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Choosing the perfect place, planning the menu and organizing games to liven up the evening are basic elements to organize an unforgettable Christmas party.

There is nothing better than a good Christmas party to say goodbye to the year in the company of the people we truly appreciate. An abundant and delicious dinner, perfect cocktails to forget your problems and endless stories to tell are the perfect combination to spend an unforgettable evening at this time of year.

If your goal this year is to prepare a Christmas party to share with your closest friends or family, remember that dinner, drinks and games are aspects that you must take care of in detailFollow these tips to be the best host!

Friends celebrating a Christmas party at home

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Steps to organize a Christmas party

For a perfect Christmas party in which nothing is missing or leftover, follow these steps:

1. Choose the date and time

Christmas festivities usually take place from mid-December and extend until Christmas Day. Therefore, you can organize an independent party with friends or stick to the classic family Christmas dinner on December 24.

What we recommend is that you choose a flexible date so that all or almost all of your guests can attend.

2. Make a guest list

We must attend company dinners no matter what, but a Christmas party has the exclusivity of who organizes it. That is, it is in your power to decide who comes and who does not.

It is an event to share, celebrate and have fun, so we advise you to invite those people who have an excellent relationship with you. Avoid people who may cause problems or have a bad relationship with other guests.

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3. Select the perfect place

Although the ideal place to celebrate a Christmas party is a large, spacious house, many times it can become too small or, worse still, be located in a neighborhood with neighbors with little patience.

Therefore, if you do not have a large home, it is best to plan the party at a friend or family member’s house. You can even organize it in a restaurant, although the latter option is more expensive.

Another option, somewhat more expensive, is to rent a home (rural chalet type) for the weekend. If you can afford it, believe us, it is the most comfortable and intimate!

4. Decorate your house

Whether you are having the party at home or in a rented home, Christmas decorations cannot be missing! Of course, it has a decorated Christmas treewreaths, snowmen, soft LED lights, gift boxes, etc.

Likewise, we advise you to decorate the Christmas table, that is, where you will serve the menu.

The menu is one of the most important elements at a Christmas party. And needless to say, the most traditional recipes such as baked stuffed turkey, sirloin Wellington, some delicious grilled scallops or pork cheeks in red wine, cannot be missed!

In the case of appetizers, choose them according to the tastes of your guests… some Christmas cookies, garlic mushrooms, different canapés with ham, egg, salmon, avocado, use your imagination!

Finally, remember to ask your guests if they suffer from any type of food intolerance or allergy to avoid unnecessary scares.

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6. Stock up on a wide variety of drinks

Like the menu, typical Christmas drinks such as wines, anise, eggnog, ciders and alcohols to prepare mixed drinks and cocktails cannot be missed: mojitos, daiquiris, Manhattans, Bloody Marys, …, and many more!

Oh, and don’t forget the hot drinks for welcome or for breakfast the next day: hot chocolate, fruit punch, api, marzipan atole, hot cider, among others.

7. Music list

Music is also a fundamental element in a party of these characteristics, think that it will be the musical atmosphere that will determine the mood of your guests. In this sense, always opt for a varied list of music in which there are happy, current songs, and also add the classic Christmas carols.

If you don’t have much time, you can always use a Christmas list on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music or the player you use on a daily basis.

8. Organize games

One of the best ways to liven up a Christmas evening is with group games. Classics like Never Have I EverPictionary, The Chair Game or Twister are ideal for laughing together.

Although there are also more entertaining games such as Limbo, the character game, the kiss card or a good karaoke.

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