they can help you with the organization and ideas for the farewell thanks to their tour) to the family and friends who can be of help.

On the other hand, it is likely that the bride will be in charge of gathering her army of companions for that day. That’s positive because friends might forget some people in the bride’s many social circles. For this, it is essential that she provides you with a list or that she organizes the group herself, even if she then disappears from it. 

  • Respect the bride’s opinion

It’s more important than you think. And we are not saying that he takes part in the matter, but that you take into account what he likes, what he loves and what he hates. Although friends rule, we must not disrespect the bride or ignore her opinions. Either way, the final decision depends on you. However, as we have already said, the bride has probably determined those in charge and that helps her opinion be respected. Normally, sensible friends win the game.

Olga, a wedding planner at INC Models tells us: “You have to do what the bride would really like and not the others. Many times we make the mistake of doing what the majority likes or, worse still, and it usually happens often, to the one who organizes it. But you have to focus exclusively on the bride and put yourself in her shoes. That is why it is important that it be organized by someone who knows her very well.”

Bachelorette party ideas: girlfriend friends
  • Brainstorming and budget

Getting into the subject, the ideas for a bachelorette party are varied. They depend a lot on the budget and the good sense of the participants since not all factors are always taken into account. Thus, start a brainstorming session that ends up bringing to light the best option in terms of the bride’s preferences, budget, and group acceptance. And the budget is what will determine everything since the usual thing is for friends to pay for the bride’s farewell, so this must be something agreed upon by all of them. And, furthermore, it will determine the type of plan you choose.

Olga tells us: “look at different options. You should compare prices and you have to keep in mind that many times, even if you have to pay a little more, hiring someone to organize it makes things much easier and avoids headaches. The best thing is a number between 10 and 20 people maximum so that it is more intimate and the bride can be with everyone.

  • Set the times

Once you have decided what and where you need to determine when and how long it will last. And coordination is key since everything must be studied down to the millimeter so that it turns out perfect. First of all, it is important to remember that the bride knows nothing about anything. With the day chosen, it is important to determine a pickup time that will change depending on the plan. If it is a trip, the “kidnapping” of the bride will begin quite soon, so her partner, friends or family must be alerted to open the door of the house or prepare her luggage. If you have bought a bachelorette party costume, this will be the time to give it to her.

Bachelorette party ideas: elegantly dressed friends toasting

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2. Bachelorette party plans

Here we offer you something original, more or less far from what you have already seen in other farewells or in American outdated movies. Although you can add spicy ingredients if that is your case, we offer you the base on which little by little you will have to build.

  1. Travel. A trip is an excellent option. For this, there is the possibility of a trip with all the letters, in which you will have to invest much more money, or a smaller one throughout the national territory, either on the beach or in a rural house. During it, each group of friends can do anything, from tourism to organizing parties in each part of the city visited or whatever arises, but far from home.
  2. Adventure. The adventure option is increasingly common and can complete an evening that also includes dinner and a party. For this, there are different sports that can work. We offer rafting, canyoning or trekking as possibilities for everyone, and skydiving, paragliding or bungee jumping for fans of extreme sports and adrenaline rushes. 
  3. Games. There are activities that generally succeed in this type of celebration. Karts, paintball, laser tag and virtual reality are great possibilities, as well as yellow humor-type tours.
  4. Food and drink There are also plans that involve eating and drinking, but not necessarily in the realm of pure and simple hedonism. Dinner shows, group baking courses or wine tastings (or craft beers, gin and tonics…) are also usually successful.
  5. Relaxation and beauty. One of the favorite plans is to fine-tune the machinery in different spas or beauty centers. In these places, you can relax the bride before her final wedding stretch. And you will also have time to accompany her on this “hard” journey towards absolute relaxation with baths at different temperatures, massages, makeup sessions, hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, etc. Everything you need to leave your chosen place feeling like new. In addition, you can complete this adventure into the world without stress with sessions of meditation, yoga, pilates and other more vibrant, but equally relaxing, disciplines.
Bachelorette party relaxation and beauty
  1. Party and shows. The usual disco is not bad to close a full day. Limousines to go to the party venue are already part of the topic, but sometimes these types of experiences help increase the fun. This plan is a total party and maybe it is what you are looking for. On the other hand, we suggest you try your luck with more cultural events, such as monologues, concerts, music festivals, dinner shows or musicals. Try to avoid the tacky ones and make an original plan that your friend can love.
  2. A ship. It is increasingly fashionable to rent a boat with or without a captain (depending on the type of boat) and have the party of the century on the seawater. This option is feasible on any coast, both in a distant country and in your own country. The result is usually spectacular.
  3. Bridal Party or Bridal Shower. They are a perfect option that quite distorts the concept of a traditional farewell. Although it is not a choice that succeeds everywhere, it does enjoy great success as a modern concept. It comes from the United States and consists of a meeting held in a charming place, with vintage and bucolic decoration, and in which there is no shortage of brunch-type essentials, soft music, board games, anecdotes, laughter…
  4. Slumber party. Similar to the bridal party, but more informal. It’s a typical pajama party, with drinks, bachelorette party games (or other games), secrets, fast food and everything that comes up, but in an atmosphere of relaxation, intimacy and trust. The important thing is to end up sleeping all together, preferably in the same room and on different mattresses. Have you not seen American cinema from the 90s-00s?
  5. Workshops. If the bride loves Japanese cuisine, sewing, painting, headdresses, ceramics, sports… you will surely find a perfect workshop for her. It is a different, fun plan and with which you will surely learn many things.
Painting workshop friends bachelorette party

Don’t you want to decide on a single option and prefer to enjoy a weekend to the fullest in which you combine several activities? So, you must have each plan organized to the millimeter so that nothing can go wrong. Theme parties, dinner shows, adventure activities, disco-bus, gymkhanas, beauty parties, dance workshops, cooking workshops… the options are endless!  

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3. Original bachelorette party ideas

We have already talked about how to start organizing the farewell and some generic plans that usually succeed at farewells and that are for all tastes. But in addition to the general plan (a trip, for example), you can take into account some ideas to make the bachelorette party much more fun and unforgettable or choose a theme for the bachelorette party. These are some options:

  • Photo session: whatever plan you make, don’t forget the photos. And they will be an unforgettable memory for both the bride and all of her friends. You can dedicate a part of the budget to hire a professional photographer to immortalize that moment.
  • Special meal: whether you make a travel plan, a beauty party or a show, you cannot miss a special lunch or dinner. A gastronomic plan with your favorite food that you can all enjoy.
  • Jokes: This is something that is part of bachelorette parties and has always been there. If you decide to do something, such as “forget” your girlfriend at a gas station or put her on a train heading to some remote place, establish the time and place to materialize everything. And, of course, the costume is part of the jokes because, although it is already widely seen, it is always something fun.
  • Farewell games: something similar, but more elaborate and with which everyone can have fun (not just you), is to make games of all kinds. From preparing a gymkhana to a contest with questions about the bride.
  • Tupper sex: this can be a plan in itself or you can add it to any. You just need a space where you can be calm and for someone to do it. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun and learn something!
  • T-shirts and accessories: what would a farewell party be without the look of the bride and her friends? And we are not talking about tacky accessories but about ideal t-shirts for the bride that she can wear both at the farewell party and afterward. Additionally, you can buy accessories such as headbands or bands for the protagonist and for you.

As a last piece of advice, let me tell you that there are bachelorette parties that end worse than better. To avoid this, organize a celebration that is to everyone’s taste, that does not leave aside the bride’s preferences, that does not cause discomfort to any of those present and that is varied in terms of plans.

Another important tip refers to communication between participants. Nowadays, with WhatsApp, it is very easy, but sometimes that ease turns into a real nightmare. Try to respect the organizers who hold this complicated role and be cautious when sharing information. No need to talk all the time! Likewise, open an Excel to organize the small items and payments that occur. And don’t forget: the bride doesn’t pay!

Here we leave you a video with questions and answers on how to organize a bachelorette party.

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