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The Spring/Summer season is getting closer and with it our desire to go to the beach, to take a vacation, to travel, to disconnect and change that pale color on our skin after having left winter behind.

How many women don’t love showing off the perfect tan? Others panic (like me) about exposing our skin to the sun to get it; However, it may not be the healthiest option for our skin or to use a foundation two or three shades higher than our actual skin tone. Subjecting your skin to the sun will surely leave you with spots and wrinkles in the long run, and using a foundation darker than your skin tone is one of the biggest makeup mistakes.

The only thing you have to know is that there are makeup products that will help you achieve this and show off a tanned face with a natural and very flattering finish, that is, a tanned effect makeup look. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what they are here!

Get your best tan without damaging your skin under the sun with the help of makeup with a tanning effect!

You dare? Let’s go step by step:

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1. Makeup base

Before starting to tan your face you should start with an even complexion. First you must prepare the skin to apply makeup. A good cleansing and exfoliation before applying the products always helps the skin to be unified and to better absorb and fix the makeup. Moisturizing cream with sun protection is a key element in makeup.

To have the most perfect skin possible, it also includes the use of your primer to reduce the appearance of open pores or wrinkles and obtain longer-lasting makeup.

Then you should apply your light makeup base to unify the tone with a fluid base to hide some imperfections. Remember the foundation has to match your skin tone and not make it look darker by choosing it with a darker tone. No matter how much we want to, we cannot pretend to be much darker than we are. Makeup, like everything, has its limitations.

If you prefer and have almost no imperfections, you can use a BB cream in this step.

To avoid shine on your skin, you can apply a compact powder base of your skin tone.

2. Tan your face

Once we have a uniform skin tone, you can apply the star product of this tanned effect makeup look: sun powder or bronzer. This product is basic if what you want is for your skin to look healthy and with the perfect tanning effect.

The key is not to apply the bronzing powder as if it were just another layer of our makeup, but rather to add nuances.

You just have to think about which parts of your face the sun hits you the most, that is, you tan (or burn) more easily: the nose, the cheekbones, the forehead.

Use a LIGHT AMOUNT all over your face to give a toasted effect to your skin.

You can also use sun powder to correct and mark the contours of your face. Its dark tone will allow you to achieve an effect similar to that of contour makeup in the “contouring” technique. Avoid matte bronzer.

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3. Highlight your eyes

Golden eyeshadows combine very well with the tanned effect makeup look.

To get a beautiful tanned effect makeup you should not forget about the eyes. It is best to use shadows with earth, ocher and gold tones that will give a touch of warmth to your eyes.

Subtle black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line will also be a key product to give you a more defined look. The mascara will end up opening your eyes. You can use it transparent, brown or black, if you want to enhance the look. The first only serves to set and style. The brown ones lift the look with a very natural effect. And if you want to enhance it, the darker range is perfect.

Also remember to go over your eyebrows to remove any excess product that may have settled, fill in gaps and shape them.

4. Blush

It is very important that the tone of our blush matches our tan. For this reason, it is advisable to use some blush in a peach or orange-pink tone with golden sparkles. Warm tones like orange, gold or even terracotta will make you look more youthful and awake. Apply it lightly on your cheekbones to look more tanned.

If you are not such a fan of this product, change it for a highlighter with golden touches. It will look like the sun invaded your skin!

Apply the blush on the cheekbones, integrating it with the sun powder that you have previously applied to the cheekbones.

To give nuances and freshness to the complexion, apply a little highlighter with golden sparkles on the highest part of the cheekbone, just below the eyes. You can also apply a point of light with this product on the cupid’s bow. In addition to enhancing the tan, a highlighter will help cleanse and broaden the look, if we use it on the tear duct. Just be careful about using the light highlighter you use in the winter versus the one you might use when you have sun-tanned skin.

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5. Lips

The lips will offer you the best contrast to highlight the natural tan on your face. To do this, choose nude or pink tones that give you a natural and fresh finish. Nude lipsticks with a warm touch, like pink ones, shed light on the face. Add a little sparkle at the end!

But if you want to look even more daring, try some red or orange.

For a more natural look, it is preferable to apply the color with your fingers and achieve a bitten effect.

Any lip color can match this tanned makeup look, but the more intense it is, the less natural it will look.

If you want to look tanned, the best way to achieve this is by adding a little glitter to various parts of your body such as the neckline and arms. Use a long-lasting highlighter.

I assure you that with these 5 steps, you will be able to obtain the tanned skin that you so long to show off for this hot season without having to expose yourself to the sun for hours. Don’t forget to protect your skin with good sunscreen!

That’s why and more I love makeup because it always has a solution for any of our needs and helps us look fantastic and Divine Forever.

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